‘Discover’ – Geocaching, Patience and the Beach!

 I have been wanting to join in with the fabulous Word Of the Week run by Jocelyn who writes at The Reading Residence,  for ages but have not been organised enough!

But this week I am and my word of the week has been `Discover’!


 It is no secret that we like a bit of geocaching.

In my opinion, it is good healthy fun for all the family.

However, our eldest has never enjoyed the delights with us before. She is usually at work, uni or nursing a hangover, whenever we go.

On Sunday, she advised that she would be free to come out with us for the day and asked what would we be doing.

When we decided on geocaching, her face remained unchanged and she asked would food be involved. Knowledge of a picnic and ice cream at the end secured her participation.

 So you see there were no expectations.

She imagined she would be walking the dog with food being an added bonus.

So off we set, suitably attired for a rummage through brambles.


 Then this happened!

The youngest discovered the first cache on our list.


 She filled in the log and the eldest discovered:

The caches are there.

The clues are accurate.

The logs revealed that tons of people do it.

It is really exciting!


When it came to locating the next one, she was in the lead.

There was a water trough involved and she was straight in.

I had to remind her that the youngest needed to look too and to wait her turn to sign the log ha!

 She was delighted by the whole thing and was talking about how she could incorporate into her lesson plans – she is studying primary teaching!

 This is a picture of them as they rushed to the next cache, they are both bouncing along, even the dog is bewildered. image

They were well away, racing to their next discovery!


 Then I discovered this view of the beach that I have never seen before.

It was beautiful!

This is the added joy of geocaching for me, I always see something I would have missed.



Have a lovely day!

33 thoughts on “‘Discover’ – Geocaching, Patience and the Beach!

  1. Hello there, looks like you all had a lot of fun! I am yet to try Geocaching, I’m linking up with you via #WordoftheWeek for the first time too. I look forward to connecting with you over on the linky, much love from Hookin’ Is Where The Heart Is – http://wp.me/p6xThh-34

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  2. Always good to convert a Muggle to the magic of caching – especially if the Muggle is one of your own! She could get a trackable for lessons – I did that and we watched its progress in class with the children then used it as a basis for writing stories about its adventures… until it went AWOL at least 😦

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  3. Love this post and especially the excitement of your eldest bless her. Definitely still got to find time to have a go at this geocaching – looks so much fun. Just need some nice weather!!
    Sammy xxx

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  4. I’m glad your oldest daughter learned that geocaching is fun! Years before we observed a lot of people doing it, as where I worked was a geochache destination, and it did look like a great family fun outing!

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  5. Sounds like this was just what your girls needed even though they didn’t know it! I hope they got their picnic and ice cream reward at the end. A lovely afternoon and great to see them out enjoying the fresh air. Thank you for joining me for Country Kids.

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