Five On Friday……..The desperately clinging to Summer Edition!

I refuse to accept that Summer is over just like that!

The weather forecast for the weekend isn’t too bad for this part of the world, oh please, lets  not give up hope!

This week I have loved clinging on to summer………………….



I have continued to walk Jack on his summer route (despite localised flooding), and when the rain had the cheek to show up……….


it gave me the perfect excuse to get my new wellies out.

They were a real bargain in the summer sales and are so comfortable.

Perfect for dealing with summer showers.



These lilies are three weeks old, three weeks!!!

They are still going strong and are definitely more beautiful in the flesh.

Ah I love summer flowers !



I have enjoyed looking through our pictures of the summer so far…..!



The photographs inspired a visit to a Turkish Restaurant in Liverpool, where we enjoyed a delicious meze.



This week I have loved continuing with family adventures, regardless of the elements!.

We have been to Bounce Below and done some Geo Caching , it’s been great making the most of family time before the mayhem that is the school routine, begins again!

This week I’ve loved being slightly delusional but winter lasts such a long time!!!


Thank you Amy for hosting!


Thank you Ali and Steph for hosting!

Have a lovely day!












34 thoughts on “Five On Friday……..The desperately clinging to Summer Edition!

  1. Ahh lovely! Winter is a long season, but inbetween now & then is Autumn! Yaaay! A (hopefully) crisp & colourful season! I can’t wait for the leaves to change colour & fall – I have a car with autumn leaves around it that I have been stalking for nigh on 3 years & this year I am hoping to photograph it! Have a great weekend x

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  2. I am still hoping for an Indian summer, although I am ready physically in that the wood is piled up etc I am not ready mentally we haven’t really had a summer at all this year. Sounds like you had a good summer despite the weather. Great wellies.

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  3. A lovely little roundup Lisa and can’t believe your lilies are still going – fab! I don’t want summer to be over either… not that we’ve had much of one… but I have to admit to having to just put a cardi on *grrrr* xxx

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  4. Thank you for joining Five On Friday! I love that you are denying autumn, I have been doing that too!!! I am determined to keep summer for just a couple more weeks until the autumn equinox! I love your new wellies, they are very snazzy aren’t they, just the thing for walks when autumn does finally arrive – which will of course be ages yet!!! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

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  5. Oh Lisa, I am clinging on to Summer too. We are supposed to be having a lovely weekedm, fingers crossed, I’m refusing to put on a cardi! Your lillies are beautiful., they are my favourite flowers and you Wellies too! Mine are not comfy! Fingers crossed that you have some more sunshine. We aren’t ready for grey clouds yet! Thanks so much for linking up with #thisweekiveloved.

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  6. I am one that loves autumn and can say I’m ready to let go of summer – guess it all depends where you live.
    Jack is adorable and your new wellies are a nice colour.
    Visiting from Five on Friday.

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  7. I’m still clinging on to summer too, hoping that there will be a few more warm days – today hasn’t been too bad a cold start but warmed up nicely. Love your red wellies:)


  8. Nothing delusional about it, we’ve had quite a sunny week apart from Tuesday. Cardi’s? I have to say I’ve hardly worn any summer clothes this year, vest tops with light jumpers over the top most of summer – it’s too depressing to think I’ll soon be back to big fleece’s over jumpers! I’m always cold.


  9. I am refusing to put my flip flops away just yet as in my mind it’s still summer…bit nippy in the mornings though!! #thisweekiveloved


  10. Hello, Lisa – oh, I am clinging on to summer, too, although it is very cool here already and feels like autumn. I love browsing through your summer scenes – the cute wellies and your pretty dog, the lovely vacation spots, the adorable and happy children. I will miss the summer flowers, too. Your lilies are lovely and must smell heavenly. It seems like summer goes by faster than any other season! I hope you have a lovely and warm summer weekend. xo Karen


  11. Hello Lisa! I’m visiting via Amy’s Five on Friday. I love the memories that you are choosing to hold onto from summer. Summer is indeed such an amazing season. So full of fun and laughter. Thank you so much for sharing! Aloha.


  12. Those lilies just blew my mind! Three weeks! That incredible. They are just stunning. Love the family adventure photos too and the photos of Jack. Great that you are still clinging to summer fun with them! Hope the cold doesn’t encroach upon you all too soon!

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  13. I don’t blame you for clinging to summer Lisa – with such beautiful flowers and all those lovely summery photos! And I LOVE your wellies….what a great color. YOu’re definitely a Gal after my own heart. 😉

    Blessings for a long end to summer and hope you get to soak up every second. xo

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