A few of my Favourite Things!

The heart of our home is definitely The Kitchen.

We all gravitate towards the kitchen and while a good deal of cooking/baking does occur in there, it is used for so much more.

In our old house, the kitchen was a tiny square and two people did not comfortably fit into the space.

To have room to breathe is bliss!


The units are white, shaker style. The walls are still painted in the cream colour, favoured by the builders.

There are little pops of red scattered throughout to break it up.

I have plans for this room as soon as the house has properly settled, I think we have ten months left to wait.

It contains both my happy corner and favourite things.


My favourite corner is next to the oven and contains the radio. Perfect for catching up with The Archers – my guilty pleasure!


Next to the radio is my Kitchen Aid mixer, which I waited patiently for.

Eventually, I bought it myself and I still think it is fantastic.

It makes such a difference to the most ordinary of recipes.


In the drawer under the hob, lives the hachoir.

I love using fresh herbs in my cooking. This year I have even managed to grow some in our garden.

This little gadget makes the whole process easier and I believe,  it is a bit safer than using a knife.

Minestrone Soup Eastham style

As we are slipping into Autumn, my thoughts turn to more hearty meals.

However, if I am honest, I have continued to use the slow cooker throughout the summer.

I wouldn’t be without it. It is so lovely to come home from work and be greeted by the smell of your dinner.

That said, I find the slow cooker really versatile, as well as Minestrone Soup, I make lasagnas, crumbles and stroganoffs in it.

In fact we have two, I have been known to have a huge lasagna in one and an apple crumble in another – yum!


On the opposite side to the Kitchen Aid mixer, is our food processor.

Now I know professionals would not agree, but honestly this baby make the best pastry!

Coleslaw, hummus, falafels, you name it, your wish is this machine’s command, expertly executed in minutes.

It is fabulous and everything goes into the dishwasher.

That concludes the tour around my kitchen, exploring my favourite things!

What are your favourite things in your kitchen?


For the avoidance of doubt – nothing was sponsored in this post, it is purely my views on the things I love ha!

Have a lovely day!


The Table…………Well?

I am notorious for buying furniture that is too big!

The problem is that I like sturdy pieces that were probably designed for a castle, but I live in an ordinary English house.

Late in 2004, our solid pine table was gifted to Mr G’s friend’s girlfriend as she set up her new home. Mr G’s friend had tragically died in July of that year.


Our new table was delivered in time for Christmas.  We installed Miss G’s high chair at the end, and I spent the whole holiday complaining that it was too big. I decided it couldn’t stay because we could barely open the French door to get out in to the garden.

We made the best of it for now and ate our meals around it discussing our days, but the table’s days were numbered.


I started a college course, things got even busier and the table woes took a backseat.

In May, I studied at the table  all night to finish an assignment as Mr G flew to Istanbul.

The European Cup Image : LFC
The European Cup Image : LFC

When he returned a day later, an almighty breakfast was served at the table.

The girls did crafts at the table, entertained friends for tea and we celebrated birthdays.


Around the table we discussed the possibility of my going to University.

We decided that we were going to break with tradition, and look for a different high school to our local one for Ms Glade, whilst sitting at the table.


Ms Glade leaned on the table to study hard to pass the entrance exam for her chosen school.

We celebrated, with food and cake, eaten at the table, when she was offered a place at the school.

The table continued to host craft/homework sessions, friends for tea and birthday celebrations.


We celebrated Miss Glade starting school with a special tea at the table.

The  Lambanana Image : BBC
The Lambanana Image : BBC

We sat around the table to decide what to see  in Liverpool, it was The European Capital of Culture, the Lambananas being the most popular around here.


The table housed the gifts and cards I was given for graduating.

We sat at the table to discuss whether we could afford for me to do another Post Graduate Diploma.


We left our tickets on the table for my call night as I became a Barrister.

The table was hauled into the garden as we celebrated Ms Glade’s birthday with a bonfire and fireworks.


The table was relied upon to host crafts, friends for tea and  sleepover breakfasts.

Miss glade celebrated her birthday with a Cupcake decorating party and the table was covered in a plastic cloth.


We planned our ‘trip of a lifetime’ to America at the table.

We put all our clothes on the table as we packed for Disney!


We put all our clothes on the table as we packed for Disney again!

Mr G and I leaned on the table to complete our new mortgage application to move here.


Ms Glade applied for university whilst sitting at the table.

Miss Glade leaned on the table to study hard to pass the entrance exam for her sister’s old school.

We celebrated both successes with food and cake served at the table.

We moved  – Mr G said “Are we getting rid of that table?”

I said “Gosh no, that table has been through it all with us.Let’s try to fit it in”.

It fits perfectly here in The Glade.

It’s like we bought it especially for the space it now occupies.


And I love it!


Do you have a piece of furniture that has a story?

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Have a lovely day X