My Captured Moment!


August 2005 : Eureka, Halifax.

Sorry about the glare from the Himself’s jacket in this old picture.

It was taken at Eureka, The Children’s museum in Halifax.

There was lots of excitement when we got to this exhibit because “Daddy” works for the Post Office.

He celebrated his 30th year in the job earlier this year, that is a lot of Christmases.

He gets so exhausted, that by Christmas Eve, when I hand him my present to give to me ha!, he is usually full of cold and fit for nothing.

So as we approach this ridiculously busy time of year, I thought it would be nice to pop a picture on here to remind us all of what he looks like ha!

And, for those of you who don’t already know, that excited 2 year old is giving the ultimate Christmas Present this year, she is donating her hair to The Little Princess Trust.

This is a charity that  makes wig from real hair for children who have lost their own.

If are looking for a charity to donate your Christmas card pennies to, she does have a Just Giving Page.

To me, this is what Christmas is all about!


Thank you Heledd for hosing x

Have a lovely day!

A postcard from Dubai!

I might have mentioned that himself and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary this summer.

Instead of buying each other expensive presents, we decided to snag a cheeky week away, on our own, sans children.

It was to be the first break away on our own in 20 years. In my mind we were rehearsing for our retirement, therefore if it didn’t work out, there was till time to do something about it ha!


We stayed in a lovely hotel next to the Marina and with hindsight, we probably couldn’t have chosen anywhere better.

It was perfect for exploring and about a 10 minute walk to the beach.


We went to the malls.

This waterfall was at one end of the Mall of The Emirates.


While this fashion show was occurring at the other end.


Then there was a shark in the tank at The Dubai Mall.


There was the world’s tallest building.


Dancing fountains!


Boat trips across the Abra after exploring the gold and spice souks.


Boat and monorail trips along and around The Palm Jumeirah.


We enjoyed our stay but whilst I wouldn’t be upset if I had to go again, say for work, I wouldn’t go back on holiday.

I felt we well and truly ‘did’ Dubai. We found our own way around and made use of the fantastic metro system, water transport and trams.

We had a great break. However, I found it a very materialistic city and it felt like a very clean, well organised but souless destination.

I know I couldn’t live there, not even for the sunshine.


I loved the Marina but it made me miss walking Jack beside the River Mersey.

Sometimes, it takes a trip like this to make you realise that actually there really is no place like home.

And our retirement?

Well I don’t think it is actually going to be that bad, I have decided to keep himself. I call that a win win ha!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realise that you are right where you should be?

Have a lovely day!


The Liverpool Eye!

I am joining with

Ali from My life My love for her fabulous linky

This Week I’ve Loved

The Liverpool Eye


 We have been meaning to go on the wheel for ages.

Last weekend we had dinner in Liverpool and decided to go and have a look.

There wasn’t a queue and as it was dusk, it seemed the ideal time to hop on.


We climbed into the capsule, which had commentary by a couple of local radio hosts, piped into it.


 The background of this picture shows how light it was at the beginning, we watched the dark descend upon the city.

Each time the capsule went around, slowly, we watched the light fading and the darkness fall.

There were three turns of the wheel in total.


 The view as darkness fell upon the famous skyline.

I don’t think we could have timed it any better.


That is why This Week I have loved the Liverpool Eye.


 Have a lovely day!

Five on Friday!

This week I am joining with Amy from Love Made My Home for  Five on Friday time and Maria who is Suburban Mum for Our Favorite Five.



This dinner. I am really busy at the moment in my new job.

I came home quite late on Tuesday to find that Himself had cooked this gorgeous dinner.

Walking through the door I could have cried with gratitude.

The littlest was back from her travels, so we were all able to just down and eat – bliss!!

It is so much better when you haven’t cooked it yourself.

However, he has also shown his hand and revealed skills that I didn’t realise he had ha!



I have spent weeks trying to get a picture of this little blighter!

Jack doesn’t fit the profile of a normal Labrador in that he sometimes leaves food in his bowl.

As soon as he comes back indoors, this Magpie scoots down and makes short work of his dinner.

At first the magpie was really nervous, but now he strolls across the garden with a swagger and lingers for a while!

Jack, the gun dog, doesn’t appear to notice ha!



These flowers were to me by our lovely neighbours, watching them bloom has definitely been a highlight of this week.

They really did not need to gift them , but what a beautiful treat they are!

Such fabulous neighbours! But they are not the only ones, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by them!!



This month has been about getting outdoors as much as possible.

In the North West we have had a chilly start to June with plenty of rain, however it has started to warm up, I have even taken my black tights off!!

I know, I am so radical!




I have a very pale complexion naturally and super white skin, probably a throw back to my Celtic heritage.

In the name of research I have been using both of these products this month at different time to compare.

 I will post my findings soon for those who may be interested.

The upside is that I am ready for when the sun decides to really put his hat on!!




Have a lovely day!



A weekend with a difference! 

This weekend was a strange one for himself and I.

We had no children. Miss Glade was in France on a school trip.

So we did what any self respecting free parent would do and,  met Ms Glade in Manchester before she started her weekend shift at work.




Himself wanted to check out The Lowry exhibition at the er…….Lowry .

It was  interesting, there were some great works of art on display but they were mostly displayed in dimly lit rooms that didn’t photograph very well.

I’m not sure the lighting helped the student with her hangover ha!




On Sunday we went for a jaunt to a castle in North Wales. We had plans to enjoy a his’n’hers spa day.


Only it wasn’t quite what it seemed, therefore it deserves a post of it’s own.

Frankly, we were a bit lost, we spent most of the time texting the girls and wondering what they were up to. However, we did rally and seemed to spend a lot of time in the pub eating and sitting in the beer garden with the dog, watching the world go by, enjoying the rest.

Thankfully,  Miss Glade has now returned home to keep her parents on the straight and narrow.




Have a lovely day!

Mr G’s Happy Days! #6

In honour of it being Himself’s birthday, I thought I would ask him about his Happy Days this week. I might be pushing Katy from What Katy Said and Jenna from Tiny Foot Steps to the limit here by breaking the rules again.

Disclaimer: I have not had my best week ever but still wanted to take part.



So Himself:

Out and about

I have enjoyed a number of good walks this week,  especially in the woods with the family and Jack. We had a cracking day on the beach in Anglesey yesterday and even avoided the traffic on the way home.  I am also looking forward to seeing Red Squirrels today and our buffet breakfast in a minute!

Fun at Home

She isn’t going to be pleased about this but, it was when Miss Glade’s described how to make Macaroni Cheese in a slow cooker. There was a lump of cheese, a lump of butter and a pile of Macaroni involved, it made me laugh out loud. It was very funny!  She even claimed she had seen a video of it on You Tube but I’m not convinced! Hilarious!

Time for me

There has been plenty of me time this week, especially because I have not been in work. I watched the match on Monday night, had time on The Glade with Jack, had monopoly of the TV for a few evenings and, I am hoping for more of the same on Sunday girls . I also managed a sneaky nap on the beach today –  result!!

Happiest moment

Being at the beach with my ladies and watching them all in hysterics at the dog’s antics in the water.  He is the best entertainment sometimes especially when he shakes himself dry all over the ladies!

Next week I would like to

Eat less chocolate and be looking forward to the FA Cup Final!


Happy Birthday Himself and thanks for helping me out 😉 x




Have a lovely day! We are off to hunt for Red Squirrels!