The Fence!

Sometime ago I wrote about my struggle to convince himself that painting the fence was a great idea.

I was certain that I would be able to wear him down so that eventually, he would cave in and paint the fence a glorious shade of duck egg blue.

I also promised to keep you in the loop.


This weekend, this happened.

The youngest took down the adornments that lined the fence.


I took ‘before’ pictures.

While Himself stirred the paint – so exciting!

The three of us got cracking with a  brush each.

And before I could shout ‘lunch is ready’………..

imageIt was finished!


A pretty shade called Elderflower had been lovingly applied.


I am delighted.

I can’t stop looking at the fence and smiling.

It really makes a massive difference and the lighter colour has opened up the garden.

It is such a small area but it does seem to feel more spacious.


The fence now also compliments the candle holders that adorn the opposite wall.

As the garden is evolving, I feel it is starting to get a cottage style look to it, that makes me very happy indeed.


Thank you Jess and Caro  for hosting!

Have a lovely day!



If I could…………

The lovely Catherine at Pushing The Moon has tagged me for this ‘If I could…….” meme.

It was started by Jocelyn from The Reading Residence who called it The Walter Mitty Post, which I think is brilliant!

I usually do my day dreaming during my commute, here is a little insight into my whimsical thoughts!

If I could live anywhere


I actually really love where I live but I wish we had a warmer climate.

I absolutely hate the cold and hope that when I am older, I get to spend a good proportion of the winter in a warmer place.

If I could spend the winter by the sea and even next to a beach, I would be a very contented pensioner indeed.

If I could have any home


I actually love my home and I don’t think I would want another.

But I do wish that our problems with the builder’s were sorted, we have lived here for fourteen months, it is very frustrating!!

However, I would love to transport this house, when it is  finished, to somewhere warmer – please see above.

Nevertheless, because I am a massive contradiction, I often dream about transporting it to Cornwall – I LOVE Cornwall!

If I could have any garden


It would be big enough for a She Shed and I would be looking to Sammy from Seize Each Day to help me decorate it. She has the most fantastic beach hut.

The garden would have an orchard and an old fashioned kitchen garden with a door in the wall that leads to a secret garden.

It would be in Cornwall and have a gate at the very end that leads to a cliff top  with,  a secret beach below.

I would still have pots everywhere filled with flowers and  herbs.

I love them.

If I could be on holiday right now


I would be in Crete, beautiful Crete.

I love the island, the people and the food – it is wonderful!

If I could have any job

I would own a coffee shop.

It would be called the Vanilla Tea Room and himself would work front of house.

I would spend all day baking!


If I could have any talent

I would be able to work a computer ha!

Then I would not have wasted the whole of Saturday afternoon on the phone trying to be self hosted.

Please note the word try,  I am still not self hosted and, I will never get those hours back!

I would be grateful for any advice at this point ha!

If I could live any day again

It would be the first day I was a mum!

It was a wonderful but overwhelming day.

I would tell that frightened girl that it was going to be ok, the baby was going to be ok and life would be ok.

If I could have any superpower

I would have an invisibility cloak, I’m not even sure that is a super power, anyway,  because I am actually quite shy in real life until I get to know someone.

However, when I do know you, I would use it to play tricks on people and try to make everyone laugh.

I now have to pass the fun on and nominate (only if you want to of course);

Sammy from Seize Each Day

Clare from Mud and Nettles

Tara from After The Rain 

Haylee Aloada Bobbins

Amy from Love Made My Home

Thank you for nominating me Catherine x x x

Have a lovely day!

The Tidy bedroom!!



I have written this especially to join in with Mac at Reflections of Me for her new Mummy & Me link up.

Although I went to many open days with her, I never actually thought the eldest would go to university.  Whenever I considered, really considered, the possibility, I pushed it to the back of my mind and thought about something else.

Her first choice was Glasgow, about 230 miles away, 4 hours on a good run. Eventually, she was offered her second choice which turned out to be Manchester, a very doable 40 miles away. Phew!

So, on a rainy Saturday afternoon in late September , we packed the car up and dropped her off at her Halls of Residence. A cold, prison like place , with long corridors and a nasty smell. I made up the bed with her things from home and hurriedly said goodbye, reminding her that a call home every now and again would be greatly appreciated.

We made the car journey home in silence and went to bed early,  unsure of how we were going to deal with our ‘new’ normal. The house was quiet, meal times became  sedate affairs with the youngest no longer competing for attention. The house stayed tidy and the bathroom toiletries remained, for the most part, well stocked. It was horrible!

I  had to close the door to her bedroom because I couldn’t bear to see how tidy it was, it is never tidy when she is at home. We all just danced  around one another not actually saying what we were feeling, not wanting to  upset anyone else.

In October, she celebrated her 19th birthday, we couldn’t get up the motorway quick enough to collect her. We went to the local pub for dinner and we all just fell back into our sarcastic, poking fun at each other, way of being. The girls constantly talked, laughed, joked and were very noisy!

A few days later,  when we were walking the dog, I just said it –  ‘I missed her!’ Suddenly, the three of us began to chatter and admit that it we were all feeling the same, the house was too quiet, too empty, it didn’t feel the same anymore.

From then on, we stopped being scared to tell each other, it became ok to miss her, we didn’t have to pretend we didn’t!

However, we agreed that it is fantastic that she has made it to university and was following her dream. It is amazing because she has learning challenges that I will write about one day! She has had to work so hard and continues to do so.

We are so very proud of you E and miss you everyday,  but thankfully when you come home, it’s like you have never been away! Now about that room of yours…………………… X




Have a lovely day!


The Table…………Well?

I am notorious for buying furniture that is too big!

The problem is that I like sturdy pieces that were probably designed for a castle, but I live in an ordinary English house.

Late in 2004, our solid pine table was gifted to Mr G’s friend’s girlfriend as she set up her new home. Mr G’s friend had tragically died in July of that year.


Our new table was delivered in time for Christmas.  We installed Miss G’s high chair at the end, and I spent the whole holiday complaining that it was too big. I decided it couldn’t stay because we could barely open the French door to get out in to the garden.

We made the best of it for now and ate our meals around it discussing our days, but the table’s days were numbered.


I started a college course, things got even busier and the table woes took a backseat.

In May, I studied at the table  all night to finish an assignment as Mr G flew to Istanbul.

The European Cup Image : LFC
The European Cup Image : LFC

When he returned a day later, an almighty breakfast was served at the table.

The girls did crafts at the table, entertained friends for tea and we celebrated birthdays.


Around the table we discussed the possibility of my going to University.

We decided that we were going to break with tradition, and look for a different high school to our local one for Ms Glade, whilst sitting at the table.


Ms Glade leaned on the table to study hard to pass the entrance exam for her chosen school.

We celebrated, with food and cake, eaten at the table, when she was offered a place at the school.

The table continued to host craft/homework sessions, friends for tea and birthday celebrations.


We celebrated Miss Glade starting school with a special tea at the table.

The  Lambanana Image : BBC
The Lambanana Image : BBC

We sat around the table to decide what to see  in Liverpool, it was The European Capital of Culture, the Lambananas being the most popular around here.


The table housed the gifts and cards I was given for graduating.

We sat at the table to discuss whether we could afford for me to do another Post Graduate Diploma.


We left our tickets on the table for my call night as I became a Barrister.

The table was hauled into the garden as we celebrated Ms Glade’s birthday with a bonfire and fireworks.


The table was relied upon to host crafts, friends for tea and  sleepover breakfasts.

Miss glade celebrated her birthday with a Cupcake decorating party and the table was covered in a plastic cloth.


We planned our ‘trip of a lifetime’ to America at the table.

We put all our clothes on the table as we packed for Disney!


We put all our clothes on the table as we packed for Disney again!

Mr G and I leaned on the table to complete our new mortgage application to move here.


Ms Glade applied for university whilst sitting at the table.

Miss Glade leaned on the table to study hard to pass the entrance exam for her sister’s old school.

We celebrated both successes with food and cake served at the table.

We moved  – Mr G said “Are we getting rid of that table?”

I said “Gosh no, that table has been through it all with us.Let’s try to fit it in”.

It fits perfectly here in The Glade.

It’s like we bought it especially for the space it now occupies.


And I love it!


Do you have a piece of furniture that has a story?

I am linking this post to Mummy of boy girl twins and The Twinkle Diaries’ new HomeEtc link.


Have a lovely day X