The Liverpool Eye!

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This Week I’ve Loved

The Liverpool Eye


 We have been meaning to go on the wheel for ages.

Last weekend we had dinner in Liverpool and decided to go and have a look.

There wasn’t a queue and as it was dusk, it seemed the ideal time to hop on.


We climbed into the capsule, which had commentary by a couple of local radio hosts, piped into it.


 The background of this picture shows how light it was at the beginning, we watched the dark descend upon the city.

Each time the capsule went around, slowly, we watched the light fading and the darkness fall.

There were three turns of the wheel in total.


 The view as darkness fell upon the famous skyline.

I don’t think we could have timed it any better.


That is why This Week I have loved the Liverpool Eye.


 Have a lovely day!

7 thoughts on “The Liverpool Eye!

  1. Oh wow! I’ve been on the London eye once but never at nighttime. How wonderful that you could time it so that you could say turn into night. I bet it was magical looking at the skyline all lit up. Thank you so much for linking up with #thisweekiveloved xx

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  2. This looks like a fab evening out. The London Eye is on my list of things to do, hopefully when the children are a little older we’ll get there. #thisweekiveloved

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  3. Ooooh exciting and fab to see the skyline changing going into night-time. The boys have been on the London Eye, but I’m not good with heights, so I just stay at the bottom and take pictures so you’re definitely braver than me hun.
    Sammy xxx


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