Flowers in the window!

I love flowers, I think they make all the difference in turning a house into a home.

Therefore, I regard flowers as essential, but am I right?

Here are the ones that are gracing our surfaces this week.


There are always fresh flowers in our living room window.

However, I usually have flowers in other places around the house too.


Like these Gerber’s that I bought this week, not only do they match my living room , but they are such a great seasonal colour too.


Do they not scream Halloween to you?


There were so many stems in the bouquet that I had enough left over to fill this little bottle.

They make me smile!


The other side of the TV is brightened up with these Gladioli.


I am hopeful that the best is yet to come from this display.

The flowers that have already opened look so delicate and beautiful.


The flowers in the window this week are Longhorn Lillies.

I love every variety of Lillie, they are my favourite but Stargazers give me a terrible headache


These oriental ones in my kitchen are a good compromise, the beauty, without the scent.


They really have developed into an impressive display.


The kitchen is also home to these lovely carnations,

I never used to like carnations but they are definitely enjoying a revival in our house at the moment.

I really dislike not having flowers around the place and they are certainly soothing the seasonal transition for me at the moment.

Do you have fresh flowers in your home, are they essentials or are they a treat?


Have a lovely day!



Five on Friday!

I am going to try to link up with Amy from Love Made My Home for Five On Friday.

I’ve  seen this done on American blogs but didn’t realise there was a British host too so, was delighted when I saw it on Kathy’s blog The Next Phase. Now, I just need to link the right parts, I may be some time! imageOne – Carnations.  I always have fresh flowers on my window sill. Admittedly, I usually opt for lilies. However, the colour of these carnations matched my rug exactly  so I brought these home with me instead. Unbelievably, they are about three weeks old and still going strong. image Two – Carrot Cake with Orange Frosting. This is my  favourite cake of all time. I can’t make it too often because the topping is mostly butter and I fear for the calorie content. The recipe is here , it is so easy to make and as always this one didn’t last long.imageThree – The Coast. We are so lucky here on the Wirral to have access to such a large variety of coastlines. We have salt marshes in Parkgate, the banks of the Dee at Thurstaston and then the River Mersey and Irish Sea at New Brighton. We lived in Milton Keynes for a few years and missed the coast so much, I never take it for granted. I find being next to it very soothing.image Four – Homelands. I appreciate that myself and Mr G are very late to the party on this one, not sure why but we missed it when it started. However, we have now discovered it on catch up and I for one am, simply addicted. The twists and turns in each episode is keeping me hooked. We have almost finished the first series but at least there is plenty more to keep us occupied. image Five – Global Scouse Day. This is quite a local celebration of a dish that is mostly enjoyed by people with any sort of connection to Liverpool. Mr G and I were raised on Scouse. Traditionally, it is made with Beef and I will be making some that way for Mr G. However, the rest of us will be eating a vegetarian version called blind Scouse, this has also been enjoyed for years around these parts but usually only when beef was not available. It is rumoured that this where the term scousers comes from.

That’s it for this week, fingers crossed the links have worked.

imageHave a lovely weekend xx

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day……..?

Oh no, did you think I was turning all intellectual on you? I just wanted to show you this picture of these stunning tulips. In the Glade, we are so ready for winter to go now and for spring to spring. image Although, if I was to compare you to a summer’s day, it would be high praise indeed. To me it’s the best sort of day there is!! The jug was purchased sometime ago to remind us of a wonderful sunny afternoon in the summer of 2013,  spent watching William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Grosvenor Park, Chester. Click here for details of this year’s play.