My Monday Quote!


I find myself saying this in many different ways as a mum, wife and friend.

Seeing it written in such a direct way makes me realise I need to get a grip, and start setting a positive example.

Wish me luck ha!


Have a lovely day!

Flowers in the window!

I love flowers, I think they make all the difference in turning a house into a home.

Therefore, I regard flowers as essential, but am I right?

Here are the ones that are gracing our surfaces this week.


There are always fresh flowers in our living room window.

However, I usually have flowers in other places around the house too.


Like these Gerber’s that I bought this week, not only do they match my living room , but they are such a great seasonal colour too.


Do they not scream Halloween to you?


There were so many stems in the bouquet that I had enough left over to fill this little bottle.

They make me smile!


The other side of the TV is brightened up with these Gladioli.


I am hopeful that the best is yet to come from this display.

The flowers that have already opened look so delicate and beautiful.


The flowers in the window this week are Longhorn Lillies.

I love every variety of Lillie, they are my favourite but Stargazers give me a terrible headache


These oriental ones in my kitchen are a good compromise, the beauty, without the scent.


They really have developed into an impressive display.


The kitchen is also home to these lovely carnations,

I never used to like carnations but they are definitely enjoying a revival in our house at the moment.

I really dislike not having flowers around the place and they are certainly soothing the seasonal transition for me at the moment.

Do you have fresh flowers in your home, are they essentials or are they a treat?


Have a lovely day!


If I could…………

The lovely Catherine at Pushing The Moon has tagged me for this ‘If I could…….” meme.

It was started by Jocelyn from The Reading Residence who called it The Walter Mitty Post, which I think is brilliant!

I usually do my day dreaming during my commute, here is a little insight into my whimsical thoughts!

If I could live anywhere


I actually really love where I live but I wish we had a warmer climate.

I absolutely hate the cold and hope that when I am older, I get to spend a good proportion of the winter in a warmer place.

If I could spend the winter by the sea and even next to a beach, I would be a very contented pensioner indeed.

If I could have any home


I actually love my home and I don’t think I would want another.

But I do wish that our problems with the builder’s were sorted, we have lived here for fourteen months, it is very frustrating!!

However, I would love to transport this house, when it is  finished, to somewhere warmer – please see above.

Nevertheless, because I am a massive contradiction, I often dream about transporting it to Cornwall – I LOVE Cornwall!

If I could have any garden


It would be big enough for a She Shed and I would be looking to Sammy from Seize Each Day to help me decorate it. She has the most fantastic beach hut.

The garden would have an orchard and an old fashioned kitchen garden with a door in the wall that leads to a secret garden.

It would be in Cornwall and have a gate at the very end that leads to a cliff top  with,  a secret beach below.

I would still have pots everywhere filled with flowers and  herbs.

I love them.

If I could be on holiday right now


I would be in Crete, beautiful Crete.

I love the island, the people and the food – it is wonderful!

If I could have any job

I would own a coffee shop.

It would be called the Vanilla Tea Room and himself would work front of house.

I would spend all day baking!


If I could have any talent

I would be able to work a computer ha!

Then I would not have wasted the whole of Saturday afternoon on the phone trying to be self hosted.

Please note the word try,  I am still not self hosted and, I will never get those hours back!

I would be grateful for any advice at this point ha!

If I could live any day again

It would be the first day I was a mum!

It was a wonderful but overwhelming day.

I would tell that frightened girl that it was going to be ok, the baby was going to be ok and life would be ok.

If I could have any superpower

I would have an invisibility cloak, I’m not even sure that is a super power, anyway,  because I am actually quite shy in real life until I get to know someone.

However, when I do know you, I would use it to play tricks on people and try to make everyone laugh.

I now have to pass the fun on and nominate (only if you want to of course);

Sammy from Seize Each Day

Clare from Mud and Nettles

Tara from After The Rain 

Haylee Aloada Bobbins

Amy from Love Made My Home

Thank you for nominating me Catherine x x x

Have a lovely day!

The Monday Quote!


 I think Theodore Roosevelt had it right!

I apply this philosophy to every aspect of my life , home, job, children or handbag, they are what they are – I have other things to occupy my time.

I hope some of those competitive types who I have encountered at the school gates over the years have learned this – and now give their lovely children a break.

Thank you Theodore!


Have a lovely day!

My Monday Quote!

You are braver than you believe,

 A friend, who was once a colleague, emailed this quote to me when I was at a low ebb at the beginning of the year.

Good old Christopher Robin and Lyn were right!

I am currently travelling and it seems our accommodation does not have internet access – for the avoidance if doubt we have the two girls with us too!!

I promise I will comment as soon as I find the internet, hopefully at at beach side location ha! X


Have a lovely day!



Love / Hate Blogger Challenge!

Add a little bit of body text-2

I have been nominated by both the lovely Becky who is The cuddle Fairy and the wonderful Catherine from Pushing the Moon, for this challenge. It has taken me such a long time to do it – sorry ladies x

The challenge is to list ten things that you love and ten you hate – to get to know each other a bit better!

I could have written both of Becky’s and Catherine’s lists, so sorry if some of our things are the same.

Ten things I love

My family

Our garden that we are trying to create from scratch

Jack our black labrador

Baking delicious treats

Cuddling new born babies

Yankee Candles

New shoes

The Glade but especially the neighbours

Being by the sea

Flowers everywhere & anywhere

Ten Things I hate

Inconsiderate behaviour especially from fellow drivers and dog owners!

Packing houses/suitcases/lunches

Unkindness or worse, bullying! And don’t get me started on if the victim is a child or an animal!



Meat – I am a vegetarian

When the housework needs doing

Bad manners

Tomatos but love anything tomato flavoured

Being cold!!!!!

I think I have to nominate some other blogger to take part now, so;

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Do you lovely ladies fancy having a go? or anyone else fancy it?


Have a lovely day!