Five On Friday……..The desperately clinging to Summer Edition!

I refuse to accept that Summer is over just like that!

The weather forecast for the weekend isn’t too bad for this part of the world, oh please, lets  not give up hope!

This week I have loved clinging on to summer………………….



I have continued to walk Jack on his summer route (despite localised flooding), and when the rain had the cheek to show up……….


it gave me the perfect excuse to get my new wellies out.

They were a real bargain in the summer sales and are so comfortable.

Perfect for dealing with summer showers.



These lilies are three weeks old, three weeks!!!

They are still going strong and are definitely more beautiful in the flesh.

Ah I love summer flowers !



I have enjoyed looking through our pictures of the summer so far…..!



The photographs inspired a visit to a Turkish Restaurant in Liverpool, where we enjoyed a delicious meze.



This week I have loved continuing with family adventures, regardless of the elements!.

We have been to Bounce Below and done some Geo Caching , it’s been great making the most of family time before the mayhem that is the school routine, begins again!

This week I’ve loved being slightly delusional but winter lasts such a long time!!!


Thank you Amy for hosting!


Thank you Ali and Steph for hosting!

Have a lovely day!












My Captured Moment! #13


I love this picture of our two girls. To me, it sums up their personalities.

The eldest is slight cautious, holding on to her sister, protecting her and feeling responsible.

The youngest has no fear, is quietly confident and very inquisitive.

I thought she would be afraid of the characters but no, she was captivated, which bode well for our trip to Disney a few weeks later.


Have a lovely day!

Powis Castle!

Ah there is nothing quite like family time!

Given that Ms Glade was still at home after helping out at The Party, we decided that we would make the most of Saturday and get out and about.


I had recently seen a TV programme about Powis Castle and decided that it would make the perfect destination for a family adventure. So, Saturday morning saw us waving off our overnight guests, then hot footing it to the depths of Mid Wales.

Ms Glade was mightily confused (it doesn’t take much sometimes, bless her), as we seemed to zigzag the England/Wales border for a little while. It was a very scenic journey and thankfully the castle was very well signposted.


Given that there was the promise of a warm scone upon arrival, we made our way directly to the tea room which was situated at the bottom of the beautiful garden.

However, the scones were cold and an odd shape, therefore the addition of jam and cream didn’t make for a very pretty photograph, you will just have to believe me that they were nice.


We walked around the garden for a little while because they really were looking glorious. Even the tired 12  year old was impressed! There are some quite steep steps down to the garden and, there are seats strategically placed throughout the descent, on the climb back up we appreciated their thoughtful positioning and indeed, made use of them.

imageAt the top of the stairs this little chap met us and led us all the way out of the garden. We were desperate for him to put on a show but he must have felt comfortable because he refrained.

There are a number of peacocks living in the Castle’s grounds and by all accounts they seem to be the stars of the show.

That is, until you enter the house, where we were  greeted by a Butler, in full livery, who welcomed us  and arranged for the footman to collect your trunk. He reminded the ladies that they would not be welcome in the Billiard Room after dinner ha!

Unfortunately,  I couldn’t get any photographs inside the castle because the light has to be very dull to preserve the artefacts and you cannot use a flash on your camera.

It is beautiful inside, the bedrooms were my favourites. Prince Charles stayed in one of them as late as the mid 1990’s.


We wiled away a lovely couple of hours, just looking at beautiful scenery and interesting treasures!  I would highly recommend a day out to Powis Castle, go for the peacocks if nothing else.

However, don’t forget to leave your four legged friends at home, Dogs are not allowed.



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Have a lovely day!



The Reader Cafe in Calderstones Park

Ordinarily, if we were venturing to a park in Liverpool, we would choose Sefton Park. Childhood memories and all that!

However, over Easter we decided to break with tradition and try Calderstones Park. I wanted to go to visit a special project.




The Reader Cafe is attached to the Grade II listed, Calderstones Mansion, which is surrounded by beautiful parkland and gardens. It is run by The Reader Organisation, a charitable social enterprise that are all about bringing people and literature together. Cool eh!?




They do this by holding weekly group sessions where stories and poems are shared. There is no pressure on anyone to speak aloud because the group leaders recognise that simply listening,  can be powerful enough.

All age groups are catered for and, it is thought that by sharing this sort of experience, that personal and social connections will be made. I think it’s brilliant! You can read more about the organisation, it’s aspirations and mission here.




The cafe offers fresh soups, sandwiches and snacks. We had Ricotta and Spinach Pasties and they were very nice indeed. We ate the first course outside but then ventured indoors for dessert and coffee because it was getting a bit chilly. We were allowed to take the dog inside too!

imageThe cafe seating area is quite small and it was full of other diners so,  I didn’t like taking pictures in case anyone took offence.

But as you would expect, the cafe area is littered with books. There are at least two shelves and a quirky birdcage packed with differing tomes.

There was a lovely peaceful atmosphere even though, they really were very busy.

After a slice of carrot cake and a chocolate brownie covered in more chocolate, well it was Easter, we left and continued our walk through the park and past the lake.




It was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours and to think, that by filling up on delicious food, we were also supporting a great cause. Pay them a visit if you are ever passing – it’s very impressive!

Do you have a favourite social enterprise?



Have a lovely day!

Unexpected treasures of Liverpool’s seafaring history!

Recently, we took a different route when walking from the car to John Lewis in Liverpool City Centre. Just look at what we stumbled across!


They were huge and just there in the middle of the pavement. The information to the side explained that they were the ornamental gateway located at the main entrance of the Liverpool Sailors’ home. John Lewis is now stood on the site that was once the home.

It explains that the mermaids, anchors, dolphins and other nautical symbols were indicators of the building’s link to the sea. The home opened in 1850 so I think the gates might date from then too. It struck me how much thought had gone into them and how the symbols, over all this time, are still associated with sailors.

The gates were removed from the Sailors’ Home in 1951 in advance of repairs to bomb damage. I think it is fantastic that someone had the presence of mind to look after them until 2011 when, they came to rest here, outside John Lewis. They now serve as a memorial to all merchant seamen who have passed through Liverpool.


Virtually directly opposite the gates is this building that had been the Eagle Public House but was now a bistro.  The American bald eagle that protects the building was probably off a sailing ship.  The history of the building explains that James Maury was sent by President George Washinton to Liverpool  during the eighteenth century because Liverpool was considered to be so important. One of his roles was to help American sailors if they got into trouble. He had an office on Paradise Street where the pub is and he lived in Liverpool for 44 years. He must have liked it then!


On our walk back to the car, this building caught my eye and it turns out that it was the old Norwegian Seaman’s Mission. It too is still in use, it is now the Scandinavian Cultural Centre. I loved that such a pretty old building, this picture does not do it justice at all, is still being used and for the benefit, maybe, of the original beneficiaries, ancestors.


We decided that we are going to walk a different way again next time and see what else we stumble across!