My Captured Moment! #8

Once more I am linking up with Heledd from Running In Lavender, for her lovely My Captured Moment link.

I have written about our youngest daughter’s health before. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there, just days after her third birthday party she was admitted to hospital and became a frequent guest on Ward 29, of our local hospital, for the next four years.

Eventually, her consultant hit on the idea that she might be suffering from Abdominal Migraines and her symptoms certainly suggested that to be the case. A prescription of suppositories, she couldn’t take oral medication because of the constant vomiting, seemed to do the trick. In fact, I don’t like to tempt fate, but her last episode was almost three years ago after a night flight from America when she was exhausted.

My Captured Moment this week was when she returned home after her first visit to ward 29. As soon as she arrived home, she went straight upstairs to change into her nurse’s outfit. This picture was taken by Himself as he peeked in her room to see what she was up to.

I love this picture so much!

I had thought throughout the majority of her stay ,she was semi conscious, she was in such pain. However,  she had clearly taken in so much of what was happening to her because, she was found to be expertly attending to her ‘patients’.

Little did we know when this picture was taken that this scene was to be repeated many many times in the years ahead. But just at this moment, we felt she was back to her funny self!!


Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment! #7

Once more I am linking up with Heledd from Running In Lavender, for her lovely My Captured Moment Link.


In honour of it being Miss Glade’s birthday this week, this is My Captured Moment today.

Miss Glade isn’t the luckiest of people, bless her! On the day before her third birthday, I was frantically shopping for last minute party bits and pieces when Himself stopped me and said “Have you seen this?”.

Miss Glade had Chicken Pox.

Therefore, we were forced to cancel her party. We rearranged a fancy dress party for a couple of weeks later and, six of her friends arrived all dressed as……………………… Snow White!!!!

When all seven took to the trampoline, well it was the stuff of nightmares ha!!

Have you ever had to cancel a birthday party? Have you ever been invaded by a Disney Character? Ha!


Have a lovely day!