My Captured Moment #18




My Captured Moment was taken last Sunday on the roof terrace of our holiday accommodation.

I love to take pictures but I am far less happy in front of the camera.

However, this particular morning the eldest had invested in a new ‘selfie stick’, her last one having been stolen at uni – students!

We had an hilarious morning of her taking pictures all over the place including in the car.

When I came to delete them all off my phone, I stopped at this one because I love the look on both of the girl’s faces.

It is a carefree moment, we are all make up free and have not done a thing with our hair – but we are on holiday and having fun!

I also promised a selfie to confirm that, I no longer look like I did in the wedding picture I posted last week.

Oh I am so nervous now as a come to press publish but it was a captured moment x


Have a lovely day!


33 thoughts on “My Captured Moment #18

  1. You know I LOVE this photo of you and your girls on your hols. You look gorgeous hunnie and that’s without make up too – check you out!!
    #MyCapturedMoment xxx

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  2. You all look beautiful. I really regret not including myself in more photos. It’s almost as if I was absent from my daughters’ infancy, rather than just behind the camera. I hate how I look in photos, but if I want my children to love how they look when they’re 36, I need to embrace my own look.

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    1. Oh gosh this is maybe, sort of, where I am coming from. There have been a few incidents lately where people close to us having been looking for pictures of loved ones. If my girls were in that position, they would struggle at the moment! Thank you for commenting and I hope it gets better for you too xxx


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