My Captured Moment!


Middle Temple : 26th November 2010

This is Miss Glade the day after I was called to the Bar.

This picture was taken exactly five years ago today!

We went from here, to see Father Christmas in Harrods and then onto the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – it was a lovely day!

Thankfully, the wig is absolutely no indication of her future plans ha!


Thank you for hosting Heledd.

Have a lovely day!

My Monday Quote!


I imagine someone else will of already posted this quote at some point, sorry if it was you!

I have been struggling with ‘working mum’s guilt’ this last week. I completely missed half term because of a work event.

Couple that with falling asleep at every turn because I have had awful jet lag and, you have one guilty mum.

Therefore, when I saw this quote earlier this week, it came at just the right time for me.

I am going to be kinder to myself this week, I hope you are too!!!



Have a lovely day!

My Monday Quote-I’m a wandering!


By J.R.R.Tolkien

Sometimes those that wander do so for work!

I guess this is my clumsy way of explaining that I maybe missing quite a bit this week.

I’m  about to travel for work and believe me, it really isn’t the same as going on holiday with your nearest and dearest.

The youngest is on half term, himself will be in sole charge!

Given that the schedule is quite daunting, coupled with jet lag and the unknown, I doubt I will get to post much again this week.

Hopefully, at some point I will get some pictures of San Francisco to share with you.

Take Care x x x


My Monday Quote!


I love this quote, I definitively seek respect over  attention. Indeed, this was recognised by a friend who sent it to me asking if it was my motto for life.

Maybe this is why eight months on, I still struggling with some aspects of blogging – who knows!


Have a lovely day!

Flowers in the window!

I love flowers, I think they make all the difference in turning a house into a home.

Therefore, I regard flowers as essential, but am I right?

Here are the ones that are gracing our surfaces this week.


There are always fresh flowers in our living room window.

However, I usually have flowers in other places around the house too.


Like these Gerber’s that I bought this week, not only do they match my living room , but they are such a great seasonal colour too.


Do they not scream Halloween to you?


There were so many stems in the bouquet that I had enough left over to fill this little bottle.

They make me smile!


The other side of the TV is brightened up with these Gladioli.


I am hopeful that the best is yet to come from this display.

The flowers that have already opened look so delicate and beautiful.


The flowers in the window this week are Longhorn Lillies.

I love every variety of Lillie, they are my favourite but Stargazers give me a terrible headache


These oriental ones in my kitchen are a good compromise, the beauty, without the scent.


They really have developed into an impressive display.


The kitchen is also home to these lovely carnations,

I never used to like carnations but they are definitely enjoying a revival in our house at the moment.

I really dislike not having flowers around the place and they are certainly soothing the seasonal transition for me at the moment.

Do you have fresh flowers in your home, are they essentials or are they a treat?


Have a lovely day!


A postcard from Dubai!

I might have mentioned that himself and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary this summer.

Instead of buying each other expensive presents, we decided to snag a cheeky week away, on our own, sans children.

It was to be the first break away on our own in 20 years. In my mind we were rehearsing for our retirement, therefore if it didn’t work out, there was till time to do something about it ha!


We stayed in a lovely hotel next to the Marina and with hindsight, we probably couldn’t have chosen anywhere better.

It was perfect for exploring and about a 10 minute walk to the beach.


We went to the malls.

This waterfall was at one end of the Mall of The Emirates.


While this fashion show was occurring at the other end.


Then there was a shark in the tank at The Dubai Mall.


There was the world’s tallest building.


Dancing fountains!


Boat trips across the Abra after exploring the gold and spice souks.


Boat and monorail trips along and around The Palm Jumeirah.


We enjoyed our stay but whilst I wouldn’t be upset if I had to go again, say for work, I wouldn’t go back on holiday.

I felt we well and truly ‘did’ Dubai. We found our own way around and made use of the fantastic metro system, water transport and trams.

We had a great break. However, I found it a very materialistic city and it felt like a very clean, well organised but souless destination.

I know I couldn’t live there, not even for the sunshine.


I loved the Marina but it made me miss walking Jack beside the River Mersey.

Sometimes, it takes a trip like this to make you realise that actually there really is no place like home.

And our retirement?

Well I don’t think it is actually going to be that bad, I have decided to keep himself. I call that a win win ha!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realise that you are right where you should be?

Have a lovely day!


I am dreaming of …….

Can it really be Friday already?

This week has been a bit odd here in The Glade, Ms Glade went to Rome on Monday, just as the youngest returned to school.

Then I mostly been thinking about …………….


Books to read.


Dresses to wear.image

Scarves, in pretty colours.


My favourite summer bag and make up.


And beaches!!

Ah what is this foolishness I hear you ask?

Well, Himself and I are leaving the changing season behind and heading for the desert on Saturday.

We are going to Dubai.

We have a week of relaxing planned , doing what we want, when we want!

I had planned to blog when I went to Spain, but the internet wasn’t great. Therefore, I am planning to take the whole week off, so by avoiding the frantic searching for wifi.

That said, don’t be surprised when I still pop by and leave comments, because quite frankly I’m addicted and don’t want to miss too much ha!

If burglar Bill is reading this, I don’t think he follows me, but just in case, it won’t be worth visiting The Glade, because the house will be occupied and Jack, that fearsome black lab, will be in residence at all times ha!



Have a wonderful week x x x


Thank you Amy for hosting x








A few of my Favourite Things!

The heart of our home is definitely The Kitchen.

We all gravitate towards the kitchen and while a good deal of cooking/baking does occur in there, it is used for so much more.

In our old house, the kitchen was a tiny square and two people did not comfortably fit into the space.

To have room to breathe is bliss!


The units are white, shaker style. The walls are still painted in the cream colour, favoured by the builders.

There are little pops of red scattered throughout to break it up.

I have plans for this room as soon as the house has properly settled, I think we have ten months left to wait.

It contains both my happy corner and favourite things.


My favourite corner is next to the oven and contains the radio. Perfect for catching up with The Archers – my guilty pleasure!


Next to the radio is my Kitchen Aid mixer, which I waited patiently for.

Eventually, I bought it myself and I still think it is fantastic.

It makes such a difference to the most ordinary of recipes.


In the drawer under the hob, lives the hachoir.

I love using fresh herbs in my cooking. This year I have even managed to grow some in our garden.

This little gadget makes the whole process easier and I believe,  it is a bit safer than using a knife.

Minestrone Soup Eastham style

As we are slipping into Autumn, my thoughts turn to more hearty meals.

However, if I am honest, I have continued to use the slow cooker throughout the summer.

I wouldn’t be without it. It is so lovely to come home from work and be greeted by the smell of your dinner.

That said, I find the slow cooker really versatile, as well as Minestrone Soup, I make lasagnas, crumbles and stroganoffs in it.

In fact we have two, I have been known to have a huge lasagna in one and an apple crumble in another – yum!


On the opposite side to the Kitchen Aid mixer, is our food processor.

Now I know professionals would not agree, but honestly this baby make the best pastry!

Coleslaw, hummus, falafels, you name it, your wish is this machine’s command, expertly executed in minutes.

It is fabulous and everything goes into the dishwasher.

That concludes the tour around my kitchen, exploring my favourite things!

What are your favourite things in your kitchen?


For the avoidance of doubt – nothing was sponsored in this post, it is purely my views on the things I love ha!

Have a lovely day!

This week I have Loved……. oh I have a list!

I know everyone is saying it,  but I can not believe that it is the end of August already!

The summer has flown, the leaves are already falling from the trees in The Glade.

We have a lovely long bank holiday weekend stretching ahead of us before the mayhem of the school routine begins again.

I have a list of things that I have loved this week, so I will just get on with it.

This Week I have loved and my Favorite Five –




We have been enjoying many picnics lately.

It is so much easier when we have Jack, our black Labrador with us.

It isn’t always easy to find somewhere that let dogs in.

However, when we have a picnic, he just sits at the end of table hoping that something falls into his path.




This beautiful Orchid has taken up residence on our landing window sill.

I bought it this week to brighten up that window and every time I walk past it, it makes me smile.

I am having a bit of a love affair with Orchids at the moment and was delighted to find one on my desk at work last week.

However, as much I love them, they don’t love me, I would be grateful for any tips that anyone has about how to keep them alive.




Not really coffee in general, but Costa Coffee for making at home in a cafetiere.

Bizarrely, I love coffee but since I was pregnant with my second daughter, I have not been able to drink it very strong.

Therefore, this arrangement is ideal because I get to put a smaller measure in but still have the delicious Costa taste.



The Beach

I love the beach at anytime of year.

On Saturday evening we took Jack for a walk in New Brighton.

We were rewarded with a glorious sunset, followed by a dramatic thunder storm.

Thankfully, we were in the car by the time the rain hit.



Our Garden

Now I know the weather has been awful and we all feel cheated out of a summer.

However, the flip side is that our garden is still looking lovely and colorful, there are still buds on The Passion Flower and, the Hydrangea still isn’t in full flower.

It is the little things!!


Thank you Ali and Steph for hosting x


Thank you Maria for hosting x


Than k you Aby and Hannah for hosting x

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!