My Final Festive Five!

I can’t believe that this is the final Five on Friday of the year!

It has been such a pleasure to visit you all most Fridays and thank you for all your great comments.

You are all very lovely indeed!

So to my final five –



I love this little Christmas tree in our kitchen window.

The theme in here is far more traditional than in our living room.

I think this little tree is a sweet addition and it makes me smile when I switch the little lights on.



One of my favourite decorations has to be this super cute line with Father Christmas’s clothes on it.

We actually have a much bigger version hanging on the wall outside, but alas, I have not been home in daylight to photograph it since.

I really love this dinky version though.


The youngest has a little white tree in her room too.

She is delighted with it.



I have been feeding my Christmas cake but have not had time to decorate it yet.

Since the girls were little, I have been putting this oral syringe to good use.

I obviously washed it out throughly afterwards to make sure the girls didn’t get given Brandy by accident ha!

It really works very well indeed and ensures that the cake is very well fed, well it is Christmas!


imageA new radio has been purchased for the kitchen.

It is a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater design.

Radio 4 has been preset to help me through the many hours I will spend in here over the coming weeks.

Finally, a quick update from other Fives – It seems that the Chapel has not, and will not, be handed over to the residents this year!

And, the youngest has had her hair cut, she is giving it as a Christmas gift to The Little Princess Trust, you can read about it here.

It is my work Christmas ‘do’ tonight, so  I will pop and visit you over the weekend.

Thank you Amy for hosting today and all year, you are a blogging star xxx


All that is left for me to do is to wish you all a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas!

Lots of love Lisa xxx




My Festive Five!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Preparations are progressing at a manageable pace here on The Glade.

Himself seems to be surviving the madness that is his work. I’m trying to fight the evil bugs with nutrition.

We have the tree up and here are another five things that I am delighted to have ticked off my ‘to do’ list.



The kitchen is ready to welcome visitors.

I picked this sign up earlier this week, I keep popping into the kitchen to take a peek.



There are candles everywhere and I mean everywhere.

I love the icy smelling ones and I think candle light gives a lovely glow to the house at Christmas.



All the pictures have been replaced with ones of the girls with the big man.

It is a lovely way of seeing these precious pictures again.

I’m so glad that we always made a huge effort to go and see Father Christmas, we have some lovely pictures of the girls with him over the years.

Also making some great memories in the process.



The kitchen chairs are dressed for the season. Who knew that chairs needed hats? ha!

Actually, I am delighted with these covers, they are just so cute.



Now I am taking a risk here with all you talented ladies, but I have had a go at being creative.

I actually attached the baubles and bow to this wreath myself.

The youngest’s verdict “it doesn’t look too shabby” and that, is high praise indeed.

I am planning to decorate my Christmas cake this weekend, finish my wrapping and plan my menus.

How are your preparations coming along?


Have a lovely Day!




Fake v Real : The Dilemma!


You do know I mean Christmas trees not body parts don’t you ha?

When we were first married we always had a fake tree, well we were childless and far more interested in going out on the town and hosting parties.

Gradually though, I leaned towards a real tree and after much persuading, Himself wasn’t convinced, that is what we have had for about the last ten years.

I love a real tree, it feels homely, welcoming and, each one is different.

However, because I like the tree to be in the window, we have found ourselves a bit restricted for space in our new home.

Last year, we literally had to cram out lovely Norwegian Spruce into the small space that usually houses the pouffe.

It was crooked the whole time, despite my daily attempts to straighten it.

So this year, I have bitten the bullet and faked it once more.


Actually, I am rather pleased with it.

It has beautiful lush branches that have been flocked to within an inch of their lives, which I think looks really pretty.

Also, because it is one of those slim sorts, unlike me, it fits the space perfectly.


I have gone for the Nordic look this year and the tree is decorated completely in white.

But I think this tree would look lovely decorated any which way, I think I will switch to bold again for next year.

It is just the smell that I miss, there really is nothing that says Christmas more than the smell of a real Christmas tree, is there?


Do you fake it or have a real one?


Have a lovely day!

Ringing the changes!

I know that I said that I was not going to acknowledge the changing season.

However, it has become apparent to me that subtle changes are happening in The Glade.


More hearty lasagnas are being created in the slow cooker.


Throws are appearing all over the house.


Hot drinks are being accompanied by comforting treats.


Gerbers in the fish bowl vase have been swapped for fir cones.


Candles are being lit and the citrusy smells of summer are being replaced by spicy warming ones.


Lamps are being switched on!

Yes changes are definitely afoot here on The Glade.

Do you make any changes in your home as the seasons change?


Thank you Caro and Jess for hosting!

Have a lovely day!

Blinded by the light!


When we first moved into our house, I thought that I would have Roman Blinds on all the windows.

However, the show house had them and it quickly became apparent that they were going to prove very popular on The glade and so,  I held fire.

I covered the living room and bedroom windows with curtains in the interim.


We are restricted as to what we can do with the walls of the house for another year, while they dry out properly.

Therefore, I used the curtains to inject a bit of pattern into the rooms.

That is, with the exception of the youngest’s windows because she needed blackout curtains.


This little window is at the top of the stairs and right next to the youngest’s room, it has the only roman blind in the house on it because I thought it would look neater.

This summer, the brightness pouring through the window has proved to be a bit of an issue for Miss Glade. 

Personally, I think that we shouldn’t complain about bright days but apparently, it has meant 4am wake ups which, it appears is unacceptable – kids eh!

A solution needs to be found.


 These white venetian blinds in my kitchen are my favourite window treatments in the house.

I love american style Plantation Shutters but lots of local companies have stopped doing them.

I didn’t trust my measuring skills enough to order them online.Therefore, I compromised and these white blinds have been in my kitchen ever since.

I love the uncluttered, sleek look.

All of our windows are little boxy ones with (allegedly), straight corners.

So, feeling a bit more confident about my measurements, I have been having a look online.

The VELUX Blind direct website is full of ideas. I am thinking that the little  blind that I have on the top of the landing could be replaced by a black out Roman Blind.

However, they also do venetian blinds like the kitchen ones, with full light control – I am torn!

What do you think?

One thing is certain, the youngest won’t tolerate another summer of my dithering.


Have a lovely day!

Disclaimer – Excitingly,  VELUX have asked me to mention them in this post,    however I probably would have done anyway because I love the options they have available and, more importantly, their website is easy to navigate ha!









When storage is a problem!

WARNING- This is not a pretty post! But it is practical!

When we bought our house off plan, I immediately realised that the sacrifice to live in such a pretty place, would be that storage space would be limited.

We are a family that needs storage.

Therefore, within 24 hours of completing on the property, ‘The Loft Man” arrived

. Actually, three men turned up, boarded the loft, installed two lights and a ladder, then voila – one usable space was created!


Most things are packed into clear boxes so we can easily see what each contains.

Hanging rails contain dresses that I rarely wear.

Mulled wine glasses are safety stowed until the season calls for them.


There are actually two shoe racks and a box contains my ‘going out’ shoes.

I have a bit of a shoe thing, if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I have brought three pairs of the same shoes back off my holidays – sorry – not really ha!


Moving on, I now have somewhere to store the heavy winter coats, in the summer.

There are also hooks for various overnight bags and rucksacks.


First Communion dresses and a shared christening robe are carefully stored at the far end of the space, with the odd evening dress.

Finally, every loft contains Christmas decorations and ours is no exception.

These pictures might look a bit messy but I know where everything is.

This arrangement has made living in our little house possible.

Where do you store such necessities?


Have a lovely day!

Blooming Lovely!

Given that I have been pestering everyone all over the internet for gardening advice all summer, I thought I would show some pictures of progress so far.


I took the before pictures on a rare sunny morning in February. The updated pictures I took on Saturday.


The fence remains unpainted for two reasons, we are thinking of adding a double fence to the part behind the table and we cannot agree on a colour.

But when it is painted a beautiful shade of duck egg, I will of course update you ;).

As I have mentioned before, the garden is really small, therefore I chose a mesh type of table to try to make it look less cluttered.

Also, as much as I would have loved a wooden table,  so would Jack, he chewed the last one to bits.


The 6ft wall is really imposing on such a small space, so I chose to put trellises along it and grow climbers to add a bit of interest and to try to disguise it a bit.

I am amazed at the progress of the Honeysuckle, Clematis and Passion Flower so far!


The hearts contain LED tea lights that look really pretty with the little fisherman lamp lights.

I have to trim the lavender back to keep it under control. It is smelling gorgeous at the moment.


Finally, here is a little snapshot of all that was blooming when we left it on Sunday.

We also have 7 apples on one tree but none on the other, does anyone know what that is about?

We are currently on holiday without an internet connection and not that many places offering it.

Given that I have posted this sitting on the steps of a closed restaurant, leaching on last night’s wifi, I will pop and comment as soon as I can link up again.


Have a lovely day!




An oversized clock and a duck egg throw!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my living room.

I have made a couple of updates so thought I would keep you in the loop.



This corner looked particularly uncared for and a bit out on a limb.



However, add one lovely oversized clock and, a duck egg throw and, I think, it makes all the difference.

I feel as though this part of the room belongs to the rest now, it seems more ‘pulled together’.


I highly recommend taking photos of your spaces because it really does give you a different perspective when you see it in a picture.

When I saw this one, I suddenly remembered about two pictures that I had in the loft.


So I have added my two favourite pictures of the girls as babies to either side of the mirror.

I am delighted with the difference these small changes make to the room.


Have a lovely day!

Our House Anniversary!!

Tomorrow, we will of lived in our house for a year!

I have seen a few people write about how they arrived at their current home to celebrate such an anniversary!

I had a quick glance around the internet’s and realised that most of our old houses are on there, so I thought y’all might be interested to see how we arrived at The Glade.


We we signed up for our first mortgage within weeks of my 18th birthday! We completed on our first, one bedroom house, in January as we got married later that summer – it’s what you did back then!


By the next summer we had out grown that house and moved to three  bedroom mid Victorian terrace. We tore the house apart and spent a year renovating it. We lived in the main bedroom for months.

I remember being desperate for the hall carpet to be fitted before my 21st birthday.

Eventually we became a family of three there!


Seven years later we moved to the South East and rented this little house for six months while we got to know the area.

It had been a difficult time for us because Himself had been commuting to Milton Keynes, leaving me and Ms Glade during the week. I was exhausted because I was also working full time.

Ms Glade had her first garden to play in.


Six months later we decided to buy this house which was a 10 minute walk from the rented one.

We had some lovely neighbours and a beautiful garden.. But the pull of home,  especially Himself’s parents grew too much and, 3 years later we grabbed the opportunity to move back up North.


We lived here for the next 12 years, welcoming Miss Glade and Jack into our family, getting on with work and educational matters. The girls were able to walk the half a mile or so, to their Grandma’s and, have spent lots of lovely times with her as they have grown up.


One year ago we moved to The Glade.

Hopefully, this will be our forever home but it would be nice if it was finished soon!

Looking at these houses doesn’t make me sad or sentimental, I realise that home really is where ever your nearest or dearest are!



I hope my wander down memory lane didn’t bore you too much, I am hoping that you love this link as much as me because, like me, you are nosy, if that’s the case, I bet it was right up your street – see what I did there?!?!

Have a lovely day!


* Pictures that I was missing are snaffled from RightMove!