My Captured Moment #18




My Captured Moment was taken last Sunday on the roof terrace of our holiday accommodation.

I love to take pictures but I am far less happy in front of the camera.

However, this particular morning the eldest had invested in a new ‘selfie stick’, her last one having been stolen at uni – students!

We had an hilarious morning of her taking pictures all over the place including in the car.

When I came to delete them all off my phone, I stopped at this one because I love the look on both of the girl’s faces.

It is a carefree moment, we are all make up free and have not done a thing with our hair – but we are on holiday and having fun!

I also promised a selfie to confirm that, I no longer look like I did in the wedding picture I posted last week.

Oh I am so nervous now as a come to press publish but it was a captured moment x


Have a lovely day!



Five on Friday!

I am joining with Amy from Love Made My Home for her Five On Friday again this week.

This is five things that have made me happy this week – I  have not got out and about very much!




This is the view that I get to admire from my desk, every day. Now I appreciate that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I consider Liverpool to be my home city and,  after being away for more than four years, it warms my heart every time I look up to see the beautiful Liver Building!




I think you all know by now that we love a birthday here on The Glade, we had another last weekend and I made these cupcakes for a very special little lady that we are having the pleasure of watching grow up! Miss NT  is such a little character, we love her! The frosting was like chocolate moose, I think they went down well.




I hope I am not speaking too soon here but I was concerned about this little chap, our Jack! I was afraid that now I am working office hours again he might rebel. So far so good, I don’t want to say anymore in case I jinx it, but he has been a star!!




I wrote a post about my garden this week and this Hydrangea did get a mention. But I love this picture that I have taken since. It is the most beautiful vibrant red/pink sort of colour, I absolutely love it. I say this about nearly all flowers, but I think this might be my favorite garden flowers. However, if the Honeysuckle flowers, I am sure I will say the same about that – I’m clearly very fickle when it comes to flowers ha!




I took this picture in Wales a couple of weeks ago and it has not much to do with number five except, I am hoping to get out and about with Miss Glade to do some more Geo Caching this weekend. We went last weekend and absolutely loved it. She has had a stressful week doing exams and so, last night she got the bus from school to the big city to meet me after work for a lovely dinner. We had a great time!


That is my five happy things this week!


I am very late at joining You Baby Me Mummy and Mums’ Days for #TheList


It is also my #HappyDays post with What Katy Said and Tiny Foot Steps.


 Have a lovely day!

My love affair with all things Liz Earle!

imageI started a new job last week and all anyone wants to talk to me about is my skin care.  It seems that I don’t look old enough to be a mum to Ms Glade, who knew?!?

So I thought, if I am sharing my skin care routine with all and sundry in Liverpool’s business district, that I really ought to be revealing all to you. This is not a sponsored post ha!

In the early nineties, there was a beauty expert who regularly appeared on breakfast TV, she was called Liz Earle. I remember that I used to watch her in the morning and then,  pop out and buy most of her recommendations in my lunch hour, this was obviously before I was a parent!

When I was on maternity leave in 1995,  she launched her own range of skin care. I remember lusting after it for about a  year or so before I was able to buy my first Cleanse and Polish, money was tighter in those days. And so my love affair with the range began.

Like all love affairs, there have been times over the last 20 odd years that I have got bored and dabbled with something new, but I always end up returning to Liz Earle pretty quickly. The reason, I have sensitive skin that airs on the dry side, essentially, I have learned, it doesn’t like too many harsh chemicals, it much prefers the softer plant oils and extracts that can be found in all of the products though out her entire range.

There is no animal testing or animal extracts in any of the products,  an important consideration to us vegetarians! They also smell gorgeous.

Now I don’t want to be seen to be over egging the pudding here, I am prone , just like everyone else,  to break outs from time to time. Damn you hormones! But my skin care routine and drinking plenty of water tends to sort them out pretty quickly.


I start every morning with cleanse and polish. The container acts as a pump and dispenses one measure with each push, clever eh?!?

I remove it with a muslin cloth, I usually get one free when I buy my monthly supply, and wet it under a warm tap and then, gently wipe my face and neck until it’s all been removed. I wear a ton of make up and it removes every trace, I actually feel that the make up melts away. My skin feels so clean at this point.

I use a spray bottle to spritz my face and neck with the Instant Boost Skin Tonic that acts as a toner, it really perks my skin up. Then finish with a small blob of moisturiser for Dry/sensitive skin while the skin is still damp from the spritzing. I think that is what gives it the look everyone asks about, it’s often described as a glow.

imageSometimes I use Superskin moisturiser as a night cream, or in the winter – I am of a certain age, I need the help.

The picture opposite shows the used version of the face mask, sometimes I sleep with it on for a treat and then remove it in the morning, it leaves my skin feeling really soft and supple.

The Superskin concentrate I use over night in the depths of Winter when a lot of help is needed to combat dry/sore patches. I wake up the next morning feeling soothed with my skin looking better hydrated.

The last product is the Eye Bright, I suffer from awful hay fever and the spring is particularly punishing on my eyes. I soak two cotton wool pads with this product and place it over my eyelids, it instantly soothes the irritation and calms the puffiness that all sufferers will identify with.

So there it is, my skin care routine, I honestly can’t recommend these products enough. I love how gentle and kind they feel and yet still work. Also, despite my wait 20 years ago, they are actually very reasonably priced, especially given the high end quality of all the products.

Sorry if you were looking for the selfie ha!


Have a lovely day!



The A – Z of me!

I was recently nominated by the very funny, Sarah from Run, Jump Scrap for the A- Z of me. I like reading these sorts of blog things because it’s a chance to find out a bit more about the person behind the posts.

However, I have really struggled with it! So I apologise in advance for some of my tentative links ha!

Here we go then, The A-Z of me:


A is for Apple Trees, I have planted two in my little garden.

B is for the beach, any beach will do, I just love the beach.

C is for Cornwall, I love it.

D is for dancing I trained seriously until my late teens, then discovered boys.

E is for the girl,  both of their names are shortened to ones that begin with E.

F is for flying, I am terrified but determined to overcome it – soon!

G is for The Glade, a beautiful wooded area opposite our house (see blog header).

H is for Himself, he has a lot to put with, let’s  leave it there ha!

I  is for Ireland, our heritage and we need to go back soon.


J is for Jack our beloved black labrador.

K is for Killers, one of my favourite bands.

L is for Liverpool, I consider it to be my home city and I love it.

M is for Mum, which is my main job, I have been one for almost 20 years?!?!?!

N is for neighbours, with limited exception, our neighbours are the best.

O is for October, the month I became a mummy!

P is for photographs, our house is covered in them, but I am seldom found in one.

Q is for queue jumping my second pet hate after littering.

image R is for Roses one of my favourite flowers.

S is for shoes, I have a small collection addiction to footwear.

T is for technology, I am a bit of a technophobe but I am getting a bit better ha!

U is for updo, tentative I know, but I usually have my hair up in a ponytail/topknot when in the house.

V is for Victoria, my very english middle name.

W is for the Wirral the lovely peninsular that I am lucky to call home.

X is for X Rays, I have had loads – well I got stuck ha!

Y is for yoghurt one of my favourite desserts, especially greek ones.

Z is for ziplock as in the bags, I use them a lot and often gift baked goods in them.

Thank you for including me Sarah X


In turn, it is for me to nominate some other bloggers to take part, so;

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It is over to you ladies, but only if you want to, there really is no pressure.

Well, I’m off to work – new job – please wish me luck – yikes! – laters!

Have a lovely day!

50 Things That Make Me Happy! #5

I was tagged by the lovely Aby at You Baby Me Mummy to take part in the ’50 things that make me happy’ quiz. I was delighted to be included – thank you Aby x

I do a ‘What made me happy this week’ list,  but like Aby, this gave me the chance to think more generally.


A picnic Strawberry Flan !
A picnic Strawberry Flan !


Here’s my list;

1. Smiley Daughters

2. Coffee

3. Sunshine

4. Baking


5. Dog walks in the country

6. Cornwall

7. My bike

8. Good school reports (they are the only sort that we have ever had Miss G……….)

9.  A new Lip gloss

10. Ms Glade coming home

11. Abba’s Dancing Queen

12. Days out

13. Lots of Veggie options on a menu

14. A clean house

15. Babyliss Big Hair Brush

16. Going to the beach

17. My Kitchen Aid Mixer

18. Nice manners

19. Our family Christmas outing to The Cinema

20. Matching underwear

21. Blue plant pots

22. Pretty gardens

23. Hot bubble baths


24. Fresh flowers

25. Crete

26. The sea

27. Freshly changed bed

28. Hearing children playing

29. Wrapping presents

30. Flip Flops

31. Microwave pop corn

32. The Killer’s Mr Brightside!

33. Disney

34. A good book


35. Watching Jack swimming

36. Converse shoes

37. Hearing the girls laughing – usually at me but that’s ok

38. Afternoon naps

39. Cake

40. Picnics

41. The smell of Lavender

42. Homeland

43. Cheshire Ice Cream

44. Washing blowing on the line

45. Baileys

46. A Fully stocked fridge

47. Meeting friends at the pub

48. Proper post – not bills or circulars

49. The Lake District

50. A nice view

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Very kindly Katy from What Katy Said and Jenna from TinyFootSteps have both said this is ok to add to the Happy Days Link – Whoo Hoo!!!



Have a lovely day!