Welcome to ” The Glade” – a lovely semi rural setting on the Wirral.



I ‘m Lisa, a mum to two girls.

Miss Glade is 12 and in year 7 – sassy!

Ms Glade is a student in Manchester but returns regularly to eat and sleep!

Mr Glade shakes his head – a lot!




My greatest possession (although I am not really a horder of stuff), is my Kitchen Aid mixer – we like cake!

The recipes, tips and general updates are for the benefit of Ms Glade, to keep her up to date with Glade matters and help her to eat some proper food.

As a family food is our main priority!

I also prioritise shoes, books, the house and a giggle. I like to make things as pretty as Mr G will allow ha!


This is the post that probably explains the most about us so far!


We are one of a number of families who have recently moved in here. We share ‘The Glade’ and a Chapel, yes really, a Chapel.  Eventually it is going to become our community centre.

The best part of living here is the neighbours – they are all fab – really fab!

Most likely to hear me say “Have you got time for a brew……?”


Contact me:

lisaintotheglade@gmail.com – oh go on ! I’d be delighted to hear from you  X


Have a lovely day X



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