Happy Days! #9

I am joining Katy at What Katy Said and Jenna at Tiny Foot Steps today for their super happy, Happy Days link.

I have gone down the list route again this week because, quite frankly we don’t do much at home during the week with Miss G’s school schedule and so, I struggle to fit the criteria ha!


I am happy that:

Miss Glade had a great time at her party last night.


I am happy that:

There are left overs from the buffet last night that we can take out on a picnic today.


I am happy that:

Most of our neighbours were at the party last night, we are very lucky!


I am happy that:

A friend managed to make it last night after a really scary health scare earlier this week.


I am happy that:

The girls that slept over last night have all behaved themselves.


I am happy that:

Ms Glade is in Manchester and not further away because she has popped home to help.


I am happy that:

I have a new phone  and I am sure that I will learn how to use it eventually.


I am happy that:

Jack has eaten or chewed anything in the house again this week.


I am happy that:

I start my new job on Monday morning – so excited!


I am happy that:

We are all off out to a National Trust place today – warm scones mmmm!!



Have a lovely day!

Happy Days! #8

I am joining in with Katy from What Katy Said and Jenna from Tiny Foot Steps for their Happy Days Link.

I am reverting back to type and writing a list because it fits my week better and Katy and Jenna say it’s ok.

Ten things that have made me happy this week are;

I am happy that I have landed a shiny new job that has turned out to be better than I could have ever imagined, I have been smiling since Thursday.

I am happy that I will be going back to lovely Liverpool to work.

I am happy that there are so many other little people on our development around the same age as Miss Glade, they all have such a lovely time together

imageI am happy that The Glade is in full bud and these little white flowers have appeared in clumps all over the show.

I am happy that there is ‘some’ dry weather forecast for this weekend.

I am happy that Mr G has done the garden  yesterday  and now  I won’t have to keep ‘reminding him’ 😉 all weekend that it needs doing.

I am happy that we have dinner reservations for this evening for a restaurant in a Liverpool that I have wanted to try for ages.

I am happy that our friends are coming to dinner with us, I know we will have a giggle.

I am happy that we have a party planned for about 60 girls next week to celebrate Miss Glade’s 12th birthday and lots of mums have RSVP’d, it’s so much easier when they do.

imageI am happy that there were two Glade Dweller’s birthdays  yesterday and they were both pretty pleased with their baked presents .

We don’t have lots of plans for the weekend, although a neighbour and I have promised to catch up over coffee on Sunday morning. Weekends like this are always my favourite sort, when we decide in the morning where the day might take us.


I hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!






Happy Days! #7

I like to link up with Katy from What Katy Said and Jenna from Tiny Foot Steps for their Happy Days Link because, it makes me take stock and look for the happy parts of the week.


Out and about

We had lots of out and about time last weekend. My favourite though was last night.

Miss Glade was at a sleepover and so himself and I went to Ikea, I know, but I wanted a few things for the garden. It was really quiet and we were able to nip around choosing bits and pieces, even the ubiquitous tea lights made it into the trolley. Himself only glazed over a few times ha! They even piped good old Deacon Blue through the Market Place, the first concert we went to when we got married.

Anyway, I enjoyed it!

Fun at home

There was lots of fun last weekend as we made the most of the weather and our time together before the eldest went back to uni. She went quite late on Sunday night so enjoyed the whole weekend. Everyone was back to work and school on Monday boo!




Happiest moment

We were together all weekend celebrating himself’s birthday,  and it was happy times all round, even when we had to queue for ages to get into Formby Point, it was worth the wait.

The funniest moment this week was when, after I had put the washing on the line, I turned to find Jack had found the only tiny patch of sunlight in the garden. It made me laugh out loud.

Time for me

I have had lots of commitments this week so have been quite busy. However, I have made time everyday to take Jack for a proper walk rather than around the block on his lead, which we have to do sometimes, especially in the Winter.

I recognise that a proper walk, somewhere pretty, is good for both of us.

Next week I hope to …

Meet an impending deadline for Tuesday.  I also want to get organised for a party we are organising and buy bits and pieces to make a special cake!





Have a lovely day!

Mr G’s Happy Days! #6

In honour of it being Himself’s birthday, I thought I would ask him about his Happy Days this week. I might be pushing Katy from What Katy Said and Jenna from Tiny Foot Steps to the limit here by breaking the rules again.

Disclaimer: I have not had my best week ever but still wanted to take part.



So Himself:

Out and about

I have enjoyed a number of good walks this week,  especially in the woods with the family and Jack. We had a cracking day on the beach in Anglesey yesterday and even avoided the traffic on the way home.  I am also looking forward to seeing Red Squirrels today and our buffet breakfast in a minute!

Fun at Home

She isn’t going to be pleased about this but, it was when Miss Glade’s described how to make Macaroni Cheese in a slow cooker. There was a lump of cheese, a lump of butter and a pile of Macaroni involved, it made me laugh out loud. It was very funny!  She even claimed she had seen a video of it on You Tube but I’m not convinced! Hilarious!

Time for me

There has been plenty of me time this week, especially because I have not been in work. I watched the match on Monday night, had time on The Glade with Jack, had monopoly of the TV for a few evenings and, I am hoping for more of the same on Sunday girls . I also managed a sneaky nap on the beach today –  result!!

Happiest moment

Being at the beach with my ladies and watching them all in hysterics at the dog’s antics in the water.  He is the best entertainment sometimes especially when he shakes himself dry all over the ladies!

Next week I would like to

Eat less chocolate and be looking forward to the FA Cup Final!


Happy Birthday Himself and thanks for helping me out 😉 x




Have a lovely day! We are off to hunt for Red Squirrels!


50 Things That Make Me Happy! #5

I was tagged by the lovely Aby at You Baby Me Mummy to take part in the ’50 things that make me happy’ quiz. I was delighted to be included – thank you Aby x

I do a ‘What made me happy this week’ list,  but like Aby, this gave me the chance to think more generally.


A picnic Strawberry Flan !
A picnic Strawberry Flan !


Here’s my list;

1. Smiley Daughters

2. Coffee

3. Sunshine

4. Baking


5. Dog walks in the country

6. Cornwall

7. My bike

8. Good school reports (they are the only sort that we have ever had Miss G……….)

9.  A new Lip gloss

10. Ms Glade coming home

11. Abba’s Dancing Queen

12. Days out

13. Lots of Veggie options on a menu

14. A clean house

15. Babyliss Big Hair Brush

16. Going to the beach

17. My Kitchen Aid Mixer

18. Nice manners

19. Our family Christmas outing to The Cinema

20. Matching underwear

21. Blue plant pots

22. Pretty gardens

23. Hot bubble baths


24. Fresh flowers

25. Crete

26. The sea

27. Freshly changed bed

28. Hearing children playing

29. Wrapping presents

30. Flip Flops

31. Microwave pop corn

32. The Killer’s Mr Brightside!

33. Disney

34. A good book


35. Watching Jack swimming

36. Converse shoes

37. Hearing the girls laughing – usually at me but that’s ok

38. Afternoon naps

39. Cake

40. Picnics

41. The smell of Lavender

42. Homeland

43. Cheshire Ice Cream

44. Washing blowing on the line

45. Baileys

46. A Fully stocked fridge

47. Meeting friends at the pub

48. Proper post – not bills or circulars

49. The Lake District

50. A nice view

If you fancy taking part, there’s is no pressure, only if you want to:

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Very kindly Katy from What Katy Said and Jenna from TinyFootSteps have both said this is ok to add to the Happy Days Link – Whoo Hoo!!!



Have a lovely day!

Happy Days! #4

Happy Easter Saturday!

It's a squirrel!


I am on the run this morning we are off out for the day, so I have done another list of the 10 things that have made me happy this week;


It makes me happy that:

1. It is dry outside this morning – yeah! I was beginning to worry that we might need an ark!


It makes me happy that:

2. It rained all day yesterday and the day before and the day before that because we didn’t have to water the garden.


It makes me happy that:

3. It is picnic time of year again and we are off for our first one today, be it with soup.


It makes me happy that:

4. Sellotape was invented because it keeps our Piorot box set guide together.


It makes me happy that:

5. Ms Glade is home from uni and is able to eat us out of house and home.


It makes me happy that:

6. Dry weather is forecast for the rest of the weekend and we are planning to put the garden furniture out.


It makes me happy that:

7. Himself will work a four day week next week because he worked on Good Friday so didn’t feel the benefit of the Bank Holiday.


It makes me happy that:

8. I seem to have finally found some age appropriate clothes out for Miss Glade.


It makes me happy that:

9. We have so many dog walks on our doorstep so didn’t get caught in any of the  travel chaos yesterday.


It makes me happy that:

10. Both girls laughed until they cried at me trying to teach the dog to close the door by crawling across the living room and using my nose to shove it shut – doesn’t everyone do that? Mmmm…….. oversharing?




Have a lovely day!

Happy Days! #3

Time has run away with me this week, so I thought that I might just do a list of the things that I feel happy about this week. I have read that we should do our best to find 10 things a day to be happy/grateful for, so;




It makes me happy that;

1. We went on one of the local walks that was in my new book on Sunday. It was about 15 minutes away from our house and through some beautiful countryside.


It makes me happy that;

2.  We realised on our local walk that we can’t read a guide book between us and got completely lost, because at least we knew we were not too far from home.


It makes me happy that;

3. On Wednesday, Miss G got out of the car to catch the bus for school carrying; a school bag, her lunch bag, a violin and a cup of tea. I’m happy that she managed to get her bus fare out of her pocket without spilling her tea!




It makes me happy that;

4.  Jack has not eaten any oven gloves, tea towels, shoes or boots this week! *


It makes me happy that;

5. We took Miss G across the Wirral to a disco last night because we got all our food shopping done while we waited for her!


It makes me happy that;

6. It’s nearly Easter which is all about family and food, like Christmas, but without the pressure.


It makes me happy that;

7. The days are definitely getting longer.


It makes me happy that;

8. Ms Glade at least offered to get the train home for Easter.


It makes me happy that;

9. The last of the fences that almost surrounded our house at one time have finally been removed, this means that all The Glade children have the run of the place now!


It makes me happy that;

10. The National Trust exists and that we will be taking full advantage of our membership this weekend and visiting somewhere beautiful.


* I so hope I have not jinxed it now!

I am linking up with Katy from What Katy Said and Jenna from TinyFootSteps, I hope it’s ok because I have just written a list.



Have a lovely day!