My Final Festive Five!

I can’t believe that this is the final Five on Friday of the year!

It has been such a pleasure to visit you all most Fridays and thank you for all your great comments.

You are all very lovely indeed!

So to my final five –



I love this little Christmas tree in our kitchen window.

The theme in here is far more traditional than in our living room.

I think this little tree is a sweet addition and it makes me smile when I switch the little lights on.



One of my favourite decorations has to be this super cute line with Father Christmas’s clothes on it.

We actually have a much bigger version hanging on the wall outside, but alas, I have not been home in daylight to photograph it since.

I really love this dinky version though.


The youngest has a little white tree in her room too.

She is delighted with it.



I have been feeding my Christmas cake but have not had time to decorate it yet.

Since the girls were little, I have been putting this oral syringe to good use.

I obviously washed it out throughly afterwards to make sure the girls didn’t get given Brandy by accident ha!

It really works very well indeed and ensures that the cake is very well fed, well it is Christmas!


imageA new radio has been purchased for the kitchen.

It is a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater design.

Radio 4 has been preset to help me through the many hours I will spend in here over the coming weeks.

Finally, a quick update from other Fives – It seems that the Chapel has not, and will not, be handed over to the residents this year!

And, the youngest has had her hair cut, she is giving it as a Christmas gift to The Little Princess Trust, you can read about it here.

It is my work Christmas ‘do’ tonight, so  I will pop and visit you over the weekend.

Thank you Amy for hosting today and all year, you are a blogging star xxx


All that is left for me to do is to wish you all a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas!

Lots of love Lisa xxx



37 thoughts on “My Final Festive Five!

  1. You have shared such a lovely collection of Christmas happenings. I too love the Santa clothes line. And, it’s quite ingenious the way you feed your Christmas cake. Have a wonderful festive weekend and Merry Christmas, too if I don’t have a chance to visit your blog again! Pat xx

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  2. What a cute washing line, so festive and jolly! Shame about the chapel, maybe next year. Have a wonderful Christmas and many thanks for all your delicious comments, it’s been such fun reading them. By the way camels can’t go on the beach because they get too excited. x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great Christmassy moments! I love the syringe for the cake, that is serious!!! I might need to investigate one of those for next year….. Hope you enjoy listening to your radio this Christmas too. Such a shame about the chapel, let us hope that next year will bring a handover! Thank you for joining Five On Friday and making it a great thing this year. I so appreciate it! Happy Christmas! See you again in 2016! xx

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  4. The clothesline with Santas outfit on it is a big hit, I love it too! I saw the Emma Bridgewater designed radios elsewhere and thought they looked fabulous. We don’t have any radios in our house and I must admit I sometimes miss hearing what’s latest in news and music as everything we listen to now is through Spotify or Pandora. Well done with your Christmas decorations, your home looks so festive 🙂

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  5. Sorry about the delay on the Chapel! Maybe soon. Love the Brandy syringe…what a great idea! The radio is great! But my favorite thing in your post is that clothesline with Father Christmas clothes…too cute!

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  6. I love the way you are feeding your Christmas cake! I’ll bet it is going to taste amazing. I love the little garland with the Santa clothes, it is adorable. Thank-you so much for visiting my blog on Friday. I am just getting around now because my internet was in a messed up state.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!


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