The Weekend!


Since returning to work full time, weekends have taken on a new significance for me.

I like to make plans and have things to look forward to.

Also, the youngest is still on holiday from school and not doing much during the week, I want to do something nice with her – something she will like.

It doesn’t need to be anything flamboyant, just something that makes me feel I have done something with the weekend, other than housework.

My word of the week this week is:


The eldest, has spent the whole week, parading around with a ginormous backpack, rehearsing for the V Festival this weekend.

I can’t say that I am not nervous about this but hey, she is 19.

Himself and I had a conversation on Monday evening that went like this:

Me – What are we doing this weekend?

Himself – Leave it with me.

Me – What about going to the outdoor theatre in Liverpool – it is Jungle Book this Saturday?

(himself rushes to check the weather forecast)

Himself – Torrential rain is forecast, it would be miserable.

Tuesday Evening –

Himself – What about extreme trampolining? I will look it up.

Himself – They only have 9am slots free, we  have to walk Jack and it is 40 miles away – too early.

Wednesday Evening –

Himself – A ferry to Belfast from Birkenhead? I will look it up.

Himself – It costs a fortune, oh I suppose that is because it is August.

Thursday Evening –

Himself – Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the youngest will love it, I will look it up.

Collective response – The lights start in a couple of weeks let’s leave it until then.

Himself – A coupe of nights in The Lakes? I will look it up.

Himself –  It is peak season, everywhere dog friendly is booked.

Himself – What about Iron Bridge?

Me – Oh yes, that would be lovely!

Himself – What about the weather forecast? .


Therefore, I still have no idea what we will do this weekend, despite having talked about it all week.

One thing is for sure, it will involve a dog walk.

Do you have some great plans for this weekend, or any ideas to share?


Have a lovely day!


‘Discover’ – Geocaching, Patience and the Beach!

 I have been wanting to join in with the fabulous Word Of the Week run by Jocelyn who writes at The Reading Residence,  for ages but have not been organised enough!

But this week I am and my word of the week has been `Discover’!


 It is no secret that we like a bit of geocaching.

In my opinion, it is good healthy fun for all the family.

However, our eldest has never enjoyed the delights with us before. She is usually at work, uni or nursing a hangover, whenever we go.

On Sunday, she advised that she would be free to come out with us for the day and asked what would we be doing.

When we decided on geocaching, her face remained unchanged and she asked would food be involved. Knowledge of a picnic and ice cream at the end secured her participation.

 So you see there were no expectations.

She imagined she would be walking the dog with food being an added bonus.

So off we set, suitably attired for a rummage through brambles.


 Then this happened!

The youngest discovered the first cache on our list.


 She filled in the log and the eldest discovered:

The caches are there.

The clues are accurate.

The logs revealed that tons of people do it.

It is really exciting!


When it came to locating the next one, she was in the lead.

There was a water trough involved and she was straight in.

I had to remind her that the youngest needed to look too and to wait her turn to sign the log ha!

 She was delighted by the whole thing and was talking about how she could incorporate into her lesson plans – she is studying primary teaching!

 This is a picture of them as they rushed to the next cache, they are both bouncing along, even the dog is bewildered. image

They were well away, racing to their next discovery!


 Then I discovered this view of the beach that I have never seen before.

It was beautiful!

This is the added joy of geocaching for me, I always see something I would have missed.



Have a lovely day!

Holidays are nice but……….!

Amy is taking a well-earned break from hosting Five on Friday for August.

Therefore, I have jumped at the chance to join in with Steph from Diary from a Midlife Mummy and her lovely What I have Loved This Week link.

We returned home in the early hours of Tuesday morning from our recent holidays.

Later that day, himself was dispatched to collect our black labrador, Jack, who had been billeted at his mum’s house for the duration of our travels.

This week I have loved taking him for his evening walk.


It is nice to go on holiday, but we all miss Jack when we are away.

I think he missed us too and has reverted straight back into his routine, without any readjusting!


We live on the boundary of a country park and the woods are beautiful. It is such a peaceful place in the evening when the hoards of visitors have left.

For me, there is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and heading for the cool but sheltered woods with the boy in tow – I love it!


Jack is such a huge part of our family, therefore it is nice to go on holiday but, it is also nice to come back home and have the missing link restored.

So, in short this week I’ve loved –  walking the dog!

I also love the badge for this link up – isn’t it gorgeous?


Have a lovely day!

Five on Friday!

This week I am joining with Amy from Love Made My Home for  Five on Friday time and Maria who is Suburban Mum for Our Favorite Five.



This dinner. I am really busy at the moment in my new job.

I came home quite late on Tuesday to find that Himself had cooked this gorgeous dinner.

Walking through the door I could have cried with gratitude.

The littlest was back from her travels, so we were all able to just down and eat – bliss!!

It is so much better when you haven’t cooked it yourself.

However, he has also shown his hand and revealed skills that I didn’t realise he had ha!



I have spent weeks trying to get a picture of this little blighter!

Jack doesn’t fit the profile of a normal Labrador in that he sometimes leaves food in his bowl.

As soon as he comes back indoors, this Magpie scoots down and makes short work of his dinner.

At first the magpie was really nervous, but now he strolls across the garden with a swagger and lingers for a while!

Jack, the gun dog, doesn’t appear to notice ha!



These flowers were to me by our lovely neighbours, watching them bloom has definitely been a highlight of this week.

They really did not need to gift them , but what a beautiful treat they are!

Such fabulous neighbours! But they are not the only ones, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by them!!



This month has been about getting outdoors as much as possible.

In the North West we have had a chilly start to June with plenty of rain, however it has started to warm up, I have even taken my black tights off!!

I know, I am so radical!




I have a very pale complexion naturally and super white skin, probably a throw back to my Celtic heritage.

In the name of research I have been using both of these products this month at different time to compare.

 I will post my findings soon for those who may be interested.

The upside is that I am ready for when the sun decides to really put his hat on!!




Have a lovely day!



The Monday Quote!

I have been wanting to join in with Becky who is The Cuddle Fairy with her quotes link for a few weeks but there was one problem, I didn’t know how to put text on my own pictures. But I have learned with the help of the Pic Collage app, so here is my first attempt.




I love this quote because I make no secret of the fact that Jack,  the black lab in the picture, is the beloved fifth member of our family. I think he has chosen me as his pack sister and therefore, refuses to do anything I ask, where as, himself is clearly his master who’s every command he obeys.

However, I don’t mind because he has my heart and makes our house a home!



Have a lovely day!

Happy Days! #7

I like to link up with Katy from What Katy Said and Jenna from Tiny Foot Steps for their Happy Days Link because, it makes me take stock and look for the happy parts of the week.


Out and about

We had lots of out and about time last weekend. My favourite though was last night.

Miss Glade was at a sleepover and so himself and I went to Ikea, I know, but I wanted a few things for the garden. It was really quiet and we were able to nip around choosing bits and pieces, even the ubiquitous tea lights made it into the trolley. Himself only glazed over a few times ha! They even piped good old Deacon Blue through the Market Place, the first concert we went to when we got married.

Anyway, I enjoyed it!

Fun at home

There was lots of fun last weekend as we made the most of the weather and our time together before the eldest went back to uni. She went quite late on Sunday night so enjoyed the whole weekend. Everyone was back to work and school on Monday boo!




Happiest moment

We were together all weekend celebrating himself’s birthday,  and it was happy times all round, even when we had to queue for ages to get into Formby Point, it was worth the wait.

The funniest moment this week was when, after I had put the washing on the line, I turned to find Jack had found the only tiny patch of sunlight in the garden. It made me laugh out loud.

Time for me

I have had lots of commitments this week so have been quite busy. However, I have made time everyday to take Jack for a proper walk rather than around the block on his lead, which we have to do sometimes, especially in the Winter.

I recognise that a proper walk, somewhere pretty, is good for both of us.

Next week I hope to …

Meet an impending deadline for Tuesday.  I also want to get organised for a party we are organising and buy bits and pieces to make a special cake!





Have a lovely day!

Dear Jack!

Dear Jack,


Happy Birthday to you, today you are 2!


You came to live with us 20 months ago when Ms Glade was 18.

You were a little bundle of cuteness who loved to chew everything in sight. I remember how fondly I regarded you when I could no longer sit at the garden table because you had chewed the leg off and, himself was propping it up hoping I wouldn’t notice – such happy times!

You have always been so placid and content. I love that you have chosen me as your pack sister but it would be wonderful if you could do as I ask now and again.  It is important that I get your lead on before we get to the road.


You are such a much loved addition to our family. You have to be walked whatever the weather and it is usually on these walks that we have our best conversations. You always greet each of us as though we are your favourite and,wag your tail furiously all the time.

Most importantly we are all mindful that:

You are a part of our world but we are yours!


Thank you for choosing us Jack!

If this has inspired you to become a dog owner, please read this post by Cornish Mum first!

Have a lovely day!

New Brighton Rocks!

image After taking Ms Glade back to Manchester in time to go to work and then driving straight back, I desperately needed to stretch my legs by Saturday afternoon. New Brighton beach is about a 15 minute drive from The Glade, the beach is Jack’s very favourite place to go and, Miss Glade had the company of her second cousin, they were both keen,so it fitted the bill nicely.

The lighthouse is situated next to Fort Perch Rock and although it has not been used since 1973, there has been a light on or near the rock since 1683. Fort Perch Rock was important in the defence of the Port of Liverpool since the time of the Napoleaonic wars until the Second World War. However, up until the 19th century the area had a reputation for smuggling and wrecking. Some people still believe that this area has secret hidden tunnels!! image Ferries used to to bring visitors across the Mersey until 1971. However, there were few visitors on Saturday except for a few scattered dog walkers. It was bitterly cold and an emergence stop off at Morrisons for a restorative Hot Chocolate was in order! But at least we had stretched our legs.

A late afternoon in Parkgate: An adventure with Jack

We are very fortunate on the Wirral to have access to the “Wirral Way”. It is 12.2 miles of disused railway line that is situated within the Wirral Country Park. The park contains some of the most peaceful and pretty countryside, in my humble opinion, that England has to offer. image It is so vast that you can often find yourself alone for large stretches. This section of the route is through the small hamlet of Parkgate which was once a port along the River Dee. image The river once came as far as the sandstone wall that you can see in this picture, however this is now 100 square foot of salt marsh. Towards the end of the eighteenth century, Parkgate was famous as a seaside destination with baths.  Lady Emma Hamilton, Lord Nelson’s mistress, was born nearby in a small village called Ness and, it is believed that she bathed here regularly.It is even rumoured that Nelson sailed up the River Dee to visit her.

It is also thought that in April 1742, Handel stayed in Parkgate before sailing to Dublin to  perform the Messiah for the first time!

image But nowadays, Parkgate is famous for Nicholl’s ice cream and still has a   fantastic line in summer sunsets.  However, even in February the early evening sky, above the North Wales Coast, is still very pretty. For us, there are two other things that we particularly like about Parkgate; the carvery pub at the end of The parade and, Mr Glade’s sister works as a district nurse in that area, today we bumped into Aunty T, everyone was very pleased to see her, especially Jack! You can find more information about Parkgate here.