My Captured Moment! A note to my eldest! #12

I have changed My Captured Moment at the last-minute, this should have been next weeks, but a certain someone needs a bit of support today!



This is Ms Glade. She is about 9 and at The Castle Museum in York. She was having a great time, taking part in all the activities, totally inhibited and carefree, just as a 9-year-old should be.

As far back as 2004, she wanted to be a teacher. Now, she is on the last stretch of her first year in University studying Primary Teaching – it’s her dream.

But she is struggling, most of her friends have finished for the summer and gone home/abroad/moved on. She is virtually alone in the house that she shared with another 11 gals that she got on so well with. She is missing them and their company.

She had a never-ending workload of marking, planning and preparing lessons for her placement classes. She is trekking so far across Manchester everyday, that she is lucky to get home by 8.30pm!

We are so proud of her! We are so proud of how hard she is working and trying. Her own learning restrictions mean that she has to be on top of her game at every turn. Some days she isn’t, but she shows a level of maturity and determination that leaves a lump in my throat whenever I think of her, always striving, always trying.

I love this Captured Moment when life was so much simpler for her and everyday was about fun!

You can do this E, you deserve to succeed and any class would be lucky to have you twinkle!!!





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Why I chose a 17 mile school run!



I decided in 2004 that, despite living in the next street to our local high school, Ms Glade was not going there.

It was quite a controversial decision and one that needed careful management. You see, Mr Glade had attended that school and ALL of his nieces and nephews were either there or on their way.

When she was in Year 5, (age 9-10) we took Ms Glade to visit many High Schools in the area and beyond. When we walked into the school that she eventually attended, she immediately felt at home and decided that was where she wanted to go.

This was a bit of an issue because:

  • It was 17 miles from home, that is each way!
  • There wasn’t any direct public transport
  • I didn’t drive
  • There was an entrance exam to pass and criteria to meet

Ms Glade and myself made a plan, she would have tuition to pass the exam and I , despite having been learning for 16 years, would pass my driving test.

For the last ten years I have regularly been asked to defend my decision. I felt it was important that she went to her school because:

  • It was her first choice
  • The school had a lovely atmosphere
  • It was a Catholic Grammar school which was very important to her and Himself
  • It was a single sex school that worked hard to empower the girls
  • She was prepared to and did, work very hard to pass the entrance exam
  • I hoped she would stay for 7 years and therefore, wanted them to be the best years they could be

She passed and I passed!

As it transpired, it was a seven years that were punctured with events and revelations.

However, we both firmly believe they were the best seven years that they could have been. She received offers at every university she applied to for, a very competitive course. She was also delighted for her sister when she was offered a place at her school a year ago, I think that speaks volumes.

Ms Glade isn’t academically gifted, indeed she had learning challenges that were identified within the first half term she was at the school. However, she is a thoughtful, kind girl with a great enthusiasm for life and a deeply touching concern for others. Qualities that the school has nurtured.

How did you choose the school your children went to? Did you have to defend your decision?

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Update: Now that Miss Glade has begun her high school journey,  we have moved house and now live on the bus route – well I couldn’t do that again for another seven years! 😉 x


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