My Sunday Photo!

Autumnal Sunset


Liverpool : Friday 13th November 2015 

As we head towards the dark, damp days of Winter, the only consolation is the stunning early sunsets.

This unedited picture was taken from our office at 4pm.

I love the silhouette of the Liver Building and, the spire of Our Lady and St Nicholas church against the late autumnal sky.

The Wirral is just about visible at the other side of the River Mersey, it had been invisible earlier in the day because of the rain.

I guess it is about appreciating every pretty thing that nature has to offer at this time of year!


Have a lovely day!

Five on Friday!

Its been a funny week here on The Glade and, I for one,  am so ready for the weekend.

My Five on Friday seem to  mostly reflect my need for comfort this week.

It is definitely chiller and darker around here now.

Here are five things that have irked and pleased me in equal measures this week.



The leaves have started to fall off the trees around the Chapel this week.

It looks so autumn and pretty.

For those of you who don’t know, the Chapel is opposite our house and is supposed to be our community centre.

However, we have lived in the house for 16 months now and not a tap of work has been done on it by the builders.

It remains boarded up and deemed unsafe.

This is very disappointing because the Chapel was a part of the deal when we bought our houses..

We were all sold the idea that the residents on this development would have exclusive use of the Chapel.

Alas, we remain locked out – it really is a poor show by the builders.



The spiders have been busy all over The Glade this week.

These spectacular webs have appeared all over the place, don’t you think it looks very Halloween like?



We have had slow cooker dinners almost every night this week.

It is such a great way to cook, throw everything in and come home to a lovely hot dinner.

I do tons of things in my slow cooker from lasagna to crumbles to mulled wine.

In fact, although I already have two, I invested in another this week. I am sure I will get lots of use out of all three.

The recipe for the sausage casserole that is cooking in the picture came from Lucy BakingQueen74‘s blog.

Honestly, if you are looking for inspiration, pop over to visit her, she is fab!



I have been burning this candle all week.

It is gorgeous and does smell very summery. It is as good as my usual expensive brand.

However, this little beauty only cost £1.49 – an absolute bargain!



When we were taking Jack for a run yesterday, we were rewarded by this magnificent sunset.

Isn’t it a beauty?



Thank you to Amy & Stevie for hosting xx

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

My Captured Moment! #14


Unusually for me, I am choosing a recent photo as My Captured Moment today!

In the spring, the littlest and I decided to give Geo Caching a try. The first time we tried we eventually gave up because we could not locate three different caches.

However, we decided to try again and this picture shows her finding the first one we looked for that time.

That is the genuine look of delight on the face, of a then 11 year old.

I love this picture!

I am linking with Heledd from Running in Lavender for her lovely My Captured Moment link.


Have a lovely day!

Strawberry Fields Forever!!

The sweltering heat on Saturday set myself and the youngest thinking about Strawberries.

As luck would have it we live about 3 miles away from the wonderful Claremont Farm. They do ‘pick your own’ fruit and so we went hunting.



Strictly speaking,  I am opposed to child labour, however when it comes to filling my fridge with the best strawberries that the Wirral has to offer, then I relax my standards.

The strawberries were out in abundance, all plump and juicy!


This one made the grade and was promptly added to my basket.


Claremont Farm do the whole experience so well, they even include a complementary tractor ride to the further fields.

We didn’t partake this time, apparently 12 is too old.


Look at these beauties! We filled two small baskets, which filled a large colander and they cost less than £3.50 which I think is a bargain!



It would have been rude not to make a Strawberry cake, wouldn’t it?





Have a lovely day!

The one when we go Geo Caching!

On Saturday, Miss Glade and I decided to go Geo Caching for the second time. We did it the first time on Bank Holiday Monday, but didn’t find a thing and so gave up, however inspired by Muddy Mum from Mud and Nettles, we decided to give it another try.


With beautiful views like this Rapeseed field with the Welsh Hills in the background, I decided it was a great way to spend the afternoon even if we didn’t find anything again. The 12 year old was slightly less enthusiastic.


However, when she quickly found her first ‘Cache’, with a little help from a runner who had done the same last week with his children, she was thrilled!


She was keen to carry on and find more. We walked along the track of the old railway line that forms The Wirral Way and didn’t see another living soul for miles. It was beautiful.

The next find was a lot easier than the first. Then when we were looking for the third one , we ended up in a sort of ditch, in front of an empty field. The clue said something about the view of the Welsh Hills so that was the direction that I looked to, I heard a rustling behind me and turned, expecting to see another walker, instead this handsome chap and his friend who was My Sunday Photo had appeared to say hello.


We honestly couldn’t believe it and forgot about Geo Caching for a while, instead preferring to admire our hosts, we were at the bottom of their field after all.

Eventually, we did find the cache at the top of the ditch so really we need not to have got that close, but it was extraordinary to see them.

The next two finds were relatively straightforward. If she hadn’t been getting hunger pangs, the youngest would still be there, she had a great time.

On Sunday, As we were about to take the dog for his walk, we looked to see if there are any Caches near to where we live. There was one listed behind a field, somewhere we had never explored before.


Eventually we found that one too, although I think. we made it difficult for ourselves.

Afterwards we went back towards our house through the woods, stopping off to reward ourselves with Cheshire Ice Cream.

Although, that said, I think my real reward was seeing this absolutely beautiful Bluebell wood that was hidden away behind a sports centre. Between that and the horses the day before, we couldn’t decide which had been the most magical.


Equally, the look on the youngest’s face when we eventually located the Caches was   priceless. It was a fabulous thing to do, to get out in the thick of the undergrowth and have a good look around, it’s amazing what you miss power walking along these beautiful paths.

If you are tempted to take part, I strongly suggest you read Muddy Mum’s blog, she is far more advanced and knowledgable than us.


Have a lovely day!


Claremont Farm Shop and Cafe

Happy St Patrick’s Day 🍀

Myself and the littlest one found ourselves at our local farm on Mother’s Day.

Claremont Farm shop and Cafe is literally five minutes down the road and we love it. We have been Strawberry picking at the farm for years but recently they updated the farm shop and cafe, a great improvement!


The farm grows many types of vegetables in addition to the Strawberries, Gooseberries and Raspberries that we will pick and enjoy later on in the year.


They also sell locally produced curds and preserves. The local honey is our favourite.


The light and airy cafe offers a changing menu of seasonal goodies.


On Mother’s Day the vegetarian option was this broccoli, spring onion and Applewood cheese tart.

It was served with two fresh salads; the first contained potato, egg and spring onion and the second, orange, carrot and red cabbage, that was extremely refreshing. The Tart was utterly delicious and very filling, there was very little chat on our table save for the odd ‘Mmmm….’ .

The cafe is incredibly popular but if you wait a few minutes, a table usually becomes free.  The staff in the cafe are all so very polite and helpful.

Excitingly, there is talk of them opening for the odd evening. I hope so!


Have a lovely day!