Gabriella’s Five on Friday!

It’s been another ridiculously busy week this week, I’m glad to welcome both the weekend and half term.

Given that her sister shared her Five On Friday when it was her birthday, the eldest has insisted that she do the same ha!

Happy 20th Birthday Gabriella – not a teenager anymore. We are all looking forward to seeing you later twinkle x x x

So here are Gabriella’s Five On Friday;



I discovered a new favourite drink this week, Mango Daiquiri. Mum this is surely a healthy drink incorporating one of my five a day. It’s delicious!



I’m at uni in Manchester and this week I discovered a new cake shop.

Ice Stone Gelato is on Oxford Road and after a long day in Uni, myself and some friends on my course found ourselves in there.

I had a peanut butter creation, it was gorgeous. I’m looking forward to taking my family there, they would love it.



The temperature has dropped in Manchester this week.

We were so cold one evening that my housemate Ivy made this fabulous hot chocolate.



My friends on my course gave me this beautiful Pandora ring for my birthday. It’s so pretty and I am delighted.

I can’t wait to see what the parentals have treated me to, Mum has been going on about it for weeks.



My friends.

This picture is of some if my friends on my course. I have lovely housemates too and regularly see/go out with my housemates from last year.

I appreciate how very lucky I am that I have such great friends in Manchester. They make all the difference.

This evening I am popping over to Liverpool for an early dinner with the fam.

Then I’m straight back on the train to Manchester for a celebratory night out, to say goodbye to my teens in style.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Elle xx


Thank you Amy for hosting.

Have a lovely weekend!!


22 thoughts on “Gabriella’s Five on Friday!

  1. Happy Birthday! I must get to Manchester and try the cake shop, just a small piece of each please. Mum must be thrilled to hear that you have some great friends and that you are enjoying yourself so much. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha true! That’s always a bonus although no one ever puts whipped cream over mine so I always have to do it myself. I have a picture of the way I love my hot choco in my September favourites post! There’s a process for it to be so amazing :p

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Your five things all just got better and better Gabriella!! Happy Birthday!!!! Looks as though you had a great time, I hope that the parentals and you will have a good time this weekend. Thank you for your post! It is a lovely idea. I hope that you have a great year ahead! Happy Birthday again! xx


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