My Captured Moment! Happy Birthday Gabriella


October 2005 :Gabriella Anastasia Maria

Dear Daughter,

This week sees you celebrating your 20th birthday, no longer a teenager.

I remember your first birthday so clearly.

Himself and I were amazed that we had managed to keep you alive for a whole year.

Until your sister came along, we thought we such good parents, then we realised that actually you were such a good girl!

We are so proud of you.

We know that Uni isn’t always easy but you have persevered.

It will be worth it in the end.

You are a lovely daughter, sister and friend. You are sassy, unique, special 🙂 and always try your best.

Happy Birthday Twinkle, we love you very much.

x x x x x x x x x x


Have a lovely day!

19 thoughts on “My Captured Moment! Happy Birthday Gabriella

  1. Haha clever you keeping her alive a whole year – that did make me giggle Lisa. Awwww though, a big happy 20th birthday to your lovely girl. Isn’t it scary how fast the time goes? MasterB is 11 on Sunday and I just can’t believe it.
    Hugs to you of course for being such a special mummy xxx

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    1. Thanks Sammy , I was concerned about keeping her alive I felt sure something was going to happen to her ha! xxx I can’t believe how beautiful Master B looks in your Captured Moment today. Will pop over and comment properly later xx

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  2. Oh that first year is so full of nerves and wonderful things isn’t it? 20 years that is wonderful, I can feel your pride in this post, just beautiful.

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