Five on Friday : The Birthday Edition

I am joining with Amy from Love made my home for Five on Friday again this week.

However, in honour of it being Miss Glade’s birthday, for the second time this week I am handing over to her.

Hi this is my five;



My Birthday, I am twelve today – hooray!!



I am going to school in my own clothes today to raise money for the victims of the terrible earthquake in Nepal. We are all donating £1. There will be more activties in school like nail painting, cake sales and henna tattoos to raise further funds. It was such an awful disaster. We are always having fund raising activities in school, but the situation in Nepal feels a bit closer to home because, one of our teachers has a son in law from there and, his family have been severely effected.



Tonight I am celebrating with a disco party for about 56 of my friends in a local church hall. My cousin is the DJ, he is very good! My mum has been making and baking food for the last two days. I am very excited. Of course all the children in The Glade have been invited.




This is my outfit for tonight. It is a blue play suit, with black tights and a black jacket. I have had this outfit for a while so I am looking forward to finally wearing it.



My cake, this picture was taken by my mum before she put my name on it- good thinking Mumster. I love it – thanks mum x


That is my five, my sister is coming home today to ‘help’ with my party, I can’t wait to see her.



I hope you all have a great day, lots of love xxxx

I am also linking with Aby from You Baby Me Mummy and Hannah from Mums’ Days for The List !


31 thoughts on “Five on Friday : The Birthday Edition

  1. What a wonderful post! Happy Birthday to Miss Glade! I’m sure the party will be lovely.
    The fund raising activities sound great too.
    Happy weekend to everyone! xx


  2. Happy Birthday Miss Glade! I do love your outfit and can see you being the disco queen tonight! Have fun. My children are also collecting funds for the Nepal earthquake victims at their school, it is so important to be involved in the worlds happenings even at your age. x


  3. Happy Birthday, Miss Glade – five lovely things for you to enjoy on your birthday. I hope your fund raising goes well and that you have a lovely party:)


  4. Happy Birthday Miss Glade!!! Your posts are really good! I hope that your fundraiser went well and that your school can make a good donation. Have fun with your birthday and the party and most of all enjoy the cake!! xx


  5. A lovely 5 Miss Glade a belated happy birthday, I hope that you enjoyed your party! I also hope that your school fundraising day was successful and that you managed to raise lots of funds for Nepal it’s tragic what those poor people are going through. Love your outfit by the way and your birthday cake looks yummy. 🙂 xx


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