What’s in my fridge?

I  taking up the ‘What’s in my fridge?’ challenge from Jacqueline over at Tinned Tomatoes!

Aubergine & mozzarella bake - Tinned Tomatoes!
Aubergine & mozzarella bake – Tinned Tomatoes!

Now I need to share a bit of history here because this is massive for me!!

I have been a regular reader of Tinned Tomatoes for years. Whenever I produce something new, the question is often asked ‘Tinned Tomatoes or Caked Crusader?'(see above) because you can bet it will probably be a variation on one of their recipes.

Such was my dedication to both that, when I celebrated a significant birthday a few years ago, himself pestered the two lovely ladies and convinced them to send me a birthday card!

It was the highlight of my birthday I tell you, the HIGHLIGHT!!!

So to my fridge! I am shocked at how exposed I feel revealing my fridge😳!

I was going to wait until I did a big shop but then realised that is not the spirit. But I do tidy and give it a quick wipe over whenever I put the shopping away. So here it is;


The vegetables and salad ingredients overspill from the bottom drawers because we are 3/4 vegetarian in this house. There is a rogue packet of ham in there somewhere, but I didn’t want to particularly tidy the fridge first because, I don’t think that is in the spirit either. The  yoghurts are lurking behind the lemons. I always have yoghurts in.


I keep feta and halloumi cheese on the top shelf of the door. I’m not sure why the can of lager is in there because I have to confess, that we have another full length fridge in the garage. In there we keep the over spill vegetables, alcohol, and butter, cheese etc. I also keep my nail varnish in the door, doesn’t everyone?

The front of our fridge is boring, it is integrated and I really miss not having magnets holding pictures, postcards and invitations on the door.


That is it –  my fridge! I am off to move that can of lager.

Have a lovely day!

10 thoughts on “What’s in my fridge?

  1. That really made me giggle!!! My fridge is bare compared to yours! (I hate shopping & cooking!) but the nail polish in the door? That literally made me LOL! Brilliant x


  2. I think the nail polish in the door is a great idea! I’d guess it keeps the polish from clumping and drying out. Sometimes if I’m in the middle of a painting project, I put the brush in a plastic bag inside the refrigerator to keep it from drying out between coats.


    1. Yes I think that is the idea and it makes it last longer. I did think everyone did though – shows how much I know ha! Ah yes! I used to keep paint brushes in there when the girls were smaller if we reached lunchtime and they hadn’t finished! X


  3. I was going to say that I could not bear to show my fridge and then remembered that not only have I don’t it in the past, but there is a small shot of part of the inside of my fridge in my post tomorrow! It is interesting to see that your fridge looks rather like mine, so that means I am normal! I never knew about keeping nail polish in the fridge, although I did once see a bottle of Chanel Number 5 in the fridge of a celebrity on TV – surely it was planted there I thought! xx


    1. It is weird how exposed it makes me feel Amy, really strange! This is a very normal fridge, when I looked closely at the pictures this morning, I thought I should take another and move this and that to the front. But I didn’t because I think you were supposed to do what I did, just opened the door and took it! But it does look as though we are addicted to garlic bread ha! I am also amazed that it isn’t full of left overs – it usually is but I had not been shopping, so we had probably eaten them. I thought everyone kept nail varnish in their fridge but it seems not ha! Never heard about perfume though, think it must have been staged x


    1. Hehe! The nail varnish has been quite controversial! It’s amazing how uncomfortable it made me feel but then I thought, well I don’t stand on ceremony if you come to my house so why would I on the blog! So I just opened the door and took the picture! I hate the can of lager though and himself did get some some grief for it X


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