Eastham Village in 6 more pictures

 This time last week we had a ramble through the village. Today I thought we would have a peak at the church, come and see! image

It is called St Mary’s Church and dates from the late 13th early 14th Century. The Vicar is a lady called Rev’d Beth Glover, she is admired throughout the village, think Vicar of Dibley and you are on the right track.


This is such a traditional looking gate and is often decorated in the summer months for weddings. It always reminds me of the country wedding in Four Weddings and a Funeral.


Through the gate there are lots of really quite topsy turvey gravestones. Many are too old to be able to identify any dates on them. Some from the 1700’s, look quite new by comparison.


This is the trunk of a Yew Tree which is near the  church door. It is so old. There are records dated from 1152 that tell when the Abbot and Monks of St Werburgh received the Manor of Eastham, the villagers entreated the new owners “to have a care of ye old yew”. In 1988 four experts dated the tree as being about 1600 years old – amazing!


The Sundial is beside the Yew tree. It dates from 1798 and is also Grade II listed.


Within the walls there is this statue of The Madonna and Child.

That concludes Eastham Village in 6 pictures for this week.

Have a lovely day!


6 thoughts on “Eastham Village in 6 more pictures

    1. They are so pretty. I have been passing through Eastham village for years in the car,but it wasn’t until I started wandering round that I noticed lots of little quirky things. It’s funny, you think you know a place. Have a great day X

      Liked by 1 person

    1. She is wonderful and very supportive of the community. Unfortunately, this isn’t my church but she doesn’t seem to mind – a really lovely lady. Thank you Amy X


  1. Your village church sounds so interesting. I love wandering around old churches and churchyards – they are so fascinating. That old yew is amazing – 1600 years old, wow!


    1. I know! It’s amazing that it was old in 1152. Unbelievable! It is a lovely village and for years I just used it as a cut through and really didn’t appreciate it X


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