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My Sunday photo!


A completely unedited, unfiltered picture of  a Dubai sunset.

We are travelling home today, I will have to pop around and comment later.

A huge congratulations to Darren on his fabulous win on Friday – thank you for hosting too Darren.



Have a lovely Sunday!

My Captured Moment! #1


This is my captured moment from last Boxing Day.

To be honest in the run up to Christmas last year, for different reasons, none of us were in great shape.  It had been a difficult time and we planned to have a quieter Christmas than usual. We managed to survive Christmas Day and resolved to make it better next year.

We spent the day after quietly, all doing our own thing and bemoaning that that there was nothing worth watching on television. Then something magical happened, it began to snow.

A lovely neighbour text to say how excited she was and eventually we, with most of the other  neighbours, made it outside and three snowmen were built! It was a wonderful impromptu gathering where we chatted and laughed together! It was a precursor to New Year’s Eve and new traditions beginning!

I took this picture just after receiving the text and I suddenly realised how lucky we really are. Both of our lovely girls were, not only here at home, they are healthy, polite,  respectful and hardworking. They both are thriving as new girls in university and school. We were spending Christmas together in our new home, with our new neighbours and with plenty of delicious food!

This photograph captured the moment that I became thankful!

Please ignore the wonky Christmas Tree, this year’s will be better!

I am hoping to link up to Heledd at Running in Lavender for My Captured Moment.  Please cross your fingers for me because I often make a right hash of it!


 Such a gorgeous badge!

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Five on Friday

It’s Friday!!

I am linking up with the lovely Amy again from Love Made My Home for Five On Friday.



Little Miss and I ate this pie on Sunday at a local farmshop cafe. It was so delicious, I have been thinking about it ever since and really need to try to recreate it this weekend. If I am successful, I will of course share it.



There is a lady on twitter @AngelJCake, who posts old photographs of Liverpool. She posted this picture earlier this week and it is of St John’s Church in Liverpool. I posted a  recent picture of the gardens for one of my Sunday photos. Following her is really interesting and she ignites many conversations , she unearths some amazing photographs!



Our garden is a blank canvas and I do not have a clue. However, I do appreciate a lovely garden and adore flowers, so I am looking forward to the challenge. The garden is very compact ha! and we invested in these two Olive Trees last weekend. I love them. The original plan was to put them on either side of the front door but I think they are too tall. Never mind there is plenty of space in the sparse back garden for them.



A ‘ Welcome to the Glade’ Lemon Drizzle cake. I wrote about them here, which can only mean one thing, that we have new neighbours. The Glade is becoming a real community now and we are delighted, the more the merrier as far as we are concerned.



This book was a Mother’s Day present from Ms Glade. It’s just perfect because I am always looking for new places for take Jack. I am looking forward to working my way through each walk.  Thanks E x

That’s it for this week!


Have a lovely weekend X

Camp and Furnace!

On Friday, when the eldest popped home we decided to eat at Camp and Furnace, in Liverpool.

Camp and Furnace is not so much a restaurant as an experience. On Friday nights a Food Slam is on offer! Let me try to explain;




Camp and Furnace is housed in an old warehouse on the outskirts of the city centre.




Food stalls are set up around the outside of the room offering good quality, street style food for sale from different vendors.




There is a bar where cocktails are expertly mixed and delivered. Soft drinks, juices and craft beers are also available. Miss G enjoyed the cider immensely!




The seating is arranged like an outdoor event with long benches and tables arranged in the centre of the room.




Myself and the girls chose a potato curry which was served with rice, flatbread and garnished with coriander. It was very flavoursome and the rice was lovely and fluffy. I opted for the extra chillies and I think it really lifted the dish. Himself enjoyed a chicken version.

The girls had freshly made waffles for dessert that were eaten before a photograph was even considered. I am reliably informed they were gorgeous!




There is also a DJ belting out some brilliant music!

It is one of those places that draws quite a diverse crowd of people. It gets extremely busy which we knew so, my pictures were taken early on in the evening.

There is a real festival atmosphere with students and professional types all mixed in together, sitting on benches. There were other families and a group of girls dressed up, a hen night maybe!

As a vegetarian,  I felt we were restricted on Friday, there was only curry available, a potato one or a chick pea alternative. However, both looked appealing and the potato one was delicious! I just wish there had been a bit more choice.

That said, Camp and Furnace is an experience rather than an eatery . We felt like part of  the Hipster crowd!

Go on, give it ago if you are ever in Liverpool!


Eastham Village – 6 more photographs!

The village really is very photogenic and there are so many different style of houses, that I thought you might want have a look at them.




This house overlooks the church. It’s very Georgian in style.




You will not be surprised to learn that the village is a conservation area.




There are many little paths and lanes with houses nestled along them.



There are so many different eras represented!




The little green is surrounded by residents.




I would be delighted to live in any of these houses in the centre of the village.


Alas, we live on a new development on the very edge!


Have a lovely day!


Claremont Farm Shop and Cafe

Happy St Patrick’s Day 🍀

Myself and the littlest one found ourselves at our local farm on Mother’s Day.

Claremont Farm shop and Cafe is literally five minutes down the road and we love it. We have been Strawberry picking at the farm for years but recently they updated the farm shop and cafe, a great improvement!


The farm grows many types of vegetables in addition to the Strawberries, Gooseberries and Raspberries that we will pick and enjoy later on in the year.


They also sell locally produced curds and preserves. The local honey is our favourite.


The light and airy cafe offers a changing menu of seasonal goodies.


On Mother’s Day the vegetarian option was this broccoli, spring onion and Applewood cheese tart.

It was served with two fresh salads; the first contained potato, egg and spring onion and the second, orange, carrot and red cabbage, that was extremely refreshing. The Tart was utterly delicious and very filling, there was very little chat on our table save for the odd ‘Mmmm….’ .

The cafe is incredibly popular but if you wait a few minutes, a table usually becomes free.  The staff in the cafe are all so very polite and helpful.

Excitingly, there is talk of them opening for the odd evening. I hope so!


Have a lovely day!