My Captured Moment! #14


Unusually for me, I am choosing a recent photo as My Captured Moment today!

In the spring, the littlest and I decided to give Geo Caching a try. The first time we tried we eventually gave up because we could not locate three different caches.

However, we decided to try again and this picture shows her finding the first one we looked for that time.

That is the genuine look of delight on the face, of a then 11 year old.

I love this picture!

I am linking with Heledd from Running in Lavender for her lovely My Captured Moment link.


Have a lovely day!

23 thoughts on “My Captured Moment! #14

  1. Oh I sooo need to give this geocashing a go. Right I’m going to do it in the school holidays with my boy, he’ll love it. Great piccie Lisa, looks like she was having fun. It must be hard to find activities to always suit lder children, I’m finding that as Seb grows up. xxx #mycapturedmoment

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  2. Aww, she looks so happy.

    I went geocaching years ago and really enjoyed it – always keep meaning to have another go. I’m glad you guys had another crack at it. 🙂


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  3. Awww gorgeous happy natural pic Lisa – must give this geo caching a go in the hols as I think young B would enjoy it.
    Always enjoy your #MyCapturedMoment ‘s lovely
    Sammy xxx

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