Five on Friday!

This week has been a strange one for me, not least because it was my birthday on Tuesday.

So, I guess this is my birthday edition. As always I will be linking up with Amy from Love Made My Home for Five on Friday!



A selection of the beautiful Orchids and flowers that I received as gifts.

All so beautiful!



Cadburys came to visit on the morning of my birthday and gave out chocolate biscuits – it was fab!



Cupcakes that I made to share with my colleagues at work. They went down very well.



I came home to this lovely cake off my girls! Shoes and handbags featured heavily on birthday cards too. They all know me so well!



I got some beautiful cards and some very funny ones too!

I don’t usually celebrate my birthday so I was overwhelmed this year with kindness and thoughtfulness!

I have been wined, dined and totally spoilt all week!

Thank you everyone – you know who you are!

However, the very best present of all came in a 6Ib 9oz pink bundle – our very first Glade Baby! So exciting!


Have a lovely day xx

30 thoughts on “Five on Friday!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! I am so glad that you celebrated! I think you should start a new tradition and celebrate it EVERY year!!!! What beautiful flowers and cakes and how lovely of Cadburys to come just for your birthday!!! Congratulations to your neighbours on the birth of their baby too! How lovely! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

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  2. What a fab week you had Lisa and sounds like your birthday was fabby – just as you deserve. Loving the cake… that would soooo be me too (only probably a pink bag lol) – hope the celebrations continue into the weekend…!!
    Congrats to your neighbours too – how lovely – a new baby is so so special.
    Hugs for the weekend lovely.
    Sammy xxx

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  3. Happy Birthday Lisa – it looks like you had a really lovely day and were thoroughly (and no doubt deservedly) spoiled! X

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  4. What an amazing birthday week! I don’t think I have ever received that many cards at one time! You obviously ROCK girlfriend! LOL! That cake with the shoes and bag… amazing and I bet it tasted fabulous as well. Oh my gosh, if Cadbury ever came around me… I shudder to think… chocolate overdose for sure, πŸ˜€
    Late Happy Birthday!!!
    Hugs for now…

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  5. Happy Birthday!! It does look like you were lovingly spoiled πŸ˜‰ What a wonderful cake with the shoe and clutch. I wouldn’t want to cut into something like that! Have a great week!

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