Happy Days #1

I am joining in with Katy at What Katy Said for her Happy Days link because, even the image makes me smile.



Also, it has given me the chance to reflect on the last week and look forward to the next.

Out and about



The weather has not been great in our neck of the woods this week so we didn’t get out as much as we normally would at the weekend. Indeed, at one point we ended up at a Garden Centre because they let dogs in and it was dry. I did manage to go for a walk with Jack on Tuesday through the woods, it was almost deserted.

Fun at home



This wasn’t actually in our home although the picture is obviously. Miss G has been joining me for some of my runs which is great, it is so nice to have her to encourage me. She also puts me to shame because when I think I am about to have a heart attack, she hardly breaks sweat. She is also really kind and tells me I am doing well, that makes me proud!

Time for me


Running has been time for me, I have also started doing some mediation exercises at bed time. They are really making a difference to my quality of sleep. I want to try them for a bit longer to make sure it is not a fluke, then I will share the details. But for someone who has always been a light, rubbishy sleeper, I feel it is making a difference.


My happiest moment




This came last night at Lime Street Station when our eldest met us for a snatched dinner. She is working all weekend in Manchester so, I won’t see her on Mother’s Day and that seemed to bother her. I wasn’t too concerned because I miss her everyday, it wouldn’t be any worse on Mother’s Day and I don’t really hold much store by these “card” days. I am not miserable honestly ha! but it did mean that we made the extra effort and it was lovely.


Next week I would like to…………..

Fall in love with running but failing that just keep to the plan!


Have a lovely day!


8 thoughts on “Happy Days #1

  1. Over here form #CheckOutThatView but I can’t see your #CheckOutThatView post. But I like ‘happy days, so I stayed, read and I’m commenting now :-). Love your happiest moment, so special and hope it’s happens more often if possible. All the best with your running, I just keep wishing I did. 🙂


    1. Oh no! My view was an urban one of St John’s gardens in Liverpool. I wasn’t very good with the link though so having another bash this week. Thank you my happiest moment was great and we had a fab evening in Liverpool. I have put off my run so far this morning but must get myself sorted! Thank you for staying anyway, have a lovely weekend x


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