My Captured Moment! #4

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This is Miss Glade taking, not her very first step, but not far off it. I know this is a special moment for any parent but this picture brings up a whole heap of emotion for me. Let me explain.

Ms Glade was a breach baby, her legs used to swing by her ears whenever her nappy was changed. However, apart from a bit of double nappying, she was fine.

Miss Glade was not a breach baby. However,  when she was checked in hospital and some concerns about her hips were raised, I thought well, we have done this before, we will pop along to the appointment in six weeks, it will be fine.

She wasn’t fine! She was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at six weeks. Her beautiful clothes were removed and, she was left in just her vest as she was fitted for a Pavlik Harness. I was devastated.

She didn’t like it, she appeared to be uncomfortable in it and made a crying, wimpering sound for most of the day. When I mentioned it to the Health Visitor she said the sound arriving at the same as the harness was a co-incidence, I don’t think it was. The upshot is that we both struggled with the harness wearing, especially on her christening day.

She didn’t have it removed for another seven months or so and, she attended regular physiotherapy sessions for some time after. We were warned that her walking would be delayed and that further intervention was more likely than not.

Therefore, when she started to pull herself up, first on my knee then the furniture, I didn’t stop her as had been suggested. I considered that if it hurt her, she wouldn’t do it and keep doing it, so I encouraged her. Sure enough she walked at thirteen months – without any further intervention.

If the lady from Clarks Shoe Shop in Chester ever reads this , thank you for just ignoring the fact that I couldn’t stop crying when we bought her first pair of shoes, thank you for pretending I was acting normally!  Thank you for caturing that moment on a Polaroid camera!

I’m just off to pull myself back together, it has been that sort of week!


Thank you Heledd for hosting.






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My Captured Moment! #3


September 1998

Himself and I had been to Disneyworld before we had children and absolutely loved it. When Ms Glade came along we couldn’t wait to take her. I happily ensured that she loved Snow White and knew all the Seven Dwarfs –  my favourite.

We had a week off work in early September 1998 when she was still 2, and found ourselves in a travel agents booking a mini break to Euro Disney. I was beside myself with excitement.

Upon arrival, Himself and I were delighted with Main Street, however the babe sat in her pushchair preparing for her morning nap. As we turned the corner into Fantasy Land, Snow White emerged and made straight for us. I could barely contain myself as she leaned into the pram and tickled the baby, “She is Grumpy!”  I explained, embarrassed , the pun lost on me.

Snow White smiled and began to move away, just at that moment the baby realised what was happening and demanded to be released. Immediately, she ran after Snow White who turned, took both of her hands as they skipped and danced together in the middle of the path. It was a magical moment!  But I wasn’t quick enough to catch a photograph.

I took this picture on the tea cups which was where we headed to next, still flushed with excitement and delight. Even the baby was impressed by then!


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My Captured Moment #2



My captured moment :  May 2003.

There are seven and a half years between my girls. We didn’t plan it that way, indeed given a choice we would have had them much closer together. But there you have it, we don’t always get to decide!

By the time she was about five, the eldest was getting quite desperate for a sibling. As an only child, she had joined every club, scheme, choir and class imaginable. She made friends wherever she went and, all her friends seem to have siblings. In desperation, she even asked Father Christmas for help, who rather sweetly looked at me with panic!

This picture was taken on the day that the baby was born. It is of the moment that the eldest, having been spirited away from school early,  held her new sister for the very first time. The look of sheer excitement on her face is absolutely genuine. She was beside herself with joy!

I am delighted to report that after eleven years, their adoration of each other has never waned. The eldest remains as delighted, for the most part, as she was that day. For the youngest, there really is nobody to compare to her big sister, she is her world. They each miss the other so much now that university often separates them.

This picture means so much to me because, I was in a morphine induced stupor in the corner and, vaguely remember a conversation about Orange Tango, or I might have dreamt that.


Have a lovely day X


My Captured Moment! #1


This is my captured moment from last Boxing Day.

To be honest in the run up to Christmas last year, for different reasons, none of us were in great shape.  It had been a difficult time and we planned to have a quieter Christmas than usual. We managed to survive Christmas Day and resolved to make it better next year.

We spent the day after quietly, all doing our own thing and bemoaning that that there was nothing worth watching on television. Then something magical happened, it began to snow.

A lovely neighbour text to say how excited she was and eventually we, with most of the other  neighbours, made it outside and three snowmen were built! It was a wonderful impromptu gathering where we chatted and laughed together! It was a precursor to New Year’s Eve and new traditions beginning!

I took this picture just after receiving the text and I suddenly realised how lucky we really are. Both of our lovely girls were, not only here at home, they are healthy, polite,  respectful and hardworking. They both are thriving as new girls in university and school. We were spending Christmas together in our new home, with our new neighbours and with plenty of delicious food!

This photograph captured the moment that I became thankful!

Please ignore the wonky Christmas Tree, this year’s will be better!

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