My Captured Moment! #19



The south Lakes Safari Zoo – Circa 2009!

‘ I do not care that there is a Lemur behind me – what time is lunch?’

Seriously this child was, and remains, so difficult to impress.

Like the inhabitants, she perked up after she had been fed!

I loved this zoo, it was fab!!!

I also love this picture, it makes me laugh out loud!


Have a lovely day!


My Captured Moment #18




My Captured Moment was taken last Sunday on the roof terrace of our holiday accommodation.

I love to take pictures but I am far less happy in front of the camera.

However, this particular morning the eldest had invested in a new ‘selfie stick’, her last one having been stolen at uni – students!

We had an hilarious morning of her taking pictures all over the place including in the car.

When I came to delete them all off my phone, I stopped at this one because I love the look on both of the girl’s faces.

It is a carefree moment, we are all make up free and have not done a thing with our hair – but we are on holiday and having fun!

I also promised a selfie to confirm that, I no longer look like I did in the wedding picture I posted last week.

Oh I am so nervous now as a come to press publish but it was a captured moment x


Have a lovely day!


My Captured moment #17


For the last couple of weeks we have been on holiday in mainland Spain.

In 2006,  we enjoyed two weeks in Almeria, and had a great time.

This week’s My Captured Moment is of the littlest on that holiday enjoying, maybe, the carousel.

This picture makes me laugh because she was always difficult to impress,  I remember whooping from the sidelines trying to encourage some excitement.

But, as always, if she wasn’t feeling it, she wasn’t going to pretend.

She has not changed one bit!


Have a lovely day!




My Captured Moment! A note to my eldest! #12

I have changed My Captured Moment at the last-minute, this should have been next weeks, but a certain someone needs a bit of support today!



This is Ms Glade. She is about 9 and at The Castle Museum in York. She was having a great time, taking part in all the activities, totally inhibited and carefree, just as a 9-year-old should be.

As far back as 2004, she wanted to be a teacher. Now, she is on the last stretch of her first year in University studying Primary Teaching – it’s her dream.

But she is struggling, most of her friends have finished for the summer and gone home/abroad/moved on. She is virtually alone in the house that she shared with another 11 gals that she got on so well with. She is missing them and their company.

She had a never-ending workload of marking, planning and preparing lessons for her placement classes. She is trekking so far across Manchester everyday, that she is lucky to get home by 8.30pm!

We are so proud of her! We are so proud of how hard she is working and trying. Her own learning restrictions mean that she has to be on top of her game at every turn. Some days she isn’t, but she shows a level of maturity and determination that leaves a lump in my throat whenever I think of her, always striving, always trying.

I love this Captured Moment when life was so much simpler for her and everyday was about fun!

You can do this E, you deserve to succeed and any class would be lucky to have you twinkle!!!





Have have a lovely day!



My Captured Moment #11

I like to bake and I think that I might have passed my love of cake onto both my girls.


My Captured Moment was taken in 2006 when the littlest was 3. I know this for sure  because she has had her hair cut short, as recommended by the doctors when, she was finally discharged from hospital.

I remember this day so well, she had hardly been eating and suddenly became obsessed with “baking cake”. She was delighted and wanted to do as much as she could herself.


She was thrilled with the end result, sitting guard over it while inviting us all to compliment her skills.

As always I am linking with Heledd for My Captured Moment, such a lovely link full of fabulous pictures of wonderful moments.


Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment #9

I am linking up with Heledd from Running In Lavender again for her fantastic My Captured Moment! The moments captured in this link are wonderful.


Ms Glade, the eldest, is 19 – gosh how did that happen?!?

Anyway, the tales of Harry Potter have shaped her childhood. She remembers each of her own and her sister’s milestones by what book or film was out at the time. Many times she has queued at midnight, dressed as Hermione, to get her hands on the newest book as soon as she could, desperate to find out the next instalment. Once, the day after The Goblet of Fire was published, we went to a christening and almost every child who could read was engrossed in a copy.

When we went to Orlando in 2012, the Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios was, of course, our first port of call. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was fantastic! From Butterbeer to Olivanders both girls were enthralled, however it was extra special for the eldest because after all, Harry and his adventures has dominated her entire childhood. It was thrilling to watch her amazement as she recognised how well Jo Rowling’s vision had been reproduced.

There are hundreds of pictures from that day, but this is one of my favourites, and the only one that wasn’t photo bombed ha!, they were both so delighted with it all!





Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment! #8

Once more I am linking up with Heledd from Running In Lavender, for her lovely My Captured Moment link.

I have written about our youngest daughter’s health before. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there, just days after her third birthday party she was admitted to hospital and became a frequent guest on Ward 29, of our local hospital, for the next four years.

Eventually, her consultant hit on the idea that she might be suffering from Abdominal Migraines and her symptoms certainly suggested that to be the case. A prescription of suppositories, she couldn’t take oral medication because of the constant vomiting, seemed to do the trick. In fact, I don’t like to tempt fate, but her last episode was almost three years ago after a night flight from America when she was exhausted.

My Captured Moment this week was when she returned home after her first visit to ward 29. As soon as she arrived home, she went straight upstairs to change into her nurse’s outfit. This picture was taken by Himself as he peeked in her room to see what she was up to.

I love this picture so much!

I had thought throughout the majority of her stay ,she was semi conscious, she was in such pain. However,  she had clearly taken in so much of what was happening to her because, she was found to be expertly attending to her ‘patients’.

Little did we know when this picture was taken that this scene was to be repeated many many times in the years ahead. But just at this moment, we felt she was back to her funny self!!


Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment! #7

Once more I am linking up with Heledd from Running In Lavender, for her lovely My Captured Moment Link.


In honour of it being Miss Glade’s birthday this week, this is My Captured Moment today.

Miss Glade isn’t the luckiest of people, bless her! On the day before her third birthday, I was frantically shopping for last minute party bits and pieces when Himself stopped me and said “Have you seen this?”.

Miss Glade had Chicken Pox.

Therefore, we were forced to cancel her party. We rearranged a fancy dress party for a couple of weeks later and, six of her friends arrived all dressed as……………………… Snow White!!!!

When all seven took to the trampoline, well it was the stuff of nightmares ha!!

Have you ever had to cancel a birthday party? Have you ever been invaded by a Disney Character? Ha!


Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment! #6

I am linking up with Heledd for My Captured Moment again this week. It is such a lovely link up full of great pictures of wonderful moments.


This picture was the screen saver on our old desktop computer for a very long time. It is one of my favourite pictures ever and it does not have any filters etc added.

It was taken on Sunday 16th April 2006. I know this because, it was Easter Sunday. April is always a difficult month for us and we get away whenever we can. The beach is, St Ives in Cornwall, the little one was almost 3 and the eldest was 10. Himself had fallen asleep on the beach and the girls were collecting shells. We had driven down the day before and were having a very chilled out day. It was fabulous, I sat for ages just watching the world go by and fantasising about relocating, as you do!

This picture epitomises Cornwall for me. Such a beautiful, happy place and I seem to relax as I cross the Tamar Bridge. I love it!



Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment! #5

Today I am linking up again with Heledd at Running in Lavender for My Captured Moment.

During the summer holidays when the eldest was 9, we did the usual shopping for  school uniform.The youngest was 2 and about to start pre school. During our shopping trip we stumbled across a really tiny pinafore and blouse. The thought of wearing a school uniform or `buniform` just like her sister, sent the little one into a fit of excitement and, the tiny clothes were safely deposited in our basket.

On the first day of the new term, the littlest and I were waiting downstairs ready to walk the eldest to school after her obligatory photograph. The littlest wasn’t due to start pre school for another couple of days. However, she took one look at her big sister and was adament that she was going to wear her `buniform`  too and be in the photograph. She insisted that everything stopped whilst she got changed.

This Captured moment shows the eldest bemused by the whole thing and the youngest beside herself with glee. In the photograph the little one is singing at the top of her voice about wearing ‘buniform’ too!





Have a lovely day !