My Captured Moment #18




My Captured Moment was taken last Sunday on the roof terrace of our holiday accommodation.

I love to take pictures but I am far less happy in front of the camera.

However, this particular morning the eldest had invested in a new ‘selfie stick’, her last one having been stolen at uni – students!

We had an hilarious morning of her taking pictures all over the place including in the car.

When I came to delete them all off my phone, I stopped at this one because I love the look on both of the girl’s faces.

It is a carefree moment, we are all make up free and have not done a thing with our hair – but we are on holiday and having fun!

I also promised a selfie to confirm that, I no longer look like I did in the wedding picture I posted last week.

Oh I am so nervous now as a come to press publish but it was a captured moment x


Have a lovely day!


My Captured Moment #16


Last week’s My Captured Moment has inspired this week’s.

All of these pictures were taken in 2005, it was the last year that the eldest didn’t mind about  being dressed the same as her baby sister.

I love looking back on these pictures that seem like only yesterday.

As always I am linking up with Heledd from Running in Lavender for her lovely My Captured Moment.

I am on holiday at the moment without an internet connection, so will have to pop and comment when I get the chance.


Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment #15



As I walked behind the girls this weekend in The Glade, I just had to capture this moment.

If I had asked them to dress the same they both would have vehemently objected.

However look at them, dressed virtually the same and walking in tandem.

The eldest at 19, is adamant that the 12 year old is not almost as tall as her – but she is!

The youngest misses the eldest so much when she is at university and yes, they are linking arms as they walk.

I captured this moment when my two lovely girls both suddenly seemed very grown up.

I felt I was having a glimpse into the future and, hopefully of the friends they will always be to each other.

As always I am joining with Heledd from Running in Lavender for her lovely My Captured Moment!


Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment! #13


I love this picture of our two girls. To me, it sums up their personalities.

The eldest is slight cautious, holding on to her sister, protecting her and feeling responsible.

The youngest has no fear, is quietly confident and very inquisitive.

I thought she would be afraid of the characters but no, she was captivated, which bode well for our trip to Disney a few weeks later.


Have a lovely day!

A weekend with a difference! 

This weekend was a strange one for himself and I.

We had no children. Miss Glade was in France on a school trip.

So we did what any self respecting free parent would do and,  met Ms Glade in Manchester before she started her weekend shift at work.




Himself wanted to check out The Lowry exhibition at the er…….Lowry .

It was  interesting, there were some great works of art on display but they were mostly displayed in dimly lit rooms that didn’t photograph very well.

I’m not sure the lighting helped the student with her hangover ha!




On Sunday we went for a jaunt to a castle in North Wales. We had plans to enjoy a his’n’hers spa day.


Only it wasn’t quite what it seemed, therefore it deserves a post of it’s own.

Frankly, we were a bit lost, we spent most of the time texting the girls and wondering what they were up to. However, we did rally and seemed to spend a lot of time in the pub eating and sitting in the beer garden with the dog, watching the world go by, enjoying the rest.

Thankfully,  Miss Glade has now returned home to keep her parents on the straight and narrow.




Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment! A note to my eldest! #12

I have changed My Captured Moment at the last-minute, this should have been next weeks, but a certain someone needs a bit of support today!



This is Ms Glade. She is about 9 and at The Castle Museum in York. She was having a great time, taking part in all the activities, totally inhibited and carefree, just as a 9-year-old should be.

As far back as 2004, she wanted to be a teacher. Now, she is on the last stretch of her first year in University studying Primary Teaching – it’s her dream.

But she is struggling, most of her friends have finished for the summer and gone home/abroad/moved on. She is virtually alone in the house that she shared with another 11 gals that she got on so well with. She is missing them and their company.

She had a never-ending workload of marking, planning and preparing lessons for her placement classes. She is trekking so far across Manchester everyday, that she is lucky to get home by 8.30pm!

We are so proud of her! We are so proud of how hard she is working and trying. Her own learning restrictions mean that she has to be on top of her game at every turn. Some days she isn’t, but she shows a level of maturity and determination that leaves a lump in my throat whenever I think of her, always striving, always trying.

I love this Captured Moment when life was so much simpler for her and everyday was about fun!

You can do this E, you deserve to succeed and any class would be lucky to have you twinkle!!!





Have have a lovely day!



My Captured Moment! #10

I am once more joining with Heledd from Running In Lavender for her My Captured Moment link. This is a lovely link where some brilliant moments are shared!


These picture were taken on July 4th 2005 and we were on holiday in Turkey. The girls had been delighted watching the dancers each night and, on occasion, joining in.

When we popped to The Bazaar, I couldn’t resist getting himself to barter for these little outfits. The girls were thrilled and they stole the show that evening when the dancers invited them to join them during their routine. It was very funny and very sweet. I love these  pictures of such a fabulous evening.

I have used these pictures without the permission of the eldest, she is in Amsterdam, I hope she forgives me X.


Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment #9

I am linking up with Heledd from Running In Lavender again for her fantastic My Captured Moment! The moments captured in this link are wonderful.


Ms Glade, the eldest, is 19 – gosh how did that happen?!?

Anyway, the tales of Harry Potter have shaped her childhood. She remembers each of her own and her sister’s milestones by what book or film was out at the time. Many times she has queued at midnight, dressed as Hermione, to get her hands on the newest book as soon as she could, desperate to find out the next instalment. Once, the day after The Goblet of Fire was published, we went to a christening and almost every child who could read was engrossed in a copy.

When we went to Orlando in 2012, the Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios was, of course, our first port of call. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was fantastic! From Butterbeer to Olivanders both girls were enthralled, however it was extra special for the eldest because after all, Harry and his adventures has dominated her entire childhood. It was thrilling to watch her amazement as she recognised how well Jo Rowling’s vision had been reproduced.

There are hundreds of pictures from that day, but this is one of my favourites, and the only one that wasn’t photo bombed ha!, they were both so delighted with it all!





Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment! #5

Today I am linking up again with Heledd at Running in Lavender for My Captured Moment.

During the summer holidays when the eldest was 9, we did the usual shopping for  school uniform.The youngest was 2 and about to start pre school. During our shopping trip we stumbled across a really tiny pinafore and blouse. The thought of wearing a school uniform or `buniform` just like her sister, sent the little one into a fit of excitement and, the tiny clothes were safely deposited in our basket.

On the first day of the new term, the littlest and I were waiting downstairs ready to walk the eldest to school after her obligatory photograph. The littlest wasn’t due to start pre school for another couple of days. However, she took one look at her big sister and was adament that she was going to wear her `buniform`  too and be in the photograph. She insisted that everything stopped whilst she got changed.

This Captured moment shows the eldest bemused by the whole thing and the youngest beside herself with glee. In the photograph the little one is singing at the top of her voice about wearing ‘buniform’ too!





Have a lovely day !

Dear Jack!

Dear Jack,


Happy Birthday to you, today you are 2!


You came to live with us 20 months ago when Ms Glade was 18.

You were a little bundle of cuteness who loved to chew everything in sight. I remember how fondly I regarded you when I could no longer sit at the garden table because you had chewed the leg off and, himself was propping it up hoping I wouldn’t notice – such happy times!

You have always been so placid and content. I love that you have chosen me as your pack sister but it would be wonderful if you could do as I ask now and again.  It is important that I get your lead on before we get to the road.


You are such a much loved addition to our family. You have to be walked whatever the weather and it is usually on these walks that we have our best conversations. You always greet each of us as though we are your favourite and,wag your tail furiously all the time.

Most importantly we are all mindful that:

You are a part of our world but we are yours!


Thank you for choosing us Jack!

If this has inspired you to become a dog owner, please read this post by Cornish Mum first!

Have a lovely day!