Happy Days #2

I am still looking for Happy Days things so I am joining with What Katy Said and Tiny Footsteps again this week. I like these links because it helps to give something away about myself.

Out and about


We have been out and about quite a bit this week. We enjoyed a trip to Camp and Furnace on Friday evening and then went to the cafe in our local farm shop on Sunday.  Oh dear we really are all about food!

Fun at home

We have not had too much fun at home this week😔. It’s been all about homework and deadlines. But we aim to rectify that this weekend when we will be sorting out the garden, such fun Miss G – what not impressed? Kids eh?

Time for me

This week has been about  friends. We met Miss G’s godmother and her husband last weekend and there have been lovely lunches, shopping trips and long chats. I have also made dates next week for the same again. I often wonder where I would be without my friends!

My happiest moment…….

Was when Miss G was trying to tell us a story about her day. She was laughing so much that she could hardly breathe, she went bright red and had to hold her stomach., there were definitely happy tears in her eyes. She has always had a great sense of humour, I hope she keeps it forever. By the way, the story – you had to be there ha!

Next week I would like to……..

Sort my garden out, realistically it will be without the youngest’s help. See my girlies and enjoy the longer days!


Have be a lovely day xx