Just fake it!!

I am Summer ready! I have shaved, moisturised, and fake tanned every inch of my body that I may be forced to reveal.

Naturally, I am a pasty white colour, almost translucent, a nod I think, to my Celtic roots.

Therefore, fake tan has become essential, or at least very important to me.


There was much excitement in our office a few weeks ago when we learned, that St Tropez had brought out a gradual tan that you could apply in the shower.

I decided to give it a go and to compare it to my usual and reliable, Dove ‘Summer Glow”. I also promised a review, so here it is.

St Tropez Gradual Tan


For two weeks I washed, applied this St Tropez gradual tan, waited for three minutes, rinsed it off and patted myself dry.

The formula also includes almond oil which left my skin feeling soft and cared for.

Furthermore, I did not get that awful smell, you know the one, that always seems to accompany fake tans.

However, although I might have looked slightly less pasty than usual, it didn’t really feel as though it had made that much of a difference.

The test for me is, if I would leave the house with bare legs and after these two weeks the answer was a definite no!

Dove Summer Glow


I have been using the fair to medium version of Dove’s Summer Glow for a number of years now. I either put it on after my bath/shower in the evening or, in the morning.

It doesn’t stain the sheets like the first generation of fake tans did.

It always leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised but, it does definitely have that particular odour.

However, it works on my resistant skin from the first application and, as always, my legs were ready to be bared after two to three applications.

Therefore,  although I love to try new products, this time my old faithful definitely proved to be the best.

Have a lovely day!

*I have not been sponsored to do this review – gosh I wish I had, I spend a fortune on these and many other products ha!


Five on Friday!

This week has been a strange one for me, not least because it was my birthday on Tuesday.

So, I guess this is my birthday edition. As always I will be linking up with Amy from Love Made My Home for Five on Friday!



A selection of the beautiful Orchids and flowers that I received as gifts.

All so beautiful!



Cadburys came to visit on the morning of my birthday and gave out chocolate biscuits – it was fab!



Cupcakes that I made to share with my colleagues at work. They went down very well.



I came home to this lovely cake off my girls! Shoes and handbags featured heavily on birthday cards too. They all know me so well!



I got some beautiful cards and some very funny ones too!

I don’t usually celebrate my birthday so I was overwhelmed this year with kindness and thoughtfulness!

I have been wined, dined and totally spoilt all week!

Thank you everyone – you know who you are!

However, the very best present of all came in a 6Ib 9oz pink bundle – our very first Glade Baby! So exciting!


Have a lovely day xx

Our House Anniversary!!

Tomorrow, we will of lived in our house for a year!

I have seen a few people write about how they arrived at their current home to celebrate such an anniversary!

I had a quick glance around the internet’s and realised that most of our old houses are on there, so I thought y’all might be interested to see how we arrived at The Glade.


We we signed up for our first mortgage within weeks of my 18th birthday! We completed on our first, one bedroom house, in January as we got married later that summer – it’s what you did back then!


By the next summer we had out grown that house and moved to three  bedroom mid Victorian terrace. We tore the house apart and spent a year renovating it. We lived in the main bedroom for months.

I remember being desperate for the hall carpet to be fitted before my 21st birthday.

Eventually we became a family of three there!


Seven years later we moved to the South East and rented this little house for six months while we got to know the area.

It had been a difficult time for us because Himself had been commuting to Milton Keynes, leaving me and Ms Glade during the week. I was exhausted because I was also working full time.

Ms Glade had her first garden to play in.


Six months later we decided to buy this house which was a 10 minute walk from the rented one.

We had some lovely neighbours and a beautiful garden.. But the pull of home,  especially Himself’s parents grew too much and, 3 years later we grabbed the opportunity to move back up North.


We lived here for the next 12 years, welcoming Miss Glade and Jack into our family, getting on with work and educational matters. The girls were able to walk the half a mile or so, to their Grandma’s and, have spent lots of lovely times with her as they have grown up.


One year ago we moved to The Glade.

Hopefully, this will be our forever home but it would be nice if it was finished soon!

Looking at these houses doesn’t make me sad or sentimental, I realise that home really is where ever your nearest or dearest are!



I hope my wander down memory lane didn’t bore you too much, I am hoping that you love this link as much as me because, like me, you are nosy, if that’s the case, I bet it was right up your street – see what I did there?!?!

Have a lovely day!


* Pictures that I was missing are snaffled from RightMove!