My Sunday Photo!

Autumnal Sunset


Liverpool : Friday 13th November 2015 

As we head towards the dark, damp days of Winter, the only consolation is the stunning early sunsets.

This unedited picture was taken from our office at 4pm.

I love the silhouette of the Liver Building and, the spire of Our Lady and St Nicholas church against the late autumnal sky.

The Wirral is just about visible at the other side of the River Mersey, it had been invisible earlier in the day because of the rain.

I guess it is about appreciating every pretty thing that nature has to offer at this time of year!


Have a lovely day!

Five On Friday……..The desperately clinging to Summer Edition!

I refuse to accept that Summer is over just like that!

The weather forecast for the weekend isn’t too bad for this part of the world, oh please, lets  not give up hope!

This week I have loved clinging on to summer………………….



I have continued to walk Jack on his summer route (despite localised flooding), and when the rain had the cheek to show up……….


it gave me the perfect excuse to get my new wellies out.

They were a real bargain in the summer sales and are so comfortable.

Perfect for dealing with summer showers.



These lilies are three weeks old, three weeks!!!

They are still going strong and are definitely more beautiful in the flesh.

Ah I love summer flowers !



I have enjoyed looking through our pictures of the summer so far…..!



The photographs inspired a visit to a Turkish Restaurant in Liverpool, where we enjoyed a delicious meze.



This week I have loved continuing with family adventures, regardless of the elements!.

We have been to Bounce Below and done some Geo Caching , it’s been great making the most of family time before the mayhem that is the school routine, begins again!

This week I’ve loved being slightly delusional but winter lasts such a long time!!!


Thank you Amy for hosting!


Thank you Ali and Steph for hosting!

Have a lovely day!












Bounce Below……in a cave in North Wales!

It was suggested that we might enjoy a family trip to Bounce Below in North Wales.

It is such a popular spot that they only had pre booked placed available on the day that we went.

Himself had booked our tickets in advance,  the only slot they had left was more than a week away at 10am.


Therefore, we left the house at 7.45am on Sunday morning!


We arrived in plenty of time to be fitted for our safety helmets.

The website had been checked before hand and so we all wore long sleeves and long trousers.

The reviews on line suggested that you couldn’t take your phone in to take pictures.

However, lots of people had their phones but there wasn’t anyone available, in time, to walk me out to get mine.

So I don’t have any pictures from inside 😦

When you arrive you are part of a big group with the same time slot.

The whole group is led into the mouth of a cave where there is a circuit of nets with tunnels and slides linking them together.

There is a very strict protocol about which way you go and there were plenty of members of staff on hand to police it.

Other than that, it is for you to explore.

The nets give a trampolining effect which is great fun.

The tunnels/slides are not as bad as they seem and even the youngest, who was initial hesitant, found her confidence.


This picture was taken after we emerged from the cave an hour later.

There was a lot of crawling involved and if I was to go again, I wouldn’t wear jeans, my knees were chaffed.

I would also take my phone!

It was a great experience, it was very funny at times and we all really enjoyed it.

Most of the staff were great, but lets not discuss the service in the cafe!!!


However, every cloud has a silver lining and, if the staff in the cafe had been better, we would have missed this lovely riverside walk to Llanrwst town centre from the carpark.

There we enjoyed a lovely lunch and we were able to sit outside in the square.   A great finish to the morning.


Have a lovely day!




Powis Castle!

Ah there is nothing quite like family time!

Given that Ms Glade was still at home after helping out at The Party, we decided that we would make the most of Saturday and get out and about.


I had recently seen a TV programme about Powis Castle and decided that it would make the perfect destination for a family adventure. So, Saturday morning saw us waving off our overnight guests, then hot footing it to the depths of Mid Wales.

Ms Glade was mightily confused (it doesn’t take much sometimes, bless her), as we seemed to zigzag the England/Wales border for a little while. It was a very scenic journey and thankfully the castle was very well signposted.


Given that there was the promise of a warm scone upon arrival, we made our way directly to the tea room which was situated at the bottom of the beautiful garden.

However, the scones were cold and an odd shape, therefore the addition of jam and cream didn’t make for a very pretty photograph, you will just have to believe me that they were nice.


We walked around the garden for a little while because they really were looking glorious. Even the tired 12  year old was impressed! There are some quite steep steps down to the garden and, there are seats strategically placed throughout the descent, on the climb back up we appreciated their thoughtful positioning and indeed, made use of them.

imageAt the top of the stairs this little chap met us and led us all the way out of the garden. We were desperate for him to put on a show but he must have felt comfortable because he refrained.

There are a number of peacocks living in the Castle’s grounds and by all accounts they seem to be the stars of the show.

That is, until you enter the house, where we were  greeted by a Butler, in full livery, who welcomed us  and arranged for the footman to collect your trunk. He reminded the ladies that they would not be welcome in the Billiard Room after dinner ha!

Unfortunately,  I couldn’t get any photographs inside the castle because the light has to be very dull to preserve the artefacts and you cannot use a flash on your camera.

It is beautiful inside, the bedrooms were my favourites. Prince Charles stayed in one of them as late as the mid 1990’s.


We wiled away a lovely couple of hours, just looking at beautiful scenery and interesting treasures!  I would highly recommend a day out to Powis Castle, go for the peacocks if nothing else.

However, don’t forget to leave your four legged friends at home, Dogs are not allowed.



I am linking with Aby at You Baby me Mummy and Em at Snowing Indoors for this week’s Point And Shoot!




Have a lovely day!



Oh Anglesey!

Good Morning, it’s a new week and the sun is forecast to shine all week! 😄


On Friday, a restorative visit to the beach was required!

As a family, our favourite bolt hole is Anglesey in North Wales, so that’s where we headed with a picnic packed. When we arrived just before lunchtime, the sky was the same grey colour that we had left on the Wirral, but it would take more than that to deter us.

Our first stop was beautiful Aberffraw beach. It was quite busy for a week day and there seemed to be an abundance of black labs, much to Jack’s delight. We walked for about an hour, over the sand dunes and across the beach.


We then made our way toward Rhosneigr but found a deserted beach en route. I have tried to find out what it is called but I think it is just one of those small beaches typical of the area.

We pulled into the tiny parking area and set up base camp. Lunch consisted of the usual picnic fayre and a little barbecue of Quorn sausages. It was delicious.

We stayed around for an hour or two just hanging out, reading, listening to music, exploring the caves and snacking!


Jack was delighted with having so much freedom.

The only issue with deserted beaches is there are usually no facilities, so when it got a bit chilly and nobody could hold on any longer 😉,  we packed up and headed to Beaumaris.


Beaumaris has a little high street with lots of coloured buildings and a castle at the end. There are many small independent shops like; a sweet shop, a florist selling lots of garden plants, bookshops and a massive kitchen ware shop.


We admired the view of the Menai Straits and Snowdonia before heading home.

It was a great day and just what was needed to recover from a rough week. We were able to put things back into perspective and prepare for Himself’s birthday on Saturday.


Have a lovely day!