One of the best things about Christmas surely has to be the food.

This fudge like creation has become a regular feature in my December kitchen.

It is eye wateringly simple!

I often pop a few pieces in a bag with a pretty ribbon and gift it.

Now it isn’t actually fudge in the true sense of the word, in fact I would argue because we are not using tons of sugar, just a tin of condensed milk, with dark chocolate, it is almost a healthy option, isn’t it?

Go on give it ago, get older children to join in.


350g Dark Choco;ate

1 tin of condensed milk

30g Butter

Whatever else you want to add -see end for inspiration

Step 1


Add all the ingredients into the pan together.

Step 2


Gently stir on a low heat until everything is melted and combined.

At this point you add whatever you want, then give it a good stir.

Step 3


Pour the mixture into any foil lined dish.

Pop it into the fridge to set.

Step 4


Cut it into pieces, any size you fancy.

I then pop it in a plastic container into the freezer.

It doesn’t actually freeze and can be eaten straight from the freezer.



Vanilla Extract


Pistachio nuts

Brazil nuts

A few dashes of rum and raisins

The possibilities are endless!


Have a lovely day!

Cinnamon Apple Biscuit Parcels!

I love apple pie but like Paul and Mary (Hollywood and Berry), I cannot abide a soggy bottom.


With that in mind, I decided to make individual apple parcels.

My thought was that they would be baked directly on a baking sheet rather than in a tin/plate, thereby preventing any soggy bottoms.

I also like the apple to look like apple not a brown sludge, so I added the flavour to the pastry rather than the apples.

The pastry is flavoured with cinnamon and handled so lightly that it tastes more like a crisp biscuit than pastry.

The picture is a little rustic, I grant you, but I didn’t want to waste any of the pastry by cutting it off and it was delicious.



225g plain flour

100g cold butter

25g golden caster sugar

1 generous teaspoon of cinnamon

2 – 3 table spoons of icy cold water

1 pinch of salt

5 Bramley apples – peeled, cored and chopped into 2cm cubes

1 table spoon of granulated sugar and a little more for sprinkling


Step 1  – The Pastry

Sieve the cinnamon and flour together and either rub the butter in or,


If you have a food processor, mix it all together until it resembles breadcrumbs.


Don’t worry about the dark colour, this is biscuit pastry after all.

Add the water slowly to the breadcrumbs until they come together to form a dough.

Wrap the dough in cling film and chill for at least 30 minutes in the fridge.

Step 2 – The Apples

Gently heat the apples and granulated sugar until they form a lumpy purée.

Leave to cool.

Step 3 -The Construction

Pre heat the oven to 190 degrees.

Take the pastry from the fridge and divide into 8 pieces.


This is really important because you will only roll the pieces out once and that will ensure a biscuit type of finish.

Roll each piece out into a thin disc and add a good spoonful of the apple purée to the middle.


Fold over, seal with milk around the edges and press down with a fork.

Use the milk to coat the outside and sprinkle with the remaining granulated sugar.

Place side by side on a baking sheet.

Bake for 25 – 30 minutes until the pastry has browned.

The kitchen will smell divine!

Enjoy with either ice cream, whipped cream or custard!


Have a lovely day!

Pancakes please!!!

image image

In preparation for Shove Tuesday this week. Here is, what has to be, the easiest pancake recipe ever!


100g Plain flour

Pinch of salt

1 medium egg

300ml milk

Glug of oil


1. Mix flour and salt in a bowl

2. Add milk and egg together and mix

3. Add the milk mixture to the flour and beat like mad until it looks smooth like cream

4. Add a small drop of oil to a frying pan and wait for it to be really hot like smoking

5. Stir the batter and spoon about 2/3 spoon fulls into the pan, swirling it around to fill the pan

6. When the underneath is brown, flip it over (I always use a palette knife for this)

7. When that side is brown, slide it out onto a plate

8. Fill it with whatever you fancy – ice cream and sauce is popular in The Glade

9. Repeat