My Captured Moment! Happy Birthday Gabriella


October 2005 :Gabriella Anastasia Maria

Dear Daughter,

This week sees you celebrating your 20th birthday, no longer a teenager.

I remember your first birthday so clearly.

Himself and I were amazed that we had managed to keep you alive for a whole year.

Until your sister came along, we thought we such good parents, then we realised that actually you were such a good girl!

We are so proud of you.

We know that Uni isn’t always easy but you have persevered.

It will be worth it in the end.

You are a lovely daughter, sister and friend. You are sassy, unique, special 🙂 and always try your best.

Happy Birthday Twinkle, we love you very much.

x x x x x x x x x x


Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment!


I am sneaking this one past the youngest today.

She is distracted with her school performance, we are going to see her in The Wizard of Oz tonight.

This picture was taken when she was about 4, I was at university and, she regularly had to pop in with me when child care was an issue.

In order to bribe persuade her it was a good idea, I always bought her a drink in the cafe, Five Alive being her favourite.

On this particular morning, she waltzed up to the fridge to collect her drink, frantically searching for it, they had sold out!

She was genuinely amazed and maybe a little bit outraged.

Realising quite early on what was about to happen, I had the phone camera poised, she didn’t disappoint.

This picture of her is one of my favourites, it  never ceases to make to me laugh.

At that stage, it was the most serious disappointment that she had suffered in her little life ha!

In the interests of completeness, she was consoled with a cup of tea and a muffin!


Have a lovely day!



My Captured moment #17


For the last couple of weeks we have been on holiday in mainland Spain.

In 2006,  we enjoyed two weeks in Almeria, and had a great time.

This week’s My Captured Moment is of the littlest on that holiday enjoying, maybe, the carousel.

This picture makes me laugh because she was always difficult to impress,  I remember whooping from the sidelines trying to encourage some excitement.

But, as always, if she wasn’t feeling it, she wasn’t going to pretend.

She has not changed one bit!


Have a lovely day!




A weekend with a difference! 

This weekend was a strange one for himself and I.

We had no children. Miss Glade was in France on a school trip.

So we did what any self respecting free parent would do and,  met Ms Glade in Manchester before she started her weekend shift at work.




Himself wanted to check out The Lowry exhibition at the er…….Lowry .

It was  interesting, there were some great works of art on display but they were mostly displayed in dimly lit rooms that didn’t photograph very well.

I’m not sure the lighting helped the student with her hangover ha!




On Sunday we went for a jaunt to a castle in North Wales. We had plans to enjoy a his’n’hers spa day.


Only it wasn’t quite what it seemed, therefore it deserves a post of it’s own.

Frankly, we were a bit lost, we spent most of the time texting the girls and wondering what they were up to. However, we did rally and seemed to spend a lot of time in the pub eating and sitting in the beer garden with the dog, watching the world go by, enjoying the rest.

Thankfully,  Miss Glade has now returned home to keep her parents on the straight and narrow.




Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment! #10

I am once more joining with Heledd from Running In Lavender for her My Captured Moment link. This is a lovely link where some brilliant moments are shared!


These picture were taken on July 4th 2005 and we were on holiday in Turkey. The girls had been delighted watching the dancers each night and, on occasion, joining in.

When we popped to The Bazaar, I couldn’t resist getting himself to barter for these little outfits. The girls were thrilled and they stole the show that evening when the dancers invited them to join them during their routine. It was very funny and very sweet. I love these  pictures of such a fabulous evening.

I have used these pictures without the permission of the eldest, she is in Amsterdam, I hope she forgives me X.


Have a lovely day!

Why I chose a 17 mile school run!



I decided in 2004 that, despite living in the next street to our local high school, Ms Glade was not going there.

It was quite a controversial decision and one that needed careful management. You see, Mr Glade had attended that school and ALL of his nieces and nephews were either there or on their way.

When she was in Year 5, (age 9-10) we took Ms Glade to visit many High Schools in the area and beyond. When we walked into the school that she eventually attended, she immediately felt at home and decided that was where she wanted to go.

This was a bit of an issue because:

  • It was 17 miles from home, that is each way!
  • There wasn’t any direct public transport
  • I didn’t drive
  • There was an entrance exam to pass and criteria to meet

Ms Glade and myself made a plan, she would have tuition to pass the exam and I , despite having been learning for 16 years, would pass my driving test.

For the last ten years I have regularly been asked to defend my decision. I felt it was important that she went to her school because:

  • It was her first choice
  • The school had a lovely atmosphere
  • It was a Catholic Grammar school which was very important to her and Himself
  • It was a single sex school that worked hard to empower the girls
  • She was prepared to and did, work very hard to pass the entrance exam
  • I hoped she would stay for 7 years and therefore, wanted them to be the best years they could be

She passed and I passed!

As it transpired, it was a seven years that were punctured with events and revelations.

However, we both firmly believe they were the best seven years that they could have been. She received offers at every university she applied to for, a very competitive course. She was also delighted for her sister when she was offered a place at her school a year ago, I think that speaks volumes.

Ms Glade isn’t academically gifted, indeed she had learning challenges that were identified within the first half term she was at the school. However, she is a thoughtful, kind girl with a great enthusiasm for life and a deeply touching concern for others. Qualities that the school has nurtured.

How did you choose the school your children went to? Did you have to defend your decision?

I am linking with Mackenzie of  Reflections of Me, a day late sorry Mac, for her Mummy and Us Link.


Update: Now that Miss Glade has begun her high school journey,  we have moved house and now live on the bus route – well I couldn’t do that again for another seven years! 😉 x


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Have a lovely day!

My Captured Moment! #3


September 1998

Himself and I had been to Disneyworld before we had children and absolutely loved it. When Ms Glade came along we couldn’t wait to take her. I happily ensured that she loved Snow White and knew all the Seven Dwarfs –  my favourite.

We had a week off work in early September 1998 when she was still 2, and found ourselves in a travel agents booking a mini break to Euro Disney. I was beside myself with excitement.

Upon arrival, Himself and I were delighted with Main Street, however the babe sat in her pushchair preparing for her morning nap. As we turned the corner into Fantasy Land, Snow White emerged and made straight for us. I could barely contain myself as she leaned into the pram and tickled the baby, “She is Grumpy!”  I explained, embarrassed , the pun lost on me.

Snow White smiled and began to move away, just at that moment the baby realised what was happening and demanded to be released. Immediately, she ran after Snow White who turned, took both of her hands as they skipped and danced together in the middle of the path. It was a magical moment!  But I wasn’t quick enough to catch a photograph.

I took this picture on the tea cups which was where we headed to next, still flushed with excitement and delight. Even the baby was impressed by then!


Have a lovely day!