My Final Festive Five!

I can’t believe that this is the final Five on Friday of the year!

It has been such a pleasure to visit you all most Fridays and thank you for all your great comments.

You are all very lovely indeed!

So to my final five –



I love this little Christmas tree in our kitchen window.

The theme in here is far more traditional than in our living room.

I think this little tree is a sweet addition and it makes me smile when I switch the little lights on.



One of my favourite decorations has to be this super cute line with Father Christmas’s clothes on it.

We actually have a much bigger version hanging on the wall outside, but alas, I have not been home in daylight to photograph it since.

I really love this dinky version though.


The youngest has a little white tree in her room too.

She is delighted with it.



I have been feeding my Christmas cake but have not had time to decorate it yet.

Since the girls were little, I have been putting this oral syringe to good use.

I obviously washed it out throughly afterwards to make sure the girls didn’t get given Brandy by accident ha!

It really works very well indeed and ensures that the cake is very well fed, well it is Christmas!


imageA new radio has been purchased for the kitchen.

It is a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater design.

Radio 4 has been preset to help me through the many hours I will spend in here over the coming weeks.

Finally, a quick update from other Fives – It seems that the Chapel has not, and will not, be handed over to the residents this year!

And, the youngest has had her hair cut, she is giving it as a Christmas gift to The Little Princess Trust, you can read about it here.

It is my work Christmas ‘do’ tonight, so  I will pop and visit you over the weekend.

Thank you Amy for hosting today and all year, you are a blogging star xxx


All that is left for me to do is to wish you all a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas!

Lots of love Lisa xxx



My Festive Five!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Preparations are progressing at a manageable pace here on The Glade.

Himself seems to be surviving the madness that is his work. I’m trying to fight the evil bugs with nutrition.

We have the tree up and here are another five things that I am delighted to have ticked off my ‘to do’ list.



The kitchen is ready to welcome visitors.

I picked this sign up earlier this week, I keep popping into the kitchen to take a peek.



There are candles everywhere and I mean everywhere.

I love the icy smelling ones and I think candle light gives a lovely glow to the house at Christmas.



All the pictures have been replaced with ones of the girls with the big man.

It is a lovely way of seeing these precious pictures again.

I’m so glad that we always made a huge effort to go and see Father Christmas, we have some lovely pictures of the girls with him over the years.

Also making some great memories in the process.



The kitchen chairs are dressed for the season. Who knew that chairs needed hats? ha!

Actually, I am delighted with these covers, they are just so cute.



Now I am taking a risk here with all you talented ladies, but I have had a go at being creative.

I actually attached the baubles and bow to this wreath myself.

The youngest’s verdict “it doesn’t look too shabby” and that, is high praise indeed.

I am planning to decorate my Christmas cake this weekend, finish my wrapping and plan my menus.

How are your preparations coming along?


Have a lovely Day!




Fake v Real : The Dilemma!


You do know I mean Christmas trees not body parts don’t you ha?

When we were first married we always had a fake tree, well we were childless and far more interested in going out on the town and hosting parties.

Gradually though, I leaned towards a real tree and after much persuading, Himself wasn’t convinced, that is what we have had for about the last ten years.

I love a real tree, it feels homely, welcoming and, each one is different.

However, because I like the tree to be in the window, we have found ourselves a bit restricted for space in our new home.

Last year, we literally had to cram out lovely Norwegian Spruce into the small space that usually houses the pouffe.

It was crooked the whole time, despite my daily attempts to straighten it.

So this year, I have bitten the bullet and faked it once more.


Actually, I am rather pleased with it.

It has beautiful lush branches that have been flocked to within an inch of their lives, which I think looks really pretty.

Also, because it is one of those slim sorts, unlike me, it fits the space perfectly.


I have gone for the Nordic look this year and the tree is decorated completely in white.

But I think this tree would look lovely decorated any which way, I think I will switch to bold again for next year.

It is just the smell that I miss, there really is nothing that says Christmas more than the smell of a real Christmas tree, is there?


Do you fake it or have a real one?


Have a lovely day!



One of the best things about Christmas surely has to be the food.

This fudge like creation has become a regular feature in my December kitchen.

It is eye wateringly simple!

I often pop a few pieces in a bag with a pretty ribbon and gift it.

Now it isn’t actually fudge in the true sense of the word, in fact I would argue because we are not using tons of sugar, just a tin of condensed milk, with dark chocolate, it is almost a healthy option, isn’t it?

Go on give it ago, get older children to join in.


350g Dark Choco;ate

1 tin of condensed milk

30g Butter

Whatever else you want to add -see end for inspiration

Step 1


Add all the ingredients into the pan together.

Step 2


Gently stir on a low heat until everything is melted and combined.

At this point you add whatever you want, then give it a good stir.

Step 3


Pour the mixture into any foil lined dish.

Pop it into the fridge to set.

Step 4


Cut it into pieces, any size you fancy.

I then pop it in a plastic container into the freezer.

It doesn’t actually freeze and can be eaten straight from the freezer.



Vanilla Extract


Pistachio nuts

Brazil nuts

A few dashes of rum and raisins

The possibilities are endless!


Have a lovely day!


I will not be here in The  Glade for Halloween – Boo!!

I love Halloween and so therefore, preparations have begun early.


The skeletons are in situ either side of the door.

The windows have their pumpkins on.


The front door is wearing its Pumpkin wreath.


The warning is on the gate and the broomstick will join it as soon as we remember where we left it. ha!


The pumpkins, spiders and ghosts are fighting it out for top spot on the window ledges.


This scary chap has taken up residence on the door to the downstairs loo.


Now I am appealing for help! For the last two years I have hunted high and low for faux headstones.

Don’t you think they would look splendid on this little patch of grass?

It is at the front of our house and in a prominent place for spookiness!

(Please excuse this filthy path, we had just has some new turf laid and the light was quickly fading)

Does anyone know where one could procure some faux headstones?

Do you love Halloween?


Have a lovely day!


Saturday at 7pm?

We like nothing better than having guests for dinner.

Therefore, when Wayfair asked me if I wanted to take part in a recipe tutorial to feature in their Inspirational Gallery, I jumped at the chance.

When they asked me if I would like to choose some of their lovely products to review,  I was delighted and did a happy dance around my kitchen!!

I had been clicking onto their website for a while and lusting after almost everything.

If we didn’t have a dog, I  would definitely have at least two of their rugs in my living room and hall.

It took me absoultley ages to decide what to pick because their website is seriously beautiful.

Eventually, I realised that I kept looking at dining accessories, it became obvious that is where my heart lies.


So this weekend our table looked like this. The orange is a nod to the season and Halloween.


I chose this beautiful tablecloth, I love the damask rose detail, such a classic look.

I have coloured cloths that I regularly use, but I always choose white when I am making a special effort.


The pretty design on this dinner set reminds me of a bygone age.

I can imagine that crockery like this was used when afternoon tea was the norm and, you were expected to dress for dinner!


Of course, with a table setting like this, only my best cutlery would do.

I have had this Arthur Price set for a few years now and lovingly put it away in the box after every use.


One of my favourite things is these delicate coffee cups. Like most people, I usually use  a mug for warm drinks.

Pretty mugs, but mugs all the same. Therefore, when I have a cup and saucer it turns a normal brew into something special.

I love those cups and saucers, they are just the right size and make an occasion of the coffee course.


The new Tower cruet set were a popular choice, they are electric, the youngest is seriously thrilled with them.

I have to monitor her usage of the salt, funnily enough I don’t remember her being a committed seasoner before ha!

My old Marks & Spencer cruet set used to leave a constant mess where ever they had been placed down.

But these little beauties have a little rubber guard on them at the end, so no more mess – genius!


Since our fabulous neighbours introduced us to Amarula, no dinner party at our house would complete without it.

Do you like to entertain at your house?


Have a lovely day!

*All opinions are definitely my own.

Flowers in the window!

I love flowers, I think they make all the difference in turning a house into a home.

Therefore, I regard flowers as essential, but am I right?

Here are the ones that are gracing our surfaces this week.


There are always fresh flowers in our living room window.

However, I usually have flowers in other places around the house too.


Like these Gerber’s that I bought this week, not only do they match my living room , but they are such a great seasonal colour too.


Do they not scream Halloween to you?


There were so many stems in the bouquet that I had enough left over to fill this little bottle.

They make me smile!


The other side of the TV is brightened up with these Gladioli.


I am hopeful that the best is yet to come from this display.

The flowers that have already opened look so delicate and beautiful.


The flowers in the window this week are Longhorn Lillies.

I love every variety of Lillie, they are my favourite but Stargazers give me a terrible headache


These oriental ones in my kitchen are a good compromise, the beauty, without the scent.


They really have developed into an impressive display.


The kitchen is also home to these lovely carnations,

I never used to like carnations but they are definitely enjoying a revival in our house at the moment.

I really dislike not having flowers around the place and they are certainly soothing the seasonal transition for me at the moment.

Do you have fresh flowers in your home, are they essentials or are they a treat?


Have a lovely day!