Five on Friday!

Its been a funny week here on The Glade and, I for one,  am so ready for the weekend.

My Five on Friday seem to  mostly reflect my need for comfort this week.

It is definitely chiller and darker around here now.

Here are five things that have irked and pleased me in equal measures this week.



The leaves have started to fall off the trees around the Chapel this week.

It looks so autumn and pretty.

For those of you who don’t know, the Chapel is opposite our house and is supposed to be our community centre.

However, we have lived in the house for 16 months now and not a tap of work has been done on it by the builders.

It remains boarded up and deemed unsafe.

This is very disappointing because the Chapel was a part of the deal when we bought our houses..

We were all sold the idea that the residents on this development would have exclusive use of the Chapel.

Alas, we remain locked out – it really is a poor show by the builders.



The spiders have been busy all over The Glade this week.

These spectacular webs have appeared all over the place, don’t you think it looks very Halloween like?



We have had slow cooker dinners almost every night this week.

It is such a great way to cook, throw everything in and come home to a lovely hot dinner.

I do tons of things in my slow cooker from lasagna to crumbles to mulled wine.

In fact, although I already have two, I invested in another this week. I am sure I will get lots of use out of all three.

The recipe for the sausage casserole that is cooking in the picture came from Lucy BakingQueen74‘s blog.

Honestly, if you are looking for inspiration, pop over to visit her, she is fab!



I have been burning this candle all week.

It is gorgeous and does smell very summery. It is as good as my usual expensive brand.

However, this little beauty only cost £1.49 – an absolute bargain!



When we were taking Jack for a run yesterday, we were rewarded by this magnificent sunset.

Isn’t it a beauty?



Thank you to Amy & Stevie for hosting xx

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Holidays are nice but……….!

Amy is taking a well-earned break from hosting Five on Friday for August.

Therefore, I have jumped at the chance to join in with Steph from Diary from a Midlife Mummy and her lovely What I have Loved This Week link.

We returned home in the early hours of Tuesday morning from our recent holidays.

Later that day, himself was dispatched to collect our black labrador, Jack, who had been billeted at his mum’s house for the duration of our travels.

This week I have loved taking him for his evening walk.


It is nice to go on holiday, but we all miss Jack when we are away.

I think he missed us too and has reverted straight back into his routine, without any readjusting!


We live on the boundary of a country park and the woods are beautiful. It is such a peaceful place in the evening when the hoards of visitors have left.

For me, there is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and heading for the cool but sheltered woods with the boy in tow – I love it!


Jack is such a huge part of our family, therefore it is nice to go on holiday but, it is also nice to come back home and have the missing link restored.

So, in short this week I’ve loved –  walking the dog!

I also love the badge for this link up – isn’t it gorgeous?


Have a lovely day!

Eastham village – In Five pictures on a Friday!

There is no Five On Friday this week!

So I thought I would show you five random things that I have noticed in Eastham Village.

For many years I have used this beautiful village as I cut through, so it wasn’t until we moved here last summer that I started to properly look around.




This old style telephone box actually contains, a telephone. I know it seems obvious but I think it’s quite a rarity nowadays.




This doorway or gateway has been elaborately bricked up at sometime. It looks quite mysterious just there in the wall, I am expecting Miss G to be inspired at some point and write a story about it.




The village cross stands opposite the war memorial. The Christmas tree occupies the space next to from early advent and is usually decorated by the village children.




This clock is on the outside wall of an office. It looks really quite old and has Rockferry, as made famous for about two minutes by Duffy, to Liverpool on the clock face.




This sculpture can be found in the edge of The Country Park. If you click on the picture you will see that the edge is decorated with starfish and sea shells, it’s so pretty and set back from the road, lots of visitors must miss it.


Have a lovely Good Friday x








Eastham Village in 6 Pictures

Today I thought I would have a Wednesday wander around our local village in 6 pictures, come with me!


Until 1972, Eastham was in the county of Cheshire and Chester is the only city in Cheshire. This sign is in the heart of the village.


The Old Reading Room used to be a  Chapel. There is a solicitors based there now.


The War Memorial dates from 1924. It has the names of those lost in both world wars inscribed on it. The sculpture at the front is of a fallen soldier who is looking up towards the bronze figure of Christ on the top, touchingly he is being held up by a comrade.


The school and former Master’s House is dated from 1852. It was the local school up until a few years ago. It is used by the church now and, was opened recently when the church held an exhibition for local schools about the Second World War.


This building was originally Eastham House Lodge and later known as The Old Post Office. It is now a house on the corner of a busy junction.


 Here you could get ‘Signwriting and Sign making’ done !

I don’t think it is used for anything now but I love the simple and obvious description, no concerns about global branding.

Thank you for coming along there is lots more to see, shall we do it again next week?

Have a lovely day!

Beyond the Bear Pit


These steps lead down to The Bear Pit! Yes, really The Bear Pit.


See, this is The Bear Pit. You would be forgiven for wondering why on earth Eastham Country Park would need a Bear Pit, please be reassured that it is no longer used except to house three wooden sculptures!

It is what remains of the Pleasure Gardens created by Thomas Stanley to entertain the visitors that he brought across the Mersey on his ferries in the late nineteenth century. This was at a time when Eastham was considered to be The Richmond of The Mersey.


image Also left from those days are these two disused fountains which can be found at either side of The Bear Pit. Although, as you can see Jack has found a use for one of them!

Shockingly, in the Visitor Centre there are photographs of lions being wheeled in cages around the gardens to “delight” the visitors. Thankfully, there is no remaining evidence of this!

There are signs to the Bear Pit throughout the Woods. It is much easier to find nowadays than it was when I was a little girl and it was so overgrown and quite frankly, scary. It isn’t anymore, do visit if ever you are passing.

Ferry Across The Mersey………

There has been a “Ferry across the Mersey” since the middle ages – imagine that! In case you are wondering Ms Glade, that is a very long time before Gerry and The Pacemakers. In those days, I believe it was operated by monks.

Anyway, fast forward to 1846 and a chap called Thomas Stanley owned the ferry then. He thought it would be a good idea to build a hotel in Eastham to accommodate the passengers coming off the Eastham ferry.

The Eastham Ferry Hotel stands at the edge of the River Mersey keeping watch over its neighbours in South Liverpool. It also happens to be a five minute wander from The Glade. If you look at these two images, the first is from around 1910 and the second I took yesterday. imageimageIt’s hardly changed, except that it’s Winter and so doesn’t have it’s lovely baskets outside. Oh yes and the veranda is missing, but other than that……….It  also does a lovely Sunday roast carvery for those carnivores amongst us.

Thomas Stanley also built a “Pleasure Gardens” and made Eastham a bit of a tourist attraction of the day.


This image is from an old postcard doing the rounds recently  on Twitter. It is of the view that people travelling from Eastham to Liverpool on the ferry would have seen and, it’s from 1910! How fab!

Have a lovely day!


220px-Eastern_Grey_Squirrel[1] There are grey squirrels in abundance on the Wirral. However, they are a particular feature here on our Glade. We are inundated by them. One even tapped on our front window when we were eating breakfast one Saturday morning.

Mr Glade is particularly unimpressed with grey squirrels. He firmly subscribes to the school of thought that they are vermin – ‘Vegetarian Rats’ he has been known to declare them.

Most days, Jack of the Glade, has his breakfast in the garden. However, unlike the popular reputation of his breed, he isn’t greedy and doesn’t always finish it immediately.

Enter stage left – the squirrel or more accurately, squirrels! They not only run amok over our new patio and turf, but they finish Jack’s breakfast in double quick time.

Nevertheless, things have reached a new low with our invaders this week, they have actually dug a hole in our newly laid turf in the back garden. Right beside my newly planted apple tree!! image “What does Jack do?” I hear you ask.

Well our ‘Gun’ dog hides out in the kitchen.

He will chase a squirrel with the best of them but, if there is a chance in hell that he might catch one – he opts to stay indoors and protect his people!  #fearless

Mr Glade could have a point, maybe they are a nuisance after all!!

“Hey look at that tree growing out of the wall!”

Poor Miss Glade has to listen to this exclamation almost every time we take a wander through our local woods.
She anticipates it and Mr Glade, hardly ever disappoints. However, she has now confessed to her dad that she finds it boring.


Mr Glade believes it to be a miracle of nature and that Miss Glade is too complacent.

Is it boring or is it really quite interesting? You decide!