Fake v Real : The Dilemma!


You do know I mean Christmas trees not body parts don’t you ha?

When we were first married we always had a fake tree, well we were childless and far more interested in going out on the town and hosting parties.

Gradually though, I leaned towards a real tree and after much persuading, Himself wasn’t convinced, that is what we have had for about the last ten years.

I love a real tree, it feels homely, welcoming and, each one is different.

However, because I like the tree to be in the window, we have found ourselves a bit restricted for space in our new home.

Last year, we literally had to cram out lovely Norwegian Spruce into the small space that usually houses the pouffe.

It was crooked the whole time, despite my daily attempts to straighten it.

So this year, I have bitten the bullet and faked it once more.


Actually, I am rather pleased with it.

It has beautiful lush branches that have been flocked to within an inch of their lives, which I think looks really pretty.

Also, because it is one of those slim sorts, unlike me, it fits the space perfectly.


I have gone for the Nordic look this year and the tree is decorated completely in white.

But I think this tree would look lovely decorated any which way, I think I will switch to bold again for next year.

It is just the smell that I miss, there really is nothing that says Christmas more than the smell of a real Christmas tree, is there?


Do you fake it or have a real one?


Have a lovely day!

31 thoughts on “Fake v Real : The Dilemma!

  1. I’m a real tree girl through and through and although I can see why you have gone fake and it looks fabulous I will always have a real one. I’ve read somewhere that you can buy either a candle or a plug in smell that is supposed to smell faintly of real pine trees to help create that smell, just a thought.

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  2. Although I prefer a real one, we have had a fake one before and they are much better than they used to be. Yours looks rather elegant in the window with the subdued lighting. They are both fun either way. 🙂

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  3. I love a real tree but since having the kiddies we’ve gone for artificial. I think this will be the last year we use it though as hopefully G will be less grabby and destructive by next Christmas!

    Love how you’ve styled your tree, Lisa! Xxx #HomeEtc

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  4. Your tree looks lovely. I am a real tree kinda gal, when I was younger we only had ever had a fake one which was lovely, but the last few years we have gone for a real tree and I love it! Not sure I could go back to fake! X

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  5. Looks fab Lisa, I love real tree’s but we have to have artificial due to the log burner, I am sure it would kill it, it gets so hot. Although I love the fact that my artificial tree is perfectly shapes where a real tree isnt x

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  6. Nordic seems to be a real trend right now. I am not sure I can veer away from red and gold though- I am a traditionalist through and through. Looks gorgeous though and these days fake is as good as real I think- plus no needles dropping!! #HomeEtc x

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    1. Oh yes I forgot about the needles not dropping too. I struggled for Nordic decorations last year but there are lots this year. I always had red and gold until I discovered blogs ha! Thanks Katy xx


  7. Real. No question.

    It’s not just about the tree — it’s everything that surrounds it; going to fetch it, dress it, the smell of it. No amount of fantastic fakeness would convert me. I love how you decorated yours — and it does look fab — but a fake tree is not for me 🙂 xx Thanks for linking up pet #HomeEtc

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  8. We almost always have a real tree. The only year we went for fake was when we knew we were going away for two weeks at Christmas but, for the childtren’s sake, we didn’t want to do without a tree altogther. While the shape was really lovely, it just doesnt beat a real tree.
    Yours lokks gorgeous, all in white.

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