Five On Friday!

I am so thankful it is Friday!

The lurgy continues to linger in our house, thankfully it is only effecting the adults.

Thank you to everyone who left lovely comments last week about the youngest’s hair cut.

The response has been overwhelming and she has already  been inundated with sponsor money from her school friends.

People have shared some very touching stories and one, in particular, made us both very emotional earlier this week.

I am so very proud of her!

So on to the rest of our week.



It has been a funny old week when not much went to plan. However, I think it is becoming our norm and I am learning to roll with it.

Just as I was preparing the Christmas cake to go in the oven last Saturday, we received a phone call from the eldest telling us that her heating had broken.

I knew it had snowed in Manchester the night before and that it was bitterly cold.

So, we made an unexpected mercy dash to the wilds of Manchester with our little fan heater.

Of course, there was much recalculating involved because the cake needed nearly four hours in the oven and the youngest was going out for the afternoon.

The little one came home early and I turned the oven off before the end but left the cake in.

She was delighted to see her sister and the cake was absolutely fine.

The eldest was very grateful!



The eldest works in a pizza restaurant and so we made a booking in  another name and surprised her.

She was shocked but delighted!



As a bonus we got to explore the Manchester Christmas Market.

It was absolutely packed on Saturday night, there were so many lovely stalls and food vendors.

I think we will have to have another trip before Christmas to have a proper mooch around.

It definitely got us in the Christmas mood.



I have spent a lot of time this week wrapping presents.

Himself is the youngest of 7, most of them have families of their own and some even have grandchildren.

We buy them all, so I have to start the shopping early or I would be panicking by now.

I really don’t like wrapping Christmas presents because there are so many in one go.

So I have tried to space it out a bit this week and whilst it was better, it is still not my favourite job!



I think I bought this book intending to give it as a gift.

However, I love it and have decided to give it to myself as an early Christmas present ha!

It looks brilliant and there are a few things that I want to try this weekend.

So there it is,  my five for what it is worth this week.

We are planning a quiet weekend, himself is working, it is so busy for him at this time of year in the Post Office.


Thank you Amy for hosting.

Have a lovely day!

26 thoughts on “Five On Friday!

  1. I really don’t envy you with all those presents to buy, although it must be lovely having such a large family. The Christmas markets are a wonderful way to get in the festive spirit. We went to the Edinburgh markets this week. I didn’t need to buy anything, I just enjoy the atmosphere. X

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  2. Goodness you’re so organised, I just can’t get in the mood yet. Mind you you have an enormous present mountain to climb, good luck. Good old Novella, such a scream. x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh yes, Christmas is just around the corner. You are so much closer to being ready than I am. So, yes, I am a wee bit jealous but I’ll get there soon. Just dragged out my first decoration this afternoon, a small lighted tree.

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  4. Glad you were able to dash to your daughter with a heater and save the cake too! The pizza looks so tasty. You are very organised I have only bought a few cards and made a cake and pudding so far, I must start thinking about Christmas soon:)

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  5. What a lovely post … enjoyed my visit. I like wrapping Christmas gifts (any gifts) so it was fun to see the pile you’ve got done already. A little every day certainly helps when it’s not your favourite thing.

    Enjoy your wee Christmas present to yourself … looks like time for a cup o’ tea and a sit down.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend…

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