Five On Friday!

What a week!

We have had the lurgy at The Glade HQ, so between that and world events this week, it has not been the most carefree of times to say the least!!!

But as usually happens in these situations, my children amaze me.

For example, on Wednesday evening during dinner, the youngest asked if she could have her hair cut into a ‘Pixie Cut’.

My immediate response was to say no, never, because I am paranoid about head lice and that mane needs to be tied up.

However, she went on to explain that she wanted to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

This is a charity that provides wigs for children suffering from hair loss.

She has decided that she will try to get sponsorships too.

I am so incredibly proud of her as are her friends, to be fair we are all a little bit amazed.

After all this is the tweenager who cried last time 2 inches was cut off her hair.

Therefore, if she is prepared to make this sacrifice for others, it gives me hope for the world in general!

So, to my five for this week;



This beautiful head of thick, lush hair will, on the 22nd December, be gifted to Little Princess Trust.



I would not be at all surprised if this is the hair style she comes away with, Audrey wears it so well but will a 12 year old?

But as the little Miss said herself, she knows her hair will grow back, others are not as fortunate.



In a complete change of tone, last Saturday we went on a tour of the Mersey Tunnel.

The Tunnel has featured heavily in my life and I, once more, drive through it twice a day.

I will write a post about it for next week, but I have had a reoccurring nightmare about being stuck in there since I was about 7.

It was a fascinating morning, I was amazed at times and have definitely come away reassured.



On Monday, I posted about having a lovely day!

This week, I printed off the instructions and framed them, they now adorn my newly painted kitchen wall.

Please feel free to print them off yourself if you would like, I don’t think would mind for a moment.

I am delighted with the result.



Finally, I have been making some Christmas plans this week.

I have still not baked the cake, this will have to happen this weekend.

But when we popped to a local shop to buy a gift for a charity collection, the youngest picked this owl decoration for our tree.

We think he is really cute and very Glade appropriate because, we share our trees with a very noisy owl or two.

That is it for this week. We have been trying to recover our mojo and do our bit, some more than others – I am looking at you Miss Glade xxx

We have plans to take my 84 year old Mother in Law out to the Museum of Liverpool this weekend, if it isn’t too windy, she keeps us all entertained.



Have a lovely lovely day xx




37 thoughts on “Five On Friday!

  1. Good luck with the haircut. I sent some of my hair there recently – I found it when clearing my mother’s cupboard, 50 years after it was cut off! Enjoy your week x

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  2. So sorry to hear you’ve all been struck with the lurgy Lisa – hope you feel better for the weekend. Woohoooo go little Miss Glade!! That’s such an amazing thing to do and you must be so so proud – I know I would be. She has GORGEOUS hair so I can understand your initial thoughts, but what a thing to do and I love her attitude – it’ll grow back!
    Loved your How to have a lovely day and what a great idea to print off and frame – you’ll look at that ever day as little reminders – fab hunnie.
    Hugs for the weekend with sparkles on the top
    Sammy xxx

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  3. I loved your post today, so cheery considering you’ve had ‘lurgy’s’ to contend with. I’ve had a horrible cold all week, what with that and the constant rain plus now its freezing too I’ve been a right grump so you cheered me up today. Pixie cuts and crops are my favourite hairstyles, put it in pinterest – millions of styles to choose from. What a lovely selfless thought from your daughter, you must be so proud. I’m sure you’ll love her hair – am quite excited to see what it will be like. You could get her some straighteners for Christmas – short hair has habit of sticking out in wrong places but straighteners have it sorted in two minutes.

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    1. Oh that’s a great idea for a Christmas present. Thank you, I am glad we cheered you up, the weather has been miserable here too, I will take freezing but bright over damp, dark & drizzly, anytime. Hope you have had a good weekend xx

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  4. Your daughters are amazing aren’t they! A good part because of their wonderful Mum and Dad I am sure!! Enjoy your Christmas preparations and cake baking, little things happening here too! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

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  5. Lisa what a lovely thing to do, I would have been concerned at her having it so short too but her motive is just beautiful you must be so proud. And I get scared in the Mersey Tunnel too, its weird I think because it is under a river x

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  6. This is just such a beautiful post in many ways but what your daughter is doing is just so, so beautiful, it brought me to tears. With my cousins daughter aged 12 losing her hair with chemotherapy right now I just feel humbled by your daughter. Bless her. Thank you for sharing #mg

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    1. Oh Mac wait until I tell her! I didn’t realise your relative was the same age – gosh it brings it home doesn’t it? She had researched it so well and was so sure it is the right thing to do, because it is. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all xxxx


  7. You must be such a proud mum! That is such an incredibly thoughtful and generous thing for a 12 year old to do. Well done to you – you must be doing lots of things right to have raised someone with such a special heart. #mg

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