My Captured Moment!


Alanya, Turkey : July 2005

As the weather begins to turn decidedly chilly and the sun becomes a rare visitor, I have found myself looking at sunny pictures this week.

I love this one of the youngest, taken in Turkey when she was two.

This little train was between our hotel and the beach and, every day as we passed she declared that ‘Miss Tessie bear was stuck’.

We then spent the next 10 -15 minutes waiting for her as she fought hard to free Miss Tessie Bear and drive the train safely away.

It was the same every day and we all fell about laughing as the `rescue` got underway.

Even at two, the little Miss had a fierce imagination.

I left a comment on another blog recently pondering when they lose that creativeness in a bid to conform.

However, I’m not sure that was fair because this particular daughter’s imagination is just as active as it ever was, only now she indulges in creative writing, at any opportunity.

In fact she has plans to live in a garret in Paris with an abundance of cats and write stories every day when she leaves school ha! seriously!


Have a lovely day!

17 thoughts on “My Captured Moment!

  1. Ha ha how lovely and romantic living in Paris I do hope she does Lisa. It is so lovely looking back isn’t it. And imagination is such a wonderful thing mine is still as vibrant as it always was, I don’t think I have grown up yet x

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  2. Oh this makes me excited for our holiday abroad next year – my girl will be two and it will be her first ‘proper’ holiday.

    I love that Little Miss still has her imagination. 🙂


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