I will not be here in The  Glade for Halloween – Boo!!

I love Halloween and so therefore, preparations have begun early.


The skeletons are in situ either side of the door.

The windows have their pumpkins on.


The front door is wearing its Pumpkin wreath.


The warning is on the gate and the broomstick will join it as soon as we remember where we left it. ha!


The pumpkins, spiders and ghosts are fighting it out for top spot on the window ledges.


This scary chap has taken up residence on the door to the downstairs loo.


Now I am appealing for help! For the last two years I have hunted high and low for faux headstones.

Don’t you think they would look splendid on this little patch of grass?

It is at the front of our house and in a prominent place for spookiness!

(Please excuse this filthy path, we had just has some new turf laid and the light was quickly fading)

Does anyone know where one could procure some faux headstones?

Do you love Halloween?


Have a lovely day!


21 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. Oooh Lisa love that you’re getting into the whole Halloween thing. You off somewhere nice over Halloween?
    I would try the Range or Matalan for your headstones – best places for Halloween stuff I think – good luck hun.
    Grass looks nice btw xxx

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    1. The grass is an ongoing saga Sammy 😏.I’m off to San Francisco but don’t be jealous, it’s just for work. I’ve just tried Matalan as per your suggestion, I didn’t get any headstones but picked up a washing up bowl instead ha! I will try the range at the weekend. Thanks Lovely xx

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  2. I love your enthusiasm, Lisa. I’ve got as far as……buying a pumpkin! I don’t think Bear is old enough to be embracing the celebrations this year so I will use that as my excuse. X

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  3. You’re really in the swing of things already, aren’t you Lisa? We’ve been carving pumpkins but will be away too for the actual day so there’s not much else going on.
    Faux headstone would look cool. Could you maybe do a quick DIY job on some polystyrene or plywood cut to size?


  4. I love Halloween too! If I were a kid I would be over the moon to knock on your door for trick or treating!

    As for headstones – Amazon is your best bet. I’ve seen loads – but do a search for ‘fake tombstones’ rather than headstones. Xxx


  5. I am from Australia and we got faked headstones (and a lot of other cool things like a 4 tier skull that makes the creepiest noise ever) from Costco, do you have them in the UK. I think because they are a American company they normally stock heaps of halloween stuff.

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  6. SO much fun!! I work for a US company and spent quite a bit of time living in the US too, and I always felt sad that we didn’t have as much over here for Halloween, it’s a great celebration. Wish I could help with the headstones, I’ll let you know if I come across any X #HomeEtc


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