Saturday at 7pm?

We like nothing better than having guests for dinner.

Therefore, when Wayfair asked me if I wanted to take part in a recipe tutorial to feature in their Inspirational Gallery, I jumped at the chance.

When they asked me if I would like to choose some of their lovely products to review,  I was delighted and did a happy dance around my kitchen!!

I had been clicking onto their website for a while and lusting after almost everything.

If we didn’t have a dog, I  would definitely have at least two of their rugs in my living room and hall.

It took me absoultley ages to decide what to pick because their website is seriously beautiful.

Eventually, I realised that I kept looking at dining accessories, it became obvious that is where my heart lies.


So this weekend our table looked like this. The orange is a nod to the season and Halloween.


I chose this beautiful tablecloth, I love the damask rose detail, such a classic look.

I have coloured cloths that I regularly use, but I always choose white when I am making a special effort.


The pretty design on this dinner set reminds me of a bygone age.

I can imagine that crockery like this was used when afternoon tea was the norm and, you were expected to dress for dinner!


Of course, with a table setting like this, only my best cutlery would do.

I have had this Arthur Price set for a few years now and lovingly put it away in the box after every use.


One of my favourite things is these delicate coffee cups. Like most people, I usually use  a mug for warm drinks.

Pretty mugs, but mugs all the same. Therefore, when I have a cup and saucer it turns a normal brew into something special.

I love those cups and saucers, they are just the right size and make an occasion of the coffee course.


The new Tower cruet set were a popular choice, they are electric, the youngest is seriously thrilled with them.

I have to monitor her usage of the salt, funnily enough I don’t remember her being a committed seasoner before ha!

My old Marks & Spencer cruet set used to leave a constant mess where ever they had been placed down.

But these little beauties have a little rubber guard on them at the end, so no more mess – genius!


Since our fabulous neighbours introduced us to Amarula, no dinner party at our house would complete without it.

Do you like to entertain at your house?


Have a lovely day!

*All opinions are definitely my own.

29 thoughts on “Saturday at 7pm?

  1. Oh Lisa, I’m right with you on this. I love entertaining and putting effort into the table setting as well as the meal. I would LOVE of people still dressed for dinner and used several sets of cutlery.
    Wayfair has brilliant kitchen stuff. I have a great heavy bottomed pot from Wayfair that is a real all rounder and a gorgeous glass cloche for cheese, fruit or cakes.

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  2. Yay how gorgeous does it look? I love the orange! Funnily enough, we never use the dining room precisely because of the dog, it’s pretty much where she lives until we can do some building work. I’d love an excuse to make it look all pretty X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love, love LOVE this!! 🙂 What a fab idea for Halloween too — I love that you’ve taken that as inspiration. I’m 100% with you about making the table look gorgeous when you’re entertaining. It makes the food taste nicer if you’re eating in off lovely plates — and in lovely surroundings — doesn’t it?! 😉 Thanks so much for linking up with Jess and me for #HomeEtc, we really appreciate it 🙂 xx

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  4. You can lose hours browsing the Wayfair website, can’t you? Love the table, the orange looks fab, and perfect for this time of year.
    Oh, and I have major salt and pepper shaker envy! xx #HomeEtc

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  5. Argh – sorry I’m so slow in leaving a comment Lisa!

    I love all of your choices! I dream of a pure white linen table cloth but think I may have to wait until the kiddies are much older! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my Catherine don’t apologise, you are a busy bee with the children 😘! I am always behind with my commenting these days. I have to be discerning, depending on who is coming, depends what colour cloth I use (the children are often cleaner especially if there is alcohol involved ha!) xxx


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