My Captured Moment – A surprise visitor!


October 2013

This week My Captured Moment was taken in Blue Spring State Park, Florida.

It is a fuzzy image of our girls but that doesn’t really matter, actually it’s probably better, given that they are in their swimsuits.

However, I think you can make out  the image of the MANATEE that is next to them.

We had been enjoying a quiet day of down time after the madness that is Orlando,.

The girls were swimming in the spring, when this Manatee appeared and joined them.

Word must have spread like wild-fire around the park because the landing, where I was standing to take the picture, became very crowded, very quickly.

There must be many pictures of them in cameras all over the world and they were relentlessly questioned from the sidelines.

The Manatee was in no rush to leave, the amazing encounter only came to an end when the eldest eventually tired, and had to get out.

It was such a magical day, in beautiful, natural surroundings in the peaceful Floridan countryside.

Such a lovely change from the manic, materialistic whirl of the theme parks.

There is so much more to Florida if you get out of Orlando and explore.

It still rates as one of the best days of that holiday and it cost the princely sum of $6 to park!!


Have a lovely day!

21 thoughts on “My Captured Moment – A surprise visitor!

    1. I know Tara I would have exactly the same. Fortunately,the youngest had a teacher who was Manatee mad and so she knew lots about them. They both were a bit nervous a first but he just wanted to play. It was fab! xx


  1. omg what an amazing experience but I would have had a heart attack the girls are so brave. I would never have got in there for the fear of alligators ohhhh makes he shudder thinking about it x

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    1. Ha! We knew there was no gaiters, it’s a really well maintained park and the point is to swim in the spring. The Manatees go there for winter, but this was out of season, so that is why they were allowed to swim. They were safe ha! X


  2. Wowsers, that’s amazing!!! What a wonderful experience for you all, especially the girls being in the water with it – as you say not something you could pay for.

    A totally beautiful #MyCapturedMoment xxx

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  3. How brilliant a moment, and even better that were able to capture it! I remember seeing manatees when we went to Florida as children, it was a fantastic holiday – thank you for prompting me to think about it again! x

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  4. I have to admit I had to google the name, I’ve never heard of them. Your girls are very brave, I think I would have been out of the water pretty fast myself.

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  5. Oh my goodness, that must have been the most amazing experience. I’ve always had a soft spot for manatees and I would have absolutely loved that! *takes note of name of park for when we get round to visiting Florida* What a cracking photo too, you have to look twice as you think ‘what on earth is that with the children?!’ 🙂

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