Flowers in the window!

I love flowers, I think they make all the difference in turning a house into a home.

Therefore, I regard flowers as essential, but am I right?

Here are the ones that are gracing our surfaces this week.


There are always fresh flowers in our living room window.

However, I usually have flowers in other places around the house too.


Like these Gerber’s that I bought this week, not only do they match my living room , but they are such a great seasonal colour too.


Do they not scream Halloween to you?


There were so many stems in the bouquet that I had enough left over to fill this little bottle.

They make me smile!


The other side of the TV is brightened up with these Gladioli.


I am hopeful that the best is yet to come from this display.

The flowers that have already opened look so delicate and beautiful.


The flowers in the window this week are Longhorn Lillies.

I love every variety of Lillie, they are my favourite but Stargazers give me a terrible headache


These oriental ones in my kitchen are a good compromise, the beauty, without the scent.


They really have developed into an impressive display.


The kitchen is also home to these lovely carnations,

I never used to like carnations but they are definitely enjoying a revival in our house at the moment.

I really dislike not having flowers around the place and they are certainly soothing the seasonal transition for me at the moment.

Do you have fresh flowers in your home, are they essentials or are they a treat?


Have a lovely day!


29 thoughts on “Flowers in the window!

  1. Ooh, I love a good bunch of flowers too, I try and have some on the table at most times. I love gladioli and lilies in particular because they last so long and look pretty even before they open up. Love the carnations in the jug, it’s the perfect vase for them! Gonna add a bunch to my shopping list for today, I’m inspired 🙂 #HomeEtc xx

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  2. I love flowers and will gladly have them whenever someone feels like treating me!

    But I rarely bother to buy them myself, except in spring. There will be a constant supply of daffodils in vases 🙂 I’m more of a plant person and believe every room needs: a plant (larger the better), a mirror and a clock. Then I’m happy 🙂

    Love the gerbers in the bowl, very effective!

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  3. I love fresh flowers too but tend to keep them in two certain spots, on the mantelpiece in our dining room and on a windowsill on the first floor landing so that I always see them as I come downstairs in the morning. We don’t have any in the living room as it’s just not practical with a Springer Spaniel who is obsessed with bouncing round like a Tasmanian Devil for 12 hours a day!! These are so beautiful, love those gladioli which I always think are so elegant X #HomeEtc

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  4. I’m with you on flowers around the home Lisa – I love having flowers and like to dot them around just like you do.
    Loving the Gerbers in the bowl – great idea lovely xxx

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  5. Wow you’ve got all these in your house at the same time? I love fresh flowers but hardly ever buy them, partly as hubby complains about being allergic to them (he isn’t really) and partly as I am don’t get to enjoy them much during the week as I’m at work #homeetc

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