A postcard from Dubai!

I might have mentioned that himself and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary this summer.

Instead of buying each other expensive presents, we decided to snag a cheeky week away, on our own, sans children.

It was to be the first break away on our own in 20 years. In my mind we were rehearsing for our retirement, therefore if it didn’t work out, there was till time to do something about it ha!


We stayed in a lovely hotel next to the Marina and with hindsight, we probably couldn’t have chosen anywhere better.

It was perfect for exploring and about a 10 minute walk to the beach.


We went to the malls.

This waterfall was at one end of the Mall of The Emirates.


While this fashion show was occurring at the other end.


Then there was a shark in the tank at The Dubai Mall.


There was the world’s tallest building.


Dancing fountains!


Boat trips across the Abra after exploring the gold and spice souks.


Boat and monorail trips along and around The Palm Jumeirah.


We enjoyed our stay but whilst I wouldn’t be upset if I had to go again, say for work, I wouldn’t go back on holiday.

I felt we well and truly ‘did’ Dubai. We found our own way around and made use of the fantastic metro system, water transport and trams.

We had a great break. However, I found it a very materialistic city and it felt like a very clean, well organised but souless destination.

I know I couldn’t live there, not even for the sunshine.


I loved the Marina but it made me miss walking Jack beside the River Mersey.

Sometimes, it takes a trip like this to make you realise that actually there really is no place like home.

And our retirement?

Well I don’t think it is actually going to be that bad, I have decided to keep himself. I call that a win win ha!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realise that you are right where you should be?

Have a lovely day!


17 thoughts on “A postcard from Dubai!

    1. It was fab! Pop your mini geo cachers up here on your way to the airport! They can train me pass the entry level geo caching that we engage in while you are away! That would be another win ha! But seriously it was great and a week away from the girls was just enough, do it if you ever get the chance. Thank you lovely xx

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      1. Ha..I’m just packing their bags… 😉
        We recently had our first night away from the children, husband missed them terribly…I was far more woohoo!
        Sadly it was a very last minute thing so felt like a bit of a wasted opportunity.

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  1. So glad you both had a great ‘child free’ time and the pics look amazing. I have to say it’s not somewhere I would want to go and I think your comments, particularly the ‘soul less’ has confirmed my thoughts. It’s always nice though when something really makes you appreciate what you have and right on your doorstep.
    Sammy xxx

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    1. That’s so true Sammy, it wasn’t on my bucket list either but himself wanted to go. I’m glad we’ve done it but it made me realise that I love culture and diversity, despite my best efforts, I struggled to find it in Dubai. Thanks for popping by lovely xx

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  2. It does look incredibly beautiful, but although I haven’t been there I can see what you mean by materialistic from shows of seen about it. Nice to do everything once though.

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  3. What an excellent way to celebrate an anniversary! Looks like you had a great time. It’s interesting what you say about it being a soulless destination as I’ve heard the same thing from a few people. Still, the world is for exploring and it sounds like you well and truly explored Dubai. Belated happy anniversary! x

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