Five on Friday

It’s been a funny week, I can’t believe it’s Friday but we are ready for the weekend.

I feel like I have not done a Five On Friday for ages.

Here are this week’s offerings;



We have been enjoying the fabulous late summer weather.

We had the huge moon at the beginning of the week and glorious sunrises and sunsets.

The River Mersey has been looking magnificent too.

This picture is of the tide being in on one side and out on the opposite.

I love living so near to the river and watching the changing seascape .



I have been sorting through some of my pictures from Dubai.

There is a post in the pipeline but here is a sneaky peak at the stunning marina where we were lucky enough to stay.



Himself and I have spent some time this week in the car park of this church.

It is the church opposite the youngest’s school.

She has a speaking part in the school production.

As the performance date is drawing nearer, she has a heavy rehearsal schedule.

The school is a good 25 minutes drive from our house, hence the busy week.



Well despite my protests it seems that you can’t stop nature.

The Glade is definitely looking more and more autumnal as each day passes.

I did think I would have to start preparing my garden for what comes after autumn, I find it easier not to say the W word ha!,

However, it seems to have sprung back into life this week. The geraniums, fuchsias and hydrangea are all going strong.



It’s October, the eldest’s birthday month.

. I  am struggle to believe that she is almost done with her teenage years.

Her present is safety stowed in my special hiding place.

I am wondering whether we will even see her on the day, nevertheless I will be celebrating my 20th year of mothering ha!

 That is it for this week, I will pop over and comment after work x


Have a lovely day!

26 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Fall always brings about a more hectic schedule for people with children still at home, and I tend to forget that, though I am always very aware of the hustle and bustle going on in my daughter’s home. Still, as each day passes rather uneventfully for my hubby and me, I sometimes forget that. Hope you all have a wonderful school year, a beautiful Fall (love the photos!) and happy birthday to your eldest!

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  2. A lovely round up of your busy week Lisa … best of luck to your youngest in her production and no way can you be mum to a nearly 20yr old??!!!
    Sammy xxx

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  3. Happy Birthday month to your daughter! I hope that all goes well for your youngest too with the production at school! Autumn is certainly making an appearance now isn’t it! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

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