An update and The three stags – Bebington!

Hello my lovelies!

We have arrived back safely from Dubai.

However,  it seems that I have been carrying a chest infection for a while without actually realising it.

It has knocked me for six and I spent last week doing my best to stay upright. Anyway, a course of antibiotics has been prescribed and I am sure I am in the recovery phase.

But hey, given my recent history, what do I know?!?!

Over the weekend, himself decided that a jaunt away from The Glade was in order.

The youngest was safely deposited at a sleepover and we went to The Three Stags, in Bebington for dinner.

The pub was really busy but they managed to find us a table.

We chose the baked Camembert for starters.

It was served with chutney, rocket and toast.

Now this is quite a favourite in our house, so there was quite a lot to live up to.

It was nice, but I felt it was a bit unadventurous.

A nice nutty or rye bread would have been a welcome change, nevertheless we made short work of it and the chutney was very nice.


For his main course, himself chose The Ultimately Mixed Grill.

Good grief, for a veggie like me, it looked as though half a butcher’s shop was loaded onto his plate.

There was a  beef steak, a gammon steak, a chicken breast, two sausages, two fried eggs, a pile of onion rings, mushrooms, peas and chips.

The verdict: ‘It was lovely’ said himself, high praise indeed!


A pasta dish with mushrooms and goat’s cheese was the offering that I chose.

I found the sauce was a bit watery and cold which was disappointing.

However, the meat dishes are obviously the show stopper.


Given that I hadn’t eaten much of the pasta dish, I obviously had room for a dessert.

It was an easy choice for me when I saw that Creme Brûlée was on the menu.


I have to say this gorgeous pud did not disappoint.

It was a huge portion too, therefore I didn’t mind sharing a nibble or two with the carnivore.

We enjoyed our trip to The Three Stags and I would definitely give it a whirl if you are in the area, they even allow children in now (side eye to the previous bosses).

However, I would say that it is definitely geared more towards meat eaters, there is a limited choice on the menu for vegetarians and it was very standard with disappointing execution.

The atmosphere was great though and dessert was amazing

Have a lovely day!


5 thoughts on “An update and The three stags – Bebington!

  1. It is so frustrating when a pub or restaurant menu has limited options for vegetarians isn’t it! I’m not veggie anymore but I don’t always feel like eating meat when we go out – unfortunately many pubs round here still believe that the only way in life is meat and two veg – or if there is a veggie option it’s always pasta with a watery tomato sauce.

    My other gripe is the lack of nice salads as a main option. We went out for a pub meal last year and I asked if they had any salads (I had a real craving for crayfish salad and it was a pub in a seaside town) and was told that they had no seafood other than cod and salad was basically iceberg lettuce, a tomato and cucumber! I think I ended up having fish and chips. 😤 xxx

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    1. Oh Catherine I could not agree more! Although I’m a veggie, I’m quite an easy one to cater for because I like everything else and I always appreciate it if an effort is made. I do get fed up of only being offered pasta or veggie burgers. Now a nice salad, properly dressed, would be lovely. Thank you for getting it and not just thinking I was a moaner ha! xxx


  2. I hope you are on the mend now hon and that you are feel much better! Oh wow you weren’t exaggerating there sure was a load of meat on himself’s plate. Oh how sad and disappointing your meal must have been. I’m so glad the pudding was so lip smacking good! Xx

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